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HELP! Ancestor is complete! immigrant flag male ancestor  Paul  BENOIT dit LIVERNOIS

  (b. abt. 1638 Chatillon-en-Bazois, Chateau-Chinon, Nevers, Nivernais, Nievre, France   d. 1 January 1686 Longueuil, Canada, New France )  

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Paul BENOIT dit LIVERNOIS was born abt. 1638 in Chatillon-en-Bazois, Chateau-Chinon, Nevers, Nivernais, Nievre, France. Paul BENOIT dit LIVERNOIS was the child of ?   and   ?

Paul was an immigrant to Canada, arriving by 1658.

Spouse(s)/Partner(s) and Child(ren):

Paul  married  Isabelle-Elisabeth GOBINET 16 September 1658 in Montréal, Canada, New France .  The couple had (at least) 12 children. Isabelle-Elisabeth GOBINET  was born abt. 1640 in Gonesse au Vexin, Montmorency, Paris, France.  Isabelle-Elisabeth died 2 April 1715 in Longueuil, Québec, Canada (Saint-Antoine-de-Longueuil). 

Paul BENOIT dit LIVERNOIS died 1 January 1686 in Longueuil, Canada, New France .

Occupation: Maitre Charpentier, Habitant

son of Francois Benoit and Marie Dimanche Chatellain (Chapelain)

Details of the family tree of Paul appear below.

Did You Know? Québec Généalogie - Over time, Québec has gone through a series of name changes
From its inception in the early 1600s until 1760, it was called Canada, New France.
1760 to 1763, it was simply Canada
1763 to 1791 - Province of Québec
1791 to 1867 - Lower Canada
1867 to present - Québec, Canada.

Thanks to Micheline MacDonald for providing this information.
Did You Know?Québec Généalogie - Did you know? The habitant liked to be near his fellows, partly for his own safety against marauding redskins, but chiefly because the colony was at best a lonely place in the long cold season when there was...Read MORE...

Daily Life in New France ( french/ daily_life_in_new_france.htm)
Did You Know? Québec Généalogie - What is a 'dit/dite' name?  When the first settlers came to Québec from France it was a custom to add a 'dit' nickname to the surname. The English translation of 'dit' is 'said'. The Colonists of Nouvelle France added 'dit' names as distinguishers. A settler might have wanted to differentiate their family from their siblings by taking a 'dit' name that described the locale to which they had relocated. The acquiring of a 'dit' name might also be the result of a casual adoption, whereby the person wanted to honor the family who had raised them. Another reason was also to distinguish themselves by taking as a 'dit' name the town or village in France from which they originated. This custom ended around 1900 when people began using only one name, either the 'dit' nickname or their original surname.

Source: American-French Genealogical Society, Woonsocket, Rhode Island (
Did You Know? Québec Généalogie - The Seigneurial System (1627 - 1854)
The seigneurial system was a form of land settlement modeled on the French feudal system. It began in New France in 1627 with the formation of the Compagnie des Cent-Associés (or Company of 100 Associates), which was initially responsible for handing out land grants and seigneurial rights. The land was divided into five by 15 kilometer plots, usually along major rivers like the St. Lawrence. They were then further subdivided into narrow, but long lots for settlement. These lots were usually long enough to be suitable for faming, and they provided everyone who lived on them with equal access to neighbouring farms and the river. There were three main groups of people who lived off the land in this system: Seigneurs, Habitants and Engagés

Paul BENOIT dit LIVERNOIS was a habitant.
Habitants were usually farmers or labourers who were initially brought over from France to live on this land. They had to pay rent and taxes to the seigneur, though they co-owned the land with the seigneur, and even had to work entirely for the benefit of the seigneur a few days each year.

Source: Canada in the Making (

What is a Habitant? Habitants played an essential role in creating a permanent, settled population along the St. Lawrence River. But it was not an easy life...

Habitants had to clear the land, build a homestead, and plant and harvest a crop. The first task was never-ending, while the last one was annual. Building and repairing the house and barn were continual tasks. So were cutting and hauling firewood. The habitants had to be largely self-reliant in looking after all routine tasks such as cooking, baking, making furniture, and repairing tools. They had to attend to the educational and medical needs of the family. They had to endure the harsh physical climate and rough terrain, largely unaided by government support. The habitants had to pay taxes to the seigneurs and the church.

