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Grave has been located flag male ancestor  Matthew W  FAHEY

  (b. January 1853 Lewiston, Maine, USA   d. 30 July 1925 Lewiston, Maine, USA )  

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FAHEY Genealogy

Matthew W FAHEY was born January 1853 in Lewiston, Maine, USA. Matthew W FAHEY was the child of ?   and   ?

Marriage(s) and Child(ren):

He married  Ella J KEANE 14 Nov. 1874 .  The couple had (at least) 4 children. They divorced. Ella J KEANE  was born 18 February 1858 in Hallowell, Maine, USA.  She died 9 July 1929 in Lewiston, Maine, USA. 

He married  (2) Addie M MUTTY KARNES 6 January 1903 in Lewiston, Maine, USA .  Addie M MUTTY KARNES  was born abt. 1854 in Brewer, Maine, USA.  She died 29 March 1914 in Lewiston, Maine, USA. 

Matthew W FAHEY died 30 July 1925 in Lewiston, Maine, USA.

Son of Michael and Bridget ?

NOTE: saw Jessie Cobb in Lewistion, accompanied by James J. McKenna, the Saturday evening before she disappeared

Details of the family tree of Matthew appear below.
Did You Know?America - Did you know? June 18, 1812 - War of 1812: U.S. declares war on Britain over British interference with American...Read MORE...
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Androscoggin's Secret - Based on the 1900 murder of Jessie Cobb in Lewiston, Maine
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Androscoggin's Secret

Marriage / Partner(s) and Child(ren) of Matthew W FAHEY

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Matthew W FAHEY married Grave has been locatedflag female ancestor Ella J KEANE-- Date: 14 Nov. 1874 Place: 
Libelant: Ellie J. Fahey
Libelee: Matthew W. Fahey
Former Name of Female: Ella J. Kean
Date of Marriage: 14 Nov. 1874
Date of Divorce: 29 Apr. 1902
County Where Divorced: Androscoggin
Source: Maine Divorce Index, 6/ 2

Source citation: "Maine Divorces, 1799-1903," database, Maine Genealogy ( individual_divorce_record.asp?id=7128 : accessed 3 June 2012), entry for Ellie J. Fahey & Matthew W. Fahey, 29 Apr. 1902, citing Maine Divorce Index, Maine State Archives.


Grave has been locatedflag male ancestor Edward F FAHEY (b.22 November 1875, Augusta, Maine, USA  d. 26 November 1943, Auburn, Maine, USA)
m. Jessie Evelyn HEAD 19 April 1904
m. Blanche PATTEE bef. 1918

Grave has been locatedflag male ancestor John H FAHEY (b.abt. 1880, Lewiston, Maine, USA  d. 8 March 1917, Lewiston, Maine, USA)

Grave has been locatedflag female ancestor Ella May FAHEY (b.25 February 1886, Lewiston, Maine, USA  d. 12 December 1938, Farmingdale, Maine, USA)
m. John E CONNORS 19 May 1907

Grave has been locatedflag female ancestor Mary E FAHEY (b.2 July 1896, Lewiston, Maine, USA  d. 23 February 1987, Lewiston, Maine, USA)
m. Ralph Herbert DRAPER 17 April 1915

Matthew W FAHEY married flag female ancestor Addie M MUTTY KARNES-- Date: 6 January 1903 Place: Lewiston, Maine, USA
Name of Groom: Mathew W. FAHEY
Groom's Place of Residence: Lewiston, Me.
Name of Bride: Addie M. KARNES
Bride's Place of Residence: Lewiston, Me.
Marriage Date: Tuesday, 6 Jan. 1903
Marriage Certificate Number: Not available

Source citation: "Maine Marriages, 1892-1966, 1977-1996," database, Maine Genealogy ( individual_marriage_record.asp?id=5839 : accessed 3 Jun 2012), entry for Mathew W. FAHEY and Addie M. KARNES, Tuesday, 6 Jan. 1903, citing Maine Vital Records.


