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flag  History of Longueuil, Québec, Canada

Journey back in time to Longueuil, Québec, Canada


Visit Longueuil, Québec, Canada. Discover its history. Learn about the people who lived there through stories, old newspaper articles, pictures, postcards and ancestry.

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Longueuil, Québec, Canada - View of Longueuil from St. Helens Island ( Quebec ) 1838 Library and Archives Canada, Acc. No. 1983-47-10

The City of Longueuil is located in the administrative region of Montérégie, but it is also part of the Metropolitan Community of Montreal.

The name of the city comes from the name of a village near Dieppe in Normandy, birthplace of the first of several actors in the history of Quebec who bore the name of Charles Le Moyne.

Seigniory of Longueuil
A seigniory that was first granted in 1653 to Charles LeMoyne, Sieur de Longueuil. It was first located on the east shore of the St-Lawrence River around present day Ville de Longueuil. It expanded in several steps over the years and by 1710 included land from the St-Lawrence River to the Richelieu River and south along the west side of the Richelieu river to the Seigniory of DeLéry boundary near Grande-Ligne. In 1700 the name was changed to the Barony of Longueuil.

Pronunciation: Lon-gay

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Longueuil Nostalgia: Vintage Photos, Ads, and Postcards

View of Longueuil from St. Helen's Island ( Quebec ) 1838
Library and Archives Canada, Acc. No. 198
Longueuil, Québec, Canada

View of Longueuil from St. Helen's Island ( Quebec ) 1838
Library and Archives Canada, Acc. No. 1983-47-10

Longueuil, Québec, Canada


Longueuil, Québec, Canada


Longueuil, Québec, Canada


Longueuil, Québec, Canada

Historic Monument, First Convent of Longueuil, P.Q.
Longueuil, Québec, Canada

Historic Monument, First Convent of Longueuil, P.Q.

Longueuil, Québec, Canada

Église St-Pierre Apôtre
Longueuil, Québec, Canada

Église St-Pierre Apôtre

Discover Longueuil: History, News, Travel, and Stories

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1653 - Seigniory of Longueuil was first granted in 1653 to Charles LeMoyne, Sieur de Longueuil.

Read more about Charles LEMOINE (LEMOYNE) photo of ancestor
1681 - Parish of St-Antoine-de-Longueuil is established at Longueuil

Le Programme de recherche en démographie historique - Univeriste de Montreal
1698 - Cocathédrale Saint-Antoine-de-Padoue established at Longueuil
1698 - October 14 - New France census shows: Longueuil with 223 inhabitants todayincanadianhistory/ index.php/ October_14
1775 - October 26 - American Revolutionary War - Richard Montgomery's Army of the Continental Congress defeats Guy Carleton's forces in a skirmish at Longueuil. todayincanadianhistory/ index.php/ October_26
1830 - Very Large Swan
A large white Swan was shot last week at Longueuil, in the St. Lawrence, which measured eight feet between the extremities of the wings, five feet from the tail to the beak, and weighed between thirty and forty pounds.
Baltimore Gazette and Daily Advertiser
Baltimore, Maryland
April 29, 1830
1832 - The Village of Longueuil
is on the shore of the St. Lawrence and near the rivulet St. Antoine; it contains 65 houses including a parsonage and 2 schools, at each of which 16 scholars are instructed. Near the village was the ancient fort of Longueuil, one of the many formerly raised as barriers against the Iroquois nation; but its site is now covered by a very handsome well-built church, 130 ft. by 55, which stands on the west side of the road to Chambly. The situation of this little place and its vicinity is so pleasant, that many persons of the first respectability reside hereabout; it was long the favorite retreat of the late catholic bishop of Quebec, M. Deneaux, who when raised to that dignity would not forsake the spot he so much admired...
A Topographical Dictionary of The Province of Lower Canada by Joseph Bouchette, Esq., London, 1832
1837 - November 16 - Lower Canada Rebellion
Governor Lord Gosford issues warrants for the arrest of 26 Patriote leaders on charges of high treason, after the Rebellion of 1837's First skirmish at Longueuil, Québec; Louis-Joseph Papineau and Wolfred Nelson among those named; only five leaders will be captured. todayincanadianhistory/ index.php/ November_16
In 1845, it became the municipality of the parish of Saint-Antoine de Longueuil.
In 1848, the parish was split in two. The Municipality of the parish of Saint-Antoine de Longueuil and the Village of Longueuil are formed.
1848 - December 26 - Rail - First train runs between Longueuil and St-Hyacinthe, Québec todayincanadianhistory/ index.php/ December_26
1856 - The Longueuil Catastrophes
The coroner's jury on the bodies of person killed by the explosion of the steam ferry at Longueuil, Canada, in a verdict strongly condemnatory of the entire management of the boat, have awarded a fine of $10,000 against the Grand Trunk Railway Co. They had also determined to render a verdict of manslaughter against Ethell and Shaud, but at the suggestion of the Queen's counsel, in reference to a legal difficulty, abandoned their intention.
Charleston Mercury
Charleston, South Carolina
July 9, 1856
1862 - Église de Saint-Hubert established at Longueuil
LONGUEUIL, the chief town of the co. of Chambly, prettily situated on the right bank of the St. Lawrence, 3 miles from Montreal. It contains churches for the Roman Catholics, and Episcopalians, a telegraph office, and several stores and hotel. Longueuil was the terminus of the Grand Trunk Railway until the construction of the Victoria Bridge, when the rails were removed and the offices and works closed. It is the summer residence of many Montrealers. Pop. 2,083, a decrease of 753 as compared with 1861. This was long a favorite retreat of the late Mgr. Deneaux, Bishop of Quebec.
Lovell's gazetteer of British North America; J. Lovell; Montreal, 1873
The village of Longueuil became a city in 1874 then a city in 1920.
1892 - Germans not welcome
The Canadian town of Longueuil, it is announced has decided to prohibit any one speaking German from landing there, and keeps a fire-engine on duty to play hot water on any such intruder.
October 6, 1892
1895 - Longueuil
LONGUEUIL, a post town in Chambly co., Que., on the south shore of the St. Lawrence opposite Montreal, on the South Shore Ry. It contains 2 churches, English and Roman Catholic, 8 stores, 7 hotels, 1 saw mill, 1 stove factory and express and telegraph offices. The Roman Catholic church is a magnificent structure. The town has a drainage system, 2 fine squares, and good facilities for communication with Montreal by train and ferry. Pop. 2757.
Crossby, Peter Alfred. Lovell's gazetteer of British North America. (John Lovell & Son)., 1895