Canada: The Story of Our Heritage by Elspeth Deir, John Fielding, Nick Brune, Peter Grant, Stephanie Smith Abram; McGraw-Hill Ryerson School, 2000
Paul was a Maitre Charpentier, Habitant.
In New France, the occupation of charpentier, or carpenter, covered all trades of wood construction.


18th Century Charpentier in New France: Crafting Dreams in Timber

Spouse(s) / Partner(s) and Child(ren) of Paul BENOIT dit LIVERNOIS


Paul BENOIT dit LIVERNOIS married Ancestor is complete!immigrant Fille a Marier flag female ancestor Isabelle-Elisabeth GOBINET-- Date: 16 September 1658 Place: Montréal, Canada, New France
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Marriage found at Notre-Dame de Montreal, Montreal, Quebec in Drouin Collection

Paul Benoit and Elisabeth Gobinet

"...Paul must have been about 32 years old in the summer of 1658. The time to set up a home had sounded a long time ago. He courted a young girl, newly arrived from France, one Elisabeth Gobinet, daughter of the late Nicolas Gobinet and of Marguerite Largeleux, from Gondesse au Vexin, arrondissement of Montmorency, archdiocese of Paris. His fiancee was about 17 years old. Elisabeth and Paul had their marriage contract drawn up on 9 September 1658 by the notary Benigne Basset... According to the custom, the nuptial blessing took place on a Monday..."

Thomas J. Laforest
Our French-Canadian Ancestors : Volume XVI, Page 49

The Myth and Reality of Family Incentives in New France: Unraveling the French Government and Catholic Church Connection

So Many Children! French-Canadian Family Size in the 17th, 18th, and 19th Centuries

Children of Paul BENOIT dit LIVERNOIS and Isabelle-Elisabeth GOBINET:

flag male ancestor Pierre BENOIT (b.abt. 1658, , Québec Province, Canada   d. 9 June 1733, Saint-Ours, Canada, New France )
m. Barbe GAZAILLE dite BLETTE 1708 in Saint-Ours, Québec, Canada (Immaculée-Conception)

flag female ancestor Elisabeth-Isabelle BENOIT dite LIVERNOIS (b.13 July 1659, Montréal, Canada, New France   d. 5 November 1685 , Montréal, Canada, New France )
m. François BLEAU (BLOT) 22 February 1672 in Montréal, Québec, Canada (Sault-au-Récollet) (Côte-St-Michel) (Côte-St-Paul)

flag male ancestor Laurent BENOIT dit LIVERNOIS (b.2 January 1661, Montréal, Canada, New France   d. 7 December 1728, Longueuil, Canada, New France )
m. Marie-Françoise TETREAU (TETREAULT) 12 November 1691 in Boucherville, Québec, Canada (Sainte-Famille-de-Boucherville)

flag male ancestor Étienne BENOIT dit LIVERNOIS (b.25 December 1662, Montréal, Canada, New France   d. 20 March 1746, Longueuil, Canada, New France )
m. Jeanne CAMPEAU 3 February 1699 in Montréal, Québec, Canada (Sault-au-Récollet) (Côte-St-Michel) (Côte-St-Paul)
m. Helene CHARLES LAJEUNESSE 23 June 1722 in Longueuil, Québec, Canada (Saint-Antoine-de-Longueuil)

flag female ancestor Barbe BENOIT (b.9 May 1665, Montréal, Canada, New France   d. , )
m. Thomas HÉBERT 07 February 1679 in Boucherville, Québec, Canada (Sainte-Famille-de-Boucherville)
m. François BORY dit GRANDMAISON 7 March 1699 in Montréal, Québec, Canada (Sault-au-Récollet) (Côte-St-Michel) (Côte-St-Paul)