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Events, Pictures and Documents Related to the Genealogy of Matthew W FAHEY

Matthew W FAHEY
Obituary The Lewiston Daily Sun, Lewiston, Maine, Sunday, July 31, 1925
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January 1853
Lewiston, Maine, USA

USA 1854 - July - Republican Party formed for abolition of slavery.

USA 1859 - October 16 – John Brown raids the Harpers Ferry Armory in Harper's Ferry, Virginia, in an unsuccessful bid to spark a general slave rebellion.

USA 1860 - Civil War - On December 20, 1860, a little over a month after Abraham Lincoln had been elected President, South Carolina seceded from the Union. Six more states followed by the spring of 1861.

USA 1861 - January 21 – American Civil War: Jefferson Davis resigns from the United States Senate.

USA 1861 - February 8 – American Civil War: The Confederate States of America are formed, comprising the first six break-away States

USA 1861 - Start of U.S. Civil War - April 12, 1861 - Confederate forces fire upon Fort Sumter.

USA 1861 - April 20 - American Civil War: Robert E. Lee resigns his commission in the United States Army in order to command the forces of the state of Virginia.

USA 1861 - October 26 – The Pony Express announces its closure.

USA 1861 - November 6 - Jefferson Davis Elected President of the Confederate States of America

USA 1863 - January 1 - Lincoln issues Emancipation Proclamation, freeing slaves

USA 1863 - July 1–3 – American Civil War: Battle of Gettysburg – Union forces under George G. Meade turn back a Confederate invasion by Robert E. Lee in the largest battle of the war (28,000 Confederate casualties, 23,000 Union).

USA 1863 - October 3 – President Lincoln proclaims a national Thanksgiving day to be celebrated the final Thursday in November in the United States

USA 1863 - November 19 – American Civil War: U. S. President Abraham Lincoln delivers the Gettysburg Address at the military cemetery dedication ceremony in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

USA 1865 - April 9 - Robert E. Lee surrenders to Ulysees S. Grant at Appomattox Court House.

USA 1865 - April 14 - Assassination of Abraham Lincoln:

USA 1867 - March 30 – Alaska is purchased for $7.2 million from Alexander II of Russia, about 2 cent/acre ($4.19/km²), by United States Secretary of State William H. Seward. The news media call this "Seward's Folly"

USA 1869 - May 10 - The Union and Central Pacific Railroads joined their rails at Promontory Summit, Utah Territory and forged the destiny of a nation. (Golden Spike National Historic Site, Utah)

World History 1870 - France declares war on Prussia and Emperor Napoleon III is overthrown

1870 - Lewiston, Maine

name: Mathew Fahie
estimated birth year: 1853
gender: Male
age in 1870: 17y
color (white, black, mulatto, chinese, indian): White
birthplace: Maine
home in 1870: Maine, United States
Household Gender Age
Michael Fahes M 57y
Bridget Fahes F 49y
Michael Fahie M 21y
Mathew Fahie M 17y
Sarah Fahie F 15y
Edmund Fahie M 13y
Addia Fahie F 10y

1870 U.S. Census

World History 1870 - A cable dispatch on the 28th says the Pope has issued a special elimination against the Fenians, both in America and Ireland.

World History 1870 to 1871 - Franco-Prussian War, ending in French defeat, loss of Alsace-Lorraine and end of the Second Empire

USA 1872 - 'Yellowstone Wonderland' is established as first national park.

USA 1875 - Civil Rights Act of 1875

USA 1876 - May 10 - Centennial Exhibitiion

USA 1876 - June 25 – American Indian Wars – Battle of the Little Bighorn:

USA 1879 - Cleveland became the world's first city to be lighted electrically in 1879 when Charles Brush successfully demonstrated arc lights on the streets.