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1906 - PERRAULT M.L.A. DREW HIS GUN - Scene at Longueuil Council
Order was Disregarded and Police Defied at the Point of a Revolver.

Montreal, March 27. - An exciting scene took place in the Longueuil council last night when Maurice Perrault, M.L.A. for Chambly, in the Quebec House of Assembly, held the chief of police at bay with a revolver and defied the mayor and council in his determination to discuss the tramway, which the council was considering.

It is claimed the member had no right to speak in the council meeting, and the mayor asked him to desist, and when the refused the chief of police was ordered to put him out.

At this stage he pulled a gun and held the meeting in suspense and went on talking.
The Ottawa Journal
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
March 27, 1906
Longueuil, the chief town of the co. of Chambly, Quebec, on the right bank of the St. Lawrence, 3 miles E. of Montreal, on the South Shore R. It is the summer residence of many Montrealers. Pop. in 1901, 2835. The banking point is Montreal.
Lippincotts New Gazetteer: A Complete Pronouncing Gazetteer Or Geographical Dictionary of the World, Containing the Most Recent and Authentic Information Respecting the Countries, Cities, Towns, Resorts, Islands, Rivers, Mountains, Seas, Lakes, Etc., in Every Portion of the Globe, Part 1 Angelo Heilprin Louis Heilprin - January 1, 1916 J.B. Lippincott - Publisher
Longueuil, Qué, City, pop 371 934 (based on the 2001c), 127 977 (1996c), area 283.73 km2, inc 2002, was created by the amalgamation of 8 distinct municipalities including the former city of Longueuil. The new Longueuil is the third-ranking city in Québec and the most populous of the MONTRÉAL suburban communities. Located on the South Shore of the St Lawrence River across from Montréal in the Montérégie region, its territory is criss-crossed by major expressways linking metropolitan Montréal to QUÉBEC CITY, the EASTERN TOWNSHIPS and northern New York State. Longueuil is connected to Montréal by 4 bridges: Victoria (1859), Jacques-Cartier (1930), Champlain (1962) and the Louis-Hippolyte-Lafontaine tunnel-bridge (1967).

Settlement and Development
In 1657, Charles LE MOYNE de Longueuil et de Châteauguay, a merchant of Ville-Marie (Montréal), was given an area of land situated along the St Lawrence River. He named it Longueuil, in honour of his mother's village in France. In 1845 the... Read MORE...

2023 - Here are some of the best places to go and things to do in Longueuil:
1. Parc Michel-Chartrand: This expansive park is a true gem in Longueuil. It offers kilometers of walking and biking trails, a beautiful lake for kayaking or pedal boating, and plenty of green space for picnics and relaxation. During the winter months, you can even go cross-country skiing or snowshoeing on the well-maintained trails.

