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Acadian Exile - Grand Derangement flag  Olivier  BARIAU (BARIAULT)

  (b. abt, 1737, Acadia, Canada   d. 15 February 1824Carleton-sur-Mer, Lower Canada )  
Summary: Olivier BARIAU (BARIAULT) was born abt, 1737 in , Acadia, Canada . Olivier BARIAU (BARIAULT) was the child of Pierre BARIAU and Veronique GIROUARD and the grandchild of: (paternal)  Nicolas BARIAU (BARILLOT, BARRIEU, BARIAULT) and Martine HÉBERT (maternal)  Pierre GIROUARD and Marie DOIRON

He married  Anastasie BOUDROT (BOUDREAU) 14 February 1764 in St-Malo, France .  Anastasie BOUDROT (BOUDREAU)  was born abt. 1746 in Grand Pré, Nova Scotia, Canada / Saint-Charles-des-Mines, Acadia .  She was the daughter of Jean BOUDROT (BOUDREAU) dit LAMI and Agathe THIBODEAU.

He married  (2) Elisabeth LANDRY 10 May 1768 in Saint-Servan-sur-Mer, Bretagne, France .  Elisabeth LANDRY  was born abt. 1738 in , Acadia, Canada (Acadie) .  She was the daughter of Pierre LANDRY and Anne THERIAULT.

Olivier BARIAU (BARIAULT) died 15 February 1824 in Carleton-sur-Mer, Lower Canada .
Details of the life of Olivier appear below.
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Did You Know?Acadia - Did you know? In 1745 Louisbourg fell to British forces from New England. The Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle returned Louisbourg to the French in 1748.
Did You Know? Over time, Quebec has gone through a series of name changes
From its inception in the early 1600s until 1760, it was called Canada, New France.
1760 to 1763, it was simply Canada
1763 to 1791 - Province of Quebec
1791 to 1867 - Lower Canada
1867 to present - Quebec, Canada.

Thanks to Micheline MacDonald for providing this information.
Did You Know? Quebec - Did you know? In the mid 1800s, New France had a population of about 4 million. 1/2 were Catholic. 1/2 were Protestant. 1/3 of the population was French speaking.

Canada: A People"s History ( history/)
Carleton-sur-Mer, Québec, Canada (Saint-Joseph-de-Carleton) (St-Omer) - Église de Saint-Joseph, est. 1860
767, boul. Perron, Carleton, QUÉBEC
Source: Google maps
Carleton-sur-Mer, Québec, Canada (Saint-Joseph-de-Carleton) (St-Omer)
Église de Saint-Joseph, est. 1860
767, boul....
Carleton-sur-Mer, Québec, Canada (Saint-Joseph-de-Carleton) (St-Omer) - Hotel des Sables Rouges
Carleton-sur-Mer, Québec, Canada (Saint-Joseph-de-Carleton) (St-Omer)
Hotel des Sables Rouges
Carleton-sur-Mer, Québec, Canada (Saint-Joseph-de-Carleton) (St-Omer) - Hotel Fleur de Lys
Carleton-sur-Mer, Québec, Canada (Saint-Joseph-de-Carleton) (St-Omer)
Hotel Fleur de Lys

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Olivier BARIAU (BARIAULT) married Acadian Exile - Grand Derangement flag Anastasie BOUDROT (BOUDREAU)-- Date: 14 February 1764  Place: St-Malo, France
Anastasie BOUDROT (BOUDREAU) was the daughter of Jean BOUDROT (BOUDREAU) dit LAMI and Agathe THIBODEAU

Olivier BARIAU (BARIAULT) married Acadian Exile - Grand Derangement flag Elisabeth LANDRY-- Date: 10 May 1768  Place: Saint-Servan-sur-Mer, Bretagne, France
Elisabeth LANDRY was the daughter of Pierre LANDRY and Anne THERIAULT

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Canada In 1745 Louisbourg fell to British forces from New England.
An expedition organized by Massachusetts Governor William Shirley besieged and ultimately captured...Read MORE...

Canada The Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle returned Louisbourg to the French in 1748 acadian/ timeline.html -

News 1749--French population of the whole of the Acadian Peninsula : 13,000 -

Canada 1749 - 2,576 settlers are brought to Acadia by the British. Halifax is founded. acadtime.htm
The establishment of Halifax in 1749 engrained a solid colonized British presence on the Atlantic...Read MORE...