1874 Marriage / Partner
Matthew W FAHEY and Ella J KEANE 14 Nov. 1874,
1875 Birth of Child
Edward F FAHEY was born 22 November 1875, Augusta, Maine, USA

1880 His family

name: Michael Fahey
residence: Lewiston, Androscoggin, Maine
birthdate: 1812
birthplace: Ireland
relationship to head: Self
spouse's name: Bridget Fahey
spouse's birthplace: Ireland
father's name:
father's birthplace: Ireland
mother's name:
mother's birthplace: Ireland
race or color (expanded): White
ethnicity (standardized): American
gender: Male
martial status: Married
age (expanded): 68 years
occupation: Laborer
nara film...

USA 1881 - The American Red Cross is established by Clara Barton.

USA 1883 - November 18 – U.S. and Canadian railroads institute 5 standard continental time zones, ending the confusion of thousands of local times.

USA 1884 - May 1 – The eight-hour workday is first proclaimed by the Federation of Organized Trades and Labor Unions in the United States. This date, called May Day or Labour Day, becomes a holiday recognized in almost every industrialized country.

USA 1884 - December 6 – The Washington Monument is completed in Washington, D.C., becoming the tallest structure in the world at this date.

USA 1885 - The Statue of Liberty arrives in New York Harbor.

World History 1886 - January 29 – Karl Benz patents the first successful gasoline-driven automobile, the Benz Patent Motorwagen (built in 1885).

USA 1887 - February 2 – In Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, the first Groundhog Day is observed.

USA 1890 - December 29 - Wounded Knee Massacre occurred - 7th Cavalry killed more than 250 Lakota men, women and children; Sitting Bull killed at Little Eagle; Indian wars ended

USA 1892 - NO MORE BARGE OFFICE. Immigrants Will Hereafter Land at Ellis Island.

World History 1893 - May 1 - World's Columbian Exposition

USA 1894 - Pullman strike

World History 1896 - Gold discovered in the Yukon's Klondike

USA 1897 - September 1 – The Boston subway opens, becoming the first underground metro in North America.

USA 1898 - U.S. battleship, Maine, blows up in Havana Harbor, Cuba, igniting the Spanish-American war.

USA 1898 - April 25 – Spanish-American War: The United States declares war on Spain; the U.S. Congress announces that a state of war has existed since April 21 (later backdating this one more day to April 20).

USA 1898 - December 10 – The Treaty of Paris is signed, ending the Spanish-American War.

1886 Birth of Child
Ella May FAHEY was born 25 February 1886, Lewiston, Maine, USA
1896 Birth of Child
Mary E FAHEY was born 2 July 1896, Lewiston, Maine, USA

1900 - Lewiston, Maine

name: Matthew Fahey
titles & terms:
residence: Lewiston city, Androscoggin, Maine
birth date: Jan 1853
birthplace: Maine
relationship to head of household: Self
spouse: Ella Fahey
spouse's titles & terms:
spouse's birthplace: Maine
father's titles & terms:
father's birthplace: Ireland
mother's titles & terms:
mother's birthplace: Ireland
race or color (expanded): White
head-of-household name: Matthew...

USA 1900 - March 15 – The Gold Standard Act is ratified, placing the United States currency on the gold standard.

USA 1900 - June 1 – American temperance agitator Carrie Nation begins her crusade to demolish saloons.

World History 1901 - January 22 - Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom dies at age 81, after more than 63 years on the throne, and her son the Prince of Wales formally succeeds her as King Edward VII.


Lewiston Sunday Journal, Lewiston, Maine
January 29, 1902

Mr. Fahey's Memory

It Plays Him a Peculiarly Scruvy Trick at the Police Court.

He Could Not Remember Seeing Mrs. Fahey at Time of Assault.

It was Matthew Fahey's unlucky morning Wednesday – Matthew of the “blarsted affections,” Matthew of the meretricious memory.

Matthew was arraigned before Judge Cornish in the Lewiston municipal court on Wednesday, charged with assault...Read MORE...