Ancestor is complete!flag female ancestor Marie-Anne BENOIT dite LIVERNOIS (b.9 May 1665, Montréal, Canada, New France   d. 9 August 1697, La Prairie, Canada, New France )
m. Jean BOURBON 27 February 1680 in Boucherville, Québec, Canada (Sainte-Famille-de-Boucherville)
m. Jean BESSETTE (BESSET) 16 May 1695 in La Prairie, Québec, Canada (St-Philippe) (St-Jean-François-Régis) (La Nativité)

flag female ancestor Helene BENOIT (b.17 September 1667, Montréal, Canada, New France   d. 18 July 1693, , Québec Province, Canada )
m. Guillaume GOYAU dit LAGARDE 21 January 1686 in Boucherville, Québec, Canada (Sainte-Famille-de-Boucherville)

flag female ancestor Marguerite BENOIT (b.27 December 1669, Montréal, Canada, New France   d. 30 September 1718, Boucherville, Canada, New France )
m. Jean-Baptiste TOURNOIS 21 January 1686 in Longueuil, Québec, Canada (Saint-Antoine-de-Longueuil)

flag female ancestor Geneviève BENOIT (b.26 May 1672, Montréal, Canada, New France   d. 9 December 1689, Longueuil, Canada, New France )
m. Pierre HAY 21 February 1689 in Longueuil, Québec, Canada (Saint-Antoine-de-Longueuil)

flag male ancestor Jacques BENOIT (b.4 June 1674 , Montréal, Canada, New France   d. 7 March 1699, Boucherville, Canada, New France )

flag male ancestor François BENOIT dit LIVERNOIS (b.9 August 1676, Longueuil, Canada, New France   d. 7 March 1750, Verchères, Canada, New France )
m. Angelique CHAGNON 7 February 1711 in , Québec Province, Canada (Quebec)

flag male ancestor Yves BENOIT (b.19 July 1679, Longueuil, Canada, New France   d. ,  )

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Exploring the Ancestry of Paul BENOIT dit LIVERNOIS: Events, Pictures, and Documents

'It was at Chatillon-en-Bazois that Paul Benoit was born about 1626. Le Bazois, a tiny region of France, occupied the easter part of the French province of Nivernais... Paul brought the surname of Nivernois to New France and it was replaced by that of Livernois.'

Thomas J. Laforest
Our French-Canadian Ancestors : Volume XVI, Page 47

New France
'...He signed a commitment for 5 years in the presence of the notary Lafousse, at Lafleche, on 23 March 1653. Because he was a carpenter, he was promised 100 livres as an annual salary. On 20 June, at the port of Saint-Nazairre, in the presence of the notary Belliote, he obtained a salary advance of 123 livres. That same day he boarded the ship Saint-Nicolas. The son of Francois Benot and of Dimanche Chappelain looked for the last time at the shores of his country...'

'Could the good ship Saint-Nicolas out of Nantes face the ocean squalls? The fact that the ship was not water-tight, was worm-eaten and rotten, might make a difference... After having traveled 350 leagues at sea, it was necessary to turn back... Only on 20 July did the replacement ship Sainte-Marguerite set sail for the New World... Finally, the contingent reached the port of Quebec on Monday, 22 September 1653.'

Thomas J. Laforest
Our French-Canadian Ancestors : Volume XVI, Page 48

marriage1658 Marriage / Partner
Paul BENOIT dit LIVERNOIS and Isabelle-Elisabeth GOBINET 16 September 1658, Montréal, Québec, Canada (Sault-au-Récollet) (Côte-St-Michel) (Côte-St-Paul)
1659 Birth of Child
Elisabeth-Isabelle BENOIT dite LIVERNOIS was born 13 July 1659, Montréal, Québec, Canada (Sault-au-Récollet) (Côte-St-Michel) (Côte-St-Paul)
1661 Birth of Child
Laurent BENOIT dit LIVERNOIS was born 2 January 1661, Montréal, Québec, Canada (Sault-au-Récollet) (Côte-St-Michel) (Côte-St-Paul)
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1662 Birth of Child
Étienne BENOIT dit LIVERNOIS was born 25 December 1662, Montréal, Québec, Canada (Sault-au-Récollet) (Côte-St-Michel) (Côte-St-Paul)
1665 Birth of Child
Barbe BENOIT was born 9 May 1665, Montréal, Québec, Canada (Sault-au-Récollet) (Côte-St-Michel) (Côte-St-Paul)
1665 Birth of Child
Marie-Anne BENOIT dite LIVERNOIS was born 9 May 1665, Montréal, Québec, Canada (Sault-au-Récollet) (Côte-St-Michel) (Côte-St-Paul)
1666 Montreal
Paul Benoist - 40 charpentier habitant