2. La Ronde: Located on Île Sainte-Hélène just across the river from Longueuil, La Ronde is a thrilling amusement park that's part of the Six Flags family. It's a perfect place for families or thrill-seekers, with a wide variety of rides and attractions, including roller coasters, water rides, and live entertainment.

3. Old Longueuil: Take a stroll through the charming streets of Old Longueuil, where you'll find historic buildings, boutique shops, and cozy cafes. It's a great place to soak in some local culture and architecture.

4. Place Longueuil: This shopping mall has all the stores you need for a shopping spree. It's also home to various... Read MORE...

Discover Your Roots: Longueuil Ancestry

Ancestors Who Were Born or Died in Longueuil, Québec, Canada

We currently have information about ancestors who were born or died in Longueuil.

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male ancestorSimon CHAPACOU (1620, , France - 3 June 1690, Longueuil, Québec, Canada (Saint-Antoine-de-Longueuil))
male ancestorPaul BENOIT dit LIVERNOIS (1638, Chatillon-en-Bazois, Chateau-Chinon, Nevers, Nivernais, Nievre, France - 1 January 1686, Longueuil, Québec, Canada (Saint-Antoine-de-Longueuil))
female ancestorIsabelle-Elisabeth GOBINET (1640, Gonesse au Vexin, Montmorency, Paris, France - 2 April 1715, Longueuil, Québec, Canada (Saint-Antoine-de-Longueuil))
male ancestorJacques VIAU dit LESPÉRANCE (1641, La Trinite,-de-Clisson, Nantes, Bretagne, France - 14 September 1723, Longueuil, Québec, Canada (Saint-Antoine-de-Longueuil))
male ancestorJean ROBIN dit LAPOINTE (1642, Clamecy, Auxerre, Bourgogne, Nievre, France - 1700, Longueuil, Québec, Canada (Saint-Antoine-de-Longueuil))
male ancestorAndré MARCIL (MARSIL) dit LESPAGNOL (4 December 1642, , France - 14 June 1725, Longueuil, Québec, Canada (Saint-Antoine-de-Longueuil))
female ancestorJeanne CHARTON (1643, , France - 6 June 1703, Longueuil, Québec, Canada (Saint-Antoine-de-Longueuil))
male ancestorMichel DUBUC (1644, , France - 21 June 1722, Longueuil, Québec, Canada (Saint-Antoine-de-Longueuil))
female ancestorMarie BEAUDOIN (1645, Dieppe, France - 23 April 1716, Longueuil, Québec, Canada (Saint-Antoine-de-Longueuil))

Ancestors Who Were Married in Longueuil, Québec, Canada

We currently have information about ancestors who were married in Longueuil.

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male ancestorPierre GOGUET (GOYETTE) (16 May 1664 - 26 September 1730) and female ancestorAntoinette-Anne CHARRON (18 October 1670 - 5 October 1745) married 18 April 1686
male ancestorClaude-Louis LEMAIRE (1658 - 1693) and female ancestorMarie-Charlotte CHARRON (1667 - 20 December 1720) married 30 November 1686
male ancestorJean-Baptiste TOURNOIS (1661 - 22 February 1740) and female ancestorMarguerite BENOIT (27 December 1669 - 30 September 1718) married 21 January 1686
male ancestorPierre HAY (4 November 1660 - 3 December 1708) and female ancestorGeneviève BENOIT (26 May 1672 - 9 December 1689) married 21 February 1689
male ancestorJean BRISETOUT dit LAVIGNE (1682 - 30 October 1714) and female ancestorFrançoise VIAU (22 March 1682 - 17 January 1744) married 9 June 1699
male ancestorAndre LAMARRE (1660 - 11 July 1756) and female ancestorMarie-Angélique CHAPACOU (22 March 1668 - 11 November 1746) married 08 June 1700
male ancestorJoseph ROBIDOU (ROBIDOUX) dit L'ESPAGNOL (13 January 1678 - 24 March 1728) and female ancestorJeanne SÉGUIN (9 August 1680 - 20 December 1749) married 10 October 1701
male ancestorCharles EDELINE (15 November 1678 - 3 April 1726) and female ancestorHelene CHARRON (2 November 1682 - 8 March 1738) married 7 February 1701
male ancestorGuillaume ADAM dit LARAMÉE (24 March 1674 - 24 May 1718) and female ancestorCatherine CHARRON (1680 - 9 June 1739) married 24 February 1701
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