News 1750 - LeLoutre gets the Indians to burn Beaubassin to get Acadians over to French territory. acadtime.htm -

Canada 1750 - German immigrants begin to arrive in numbers at Halifax. about/ links/ resources/ canadian-history/ prehistory-to-1800.html -

Canada 1752 - Canada's first newspaper, the weekly Halifax Gazette, appears (March 23). about/ links/ resources/ canadian-history/ prehistory-to-1800.html -

News 1754 - At the beginning of the French and Indian War of 1754,
the British government demanded that Acadians take an oath of allegiance to the Crown that included ...Read MORE...

World History 1754 - Beginning of the French and Indian War between Great Britain and France for control of the North American colonies. It is part of the Seven Years War.

Acadia 1755
Beginning of the Acadian Expulsion on July 28

World History (1756 - 1763) Seven Years War - France, Great Britain clashed in Europe and North America; France, Russia, Austria, Saxony, Sweden and Spain sided against Britain, Prussia and Hanover webimage/ countrys/ asia/ russia/ rutimeln.htm -

News 1758 - The Acadians who fled to Ile St. Jean and Ile Royale are rounded up and 3000+ are sent to France.
Two of the ships are unseaworthy and sink ... hundreds of Acadians perish. The ones who make it to...Read MORE...

Canada 1759 - British troops defeated French troops in Battle of Plains of Abraham near Quebec City

Québec a Nation History (Part 15) ( -

News 1764 - British authorities in 1764 allowed Acadians to return in small isolated groups.
They returned slowly, settling in various locations on mainland Nova Scotia and Cape Breton Island. ...Read MORE...

1764 Marriage / Partner
Olivier BARIAU (BARIAULT) and Anastasie BOUDROT (BOUDREAU) 14 February 1764 , St-Malo, France
1768 Marriage / Partner
Olivier BARIAU (BARIAULT) and Elisabeth LANDRY 10 May 1768 , Saint-Servan-sur-Mer, Bretagne, France
News 1773 - Carleton is established.

Canada At the beginning of the American Revolution in 1775, American rebels invade Canada
but despite the efforts of rebel spies to entice Quebec to join the revolution, les Canadiens...Read MORE...

Canada 1775 - The Battle of Québec was fought on December 31 between the American Continental Army and British defenders of Québec City. It was the first major defeat for the Americans in the Revolutionary War.
On December 31, 1775, during the American Revolutionary War (1775-83), Patriot forces under Colonel Benedict Arnold (1741-1801) and General Richard Montgomery (1738-75) attempted to capture the...Read MORE...

World History February 6, 1778 - France signed the Treaty of Alliance with the United States.

February 6, 1778

World History June 1779 - Spain entered Revolutionary War in favor of Americans.

June 1, 1779

Canada 1791 - The Constitutional Act divides Québec into Upper and Lower Canada
The Constitutional Act of 1791 was an Act of the British Parliament creating Upper Canada and Lower ...Read MORE...

World History 1796 - Napoleon Bonaparte assumes command of the Army of Italy

World History 1799 - Rosetta Stone discovered

World History 1801 - Act of Union between Great Britain and Ireland creates the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland

World History 1805 - Treaty of Pressburg formally dissolves the Holy Roman Empire
"The fourth Peace of Pressburg (also known as the Treaty of Pressburg; German: Preßburger Frieden;...Read MORE...

Canada 1812 - War of 1812 - second invasion of Canada by Americans (
At the outbreak of hostilities, the U.S. Army was a poorly equipped force of fewer than 7,000 men,...Read MORE...

Canada When the next American invaders arrive in 1812, they are fought to a stand-still at the battles of Queenston Heights, Chateauguay and Lundy's Lane, setting boundaries that remain today.

Canada: A People's History ( history/ ) -

World History 1812 - Napoleon leads French invasion of Russia, resulting in catastrophic defeat for French. War of 1812 begins with U.S. declaration of war on the United Kingdom.

World History 1814 - Napoleon abdicates and is exiled to St. Elba according to the terms of the Treaty of Fontainebleau. Representatives from Austria, Russia, Prussia, Britain, and France meet at the Congress of Vienna to discuss future of Europe.

World History 1815 - The War of 1812 ends with the Treaty of Ghent. Napoleon escapes Elba in an attempt to reestablish his power. Coalition forces defeat him at the battle of Waterloo.

Canada 1818 - Canada's border is defined as the 49th Parallel from Lake of the Woods to the Rocky Mountains. about/ links/ resources/ canadian-history/ 1800-to-1867.html -

15 February 1824
Carleton-sur-Mer, Québec, Canada (Saint-Joseph-de-Carleton) (St-Omer)

Added: 2/15/2018 2:09:39 PM

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