Isabel gabinet - 24 sa femme

Isabelle benoist - 7 fille

Laurens Benoist - 5 fils

Estienne Benoist - 6 fils

Barbe et Marie benoist - 9 mois filles jumelles
The first census of New France (1666)
1667 Birth of Child
Helene BENOIT was born 17 September 1667, Montréal, Québec, Canada (Sault-au-Récollet) (Côte-St-Michel) (Côte-St-Paul)
1669 Birth of Child
Marguerite BENOIT was born 27 December 1669, Montréal, Québec, Canada (Sault-au-Récollet) (Côte-St-Michel) (Côte-St-Paul)
1672 Birth of Child
Geneviève BENOIT was born 26 May 1672, Montréal, Québec, Canada (Sault-au-Récollet) (Côte-St-Michel) (Côte-St-Paul)
1674 Birth of Child
Jacques BENOIT was born 4 June 1674 , Montréal, Québec, Canada (Sault-au-Récollet) (Côte-St-Michel) (Côte-St-Paul)
1676 Birth of Child
François BENOIT dit LIVERNOIS was born 9 August 1676, Longueuil, Québec, Canada (Saint-Antoine-de-Longueuil)
1679 Birth of Child
Yves BENOIT was born 19 July 1679, Longueuil, Québec, Canada (Saint-Antoine-de-Longueuil)
1681 Longueuil
Paul Benoist, (4) 60 ans; Elizabeth Gobinet, sa femme, 42 ans; enfants: Laurent, 21 ans; Helene, 14 ans; Marguerite, 12 ans; Genevieve, 10 ans; Etienne, 9 ans; Jacques, 8 ans; Francois, 5 ans; Ives, 2 ans; 5 betes a cornes, 12 arepents en valeur.

Title Histoire de Longueuil et de la famille de Longueuil
Authors Alex Jodoin, J. L. Vincent
Publisher Impr. Gebhardt-Berthiaume, 1889
Original from the New York Public Library
Digitized Dec 18, 2007
Length 681 pages
Page 65
1685 Death of Child
Elisabeth-Isabelle BENOIT dite LIVERNOIS died 5 November 1685 , Montréal, Québec, Canada (Sault-au-Récollet) (Côte-St-Michel) (Côte-St-Paul)
1686 Death
Death found at Saint-Famille-de-Boucherville, Boucherville, QC, Canada in Drouin Collection.

Paul Benoist

'Paul Benoit died on the first of January 1686. The parish of Longueuil was not yet organized, so it was at Boucherville, on Thursday, 3 January, that he was buried in the presence of his eldest son Laurent, Seigneur Charles Lemoyne and Jean-Louis Jadon, Sieur de Saint-Cirque, a captain in the army. The curate Pierre de Caumont presided at the funeral ceremony. Paul was 66 years old, according to the registry.'

Thomas J. Laforest
Our French-Canadian Ancestors : Volume XVI, Page 54 Quebec Vital and Church Records (Drouin Collection) (Mormon Genealogy Records).
name: Paul Benoist
gender: Male
burial date: 03 Jan 1686
burial place: St. Antoine De Longueuil, Chambly, Quebec
death date: 01 Jan 1686
death place: St. Antoine De Longueuil
age: 66
birth date: 1620
race: White
marital status: Married
spouse's name: Isabelle Gobinet
father's name:
father's birthplace:
mother's name:
mother's birthplace:
indexing project (batch) number: B03669-9
system origin: Canada-EASy
source film number: 1031703
reference number: P-31 S-1

'Canada Deaths and Burials, 1664-1955,' index, FamilySearch ( pal:/ MM9.1.1/ F2PP-VJ3 : accessed 04 Jan 2013), Paul Benoist, 01 Jan 1686; citing reference P-31 S-1, FHL microfilm 1031703. (Mormon Genealogy Records)

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