1902-03 Lewiston, Androscoggin County, Maine, Directory

Matthew W. Fahey, driver, 90 Middle, rms 185 Main, Lewiston

1903 Marriage / Partner
Matthew W FAHEY and Addie M MUTTY KARNES 6 January 1903, Lewiston, Maine, USA


January 16, 1903, Matthew filed for bankruptcy (Microfilm of original records in the Androscoggin County Building, Auburn, Maine, Court records v. 1-9(p.1-22) 1898-1920, Family History Library US/ CAN Film 1753454).

1904-05 Lewiston, Androscoggin County, Maine, Directory

Matthew Fahey, 86 Pierce, Lewiston

1906-07 Lewiston, Androscoggin County, Maine, Directory

Matthew W Fahey, driver, 86 Pierce, Lewiston

World History 1906 - April 7 – Mount Vesuvius erupts and devastates Naples.

1910 Durham, Androscoggin, Maine

name: Matthew W Fahey
birthplace: Maine
relationship to head of household: Self
residence: Durham, Androscoggin, Maine
marital status: Married
race : White
gender: Male
immigration year:
father's birthplace: Ireland
mother's birthplace: Ireland
family number: 152
page number: 7
Household Gender Age
Matthew W Fahey M 57y
spouse Addie Fahey F 56y

1910 U.S. Census

World History 1912 - April 15 - Titanic sinks in the North Atlantic

USA 1913 - October 31 – The Lincoln Highway, the first automobile road across the United States, is dedicated.

USA 1913 - December 23 – The Federal Reserve System is created as the central banking system of the United States by Woodrow Wilson's signature of the Federal Reserve Act.

USA 1914 - Woodrow Wilson signs a Mother's Day proclamation.

World History 1914 - August 1 - World War I begins: Germany declares war on Russia and France and invades Belgium

USA 1915 - January 25 - First United States coast-to-coast long-distance telephone call,

World History 1915 - May 7 – WWI: Sinking of the RMS Lusitania: British ocean liner RMS Lusitania is sunk by Imperial German Navy U-boat U-20 off the south-west coast of Ireland, killing 1,198 civilians en route from New York to Liverpool.

USA 1916 - On May 30, 1916, President Woodrow Wilson issued a presidential proclamation establishing a national Flag Day on June 14.

USA 1917 - March 2 – The enactment of the Jones Act grants Puerto Ricans United States citizenship.

USA 1917 - April 6 – WWI: The United States declares war on Germany.

USA 1917 - June 5 – WWI: Conscription begins in the United States.

USA 1918 - March 19 – The United States Congress establishes time zones and approves daylight saving time (DST goes into effect on March 31).

World History 1918 - October 31 – The Hungarian government terminates the personal union with Austria, officially dissolving the Austro-Hungarian empire.

USA 1919 - June 4 – Women's rights: The United States Congress approves the 19th Amendment to the United States Constitution, which would guarantee suffrage to women, and sends it to the U.S. states for ratification.

World History 1919 - June 28 - The Treaty of Versailles is signed, blaming Germany for World War I and creating a League of Nations

USA 1919 - October 28 – Prohibition in the United States is authorized:

1914 Death of Spouse/Partner
Addie M MUTTY KARNES died 29 March 1914, Lewiston, Maine, USA
1917 Death of Child
John H FAHEY died 8 March 1917, Lewiston, Maine, USA

1920 Durham, Androscoggin, Maine

Road from South West Bend over Bowie Hill
Durham, Androscoggin, Maine

Fahey, Matthew W, head, age 66, widowed, born Maine, parents born Ireland, farmer, general farm
1920 U.S. Census

1925 Death

Mt. Hope Cemetery
Fahey, Matthew d. 30 July 1925
buried 1 Aug 1925
age 73
location St Mary's Hospital, Lstn.
section E, lot 81 wp-content/ uploads/ Mt.-Hope-Cemetery-v1.0.pdf

Matthew is buried at: Mount Hope Cemetery

Lewiston, Maine, USA

Section E Lot 81

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