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HELP! Ancestor is complete! flag Native American female ancestor  Marie  MITEOUAMIGOUKOUÉ (MITE8AMEG8K8E)

  (b. abt. 1631 Québec Province, Canada   d. 8 January 1699 Trois-Rivières, Canada, New France )  

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Marie MITEOUAMIGOUKOUÉ (MITE8AMEG8K8E) was born abt. 1631 in Québec Province, Canada

Marie MITEOUAMIGOUKOUÉ (MITE8AMEG8K8E) was the child of ?   and   ?

Marie was a Native American/First Nation.
To learn more about Native American/First Nation people, visit: Native Americans and First Nations: The Impact of European Colonization on North America - When Worlds Collide!

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Spouse(s)/Partner(s) and Child(ren):

Marie  married   ASSABABICH abt. 1647 in Canada .  The couple had (at least) 2 children. ASSABABICH  was born abt. 1620 in Canada.  died April 1652? in Trois-Rivières, Québec, Canada (Three Rivers). 

Marie  married  (2) Pierre COUC dit LAFLEUR 16 April 1657 in Trois-Rivières, Canada, New France .  The couple had (at least) 8 children. Pierre COUC dit LAFLEUR  was born 2 May 1627 in Cognac, Charente, France.  Pierre died 18 May 1690 in Saint-François-du-Lac, Québec, Canada.  Pierre was the child of Nicolas COUC and Elisabeth TEMPLAIR (TEMPLIER).

Marie MITEOUAMIGOUKOUÉ (MITE8AMEG8K8E) died 8 January 1699 in Trois-Rivières, Canada, New France .

Algonquin Native American

Marie MITE8AMEG8K8E was born around 1631-1632, in the "Nations des Ouionontateronon" (Huron word for Weskarini Band of the Algonkin Tribe),in the area between the Ottawa and the St-Maurice rivers in Québec (9), baptized on 6 Nov 1650 in Montréal. She married Pierre COUC dit LAFLEUR on 16 Apr 1657 in Trois-Rivières. She was buried on 8 Jan 1699 in Trois-Rivières.
Pierre Couc-Lafleur was born around 1627 in the town of Cognac, diocese of Saintes, Angoumois (Charente) France. He died in April 1690 in St-François-du-Lac.
They had seven children.

Details of the family tree of Marie appear below.

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Did You Know? Québec Généalogie - Over time, Québec has gone through a series of name changes
From its inception in the early 1600s until 1760, it was called Canada, New France.
1760 to 1763, it was simply Canada
1763 to 1791 - Province of Québec
1791 to 1867 - Lower Canada
1867 to present - Québec, Canada.

Thanks to Micheline MacDonald for providing this information.

Spouse(s) / Partner(s) and Child(ren) of Marie MITEOUAMIGOUKOUÉ (MITE8AMEG8K8E)


Marie MITEOUAMIGOUKOUÉ (MITE8AMEG8K8E) married flag Native American male ancestor  ASSABABICH-- Date: abt. 1647 Place: , Canada first-nations-people.php 

Marie Miteouamigoukoué was born around 1632 in the Trois-Rivières area. She belonged to a Christian branch of the Weskarini who lived near the mission in Trois-Rivières under the protection of the French.

Marie’s first marriage was to a member of her band, a man called Assababich. They had at least three children together. However, in 1652 there was yet another horrific offensive on the part of the Iroquois, a raid that turned into a massacre, with the Iroquois winning the day. As a result, Assababich was killed and two of their children taken captive by the enemy. A daughter born in 1647, named Catherine, was baptized in November 1652 in Trois-Rivières, months after her father's death.


Marie MITEOUAMIGOUKOUÉ (MITE8AMEG8K8E) married Ancestor is complete!immigrant flag male ancestor Pierre COUC dit LAFLEUR-- Date: 16 April 1657 Place: Trois-Rivières, Canada, New France Quebec Vital and Church Records (Drouin Collection) (Mormon Genealogy Records).
The French In North America: 1500-1783

Pierre COUC dit LAFLEUR was the child of Nicolas COUC and Elisabeth TEMPLAIR (TEMPLIER)

Marie’s second marriage in the spring of 1657 was to one of the French soldiers who survived that terrible day in 1652. He was Pierre Couc dit LaFleur, a fur trader and an interpreter. first-nations-people.php

"April 16: Trois Rivieres, Quebec, marriage, (I)-Pierre Couc dit Lafleur, b-1624, a Coureur de Bois, a soldier and interpreter, he died April 1690, St. Francois du Lac. He married April 16, 1657, Trois Rivieres, Quebec, Marie Mite8ameg8k8e (1631-1699) an Algonquine, she 1st married 1645 Assababich b-1620 and they had two children. "

"April 16: Trois Rivieres, marriage (II)-Pierre Couc dit Lafleur b-1624, (died August 6, 1665?, or April 5, 1690?), Trois Rivieres son (I)-Nicolas Couc dit Lafleur (1600-1675) and Elisabeth Templair married, Marie Mite8ameg8k8e, Algonquine sauvagesse b-1631, died January 8, 1699 Trois Rivieres. Marie 1st married 1645 Assababich b-1620 and they had two children Catherine Couque, b-1747 and Pierre Couque baptised May 6, 1650 and father listed as Pierre Deschamps. "

Source: public/ dgarneau/ french16.htm


flag female ancestor Jeanne COUC dite LAFLEUR (b.14 July 1657, Trois-Rivières, Canada, New France   d. 23 October 1679, Saint-François-du-Lac, Canada, New France)

flag male ancestor Louis COUC dit LAFLEUR dit MONTOUR (b.27 November 1659, Trois-Rivières, Canada, New France   d. abt. 1709, , Québec Province, Canada )
m. Madeleine SACOKIE 1681 in , Canada
m. Jeanne QUIQUETIGOUKOUE 7 January 1688 in Saint-François-du-Lac, Québec, Canada

flag female ancestor Marie-Angélique COUC (b.abt. 1661, Trois-Rivières, Canada, New France   d. 7 January 1750, Pointe-du-Lac, Trois-Rivières, Canada, New France* )
m. François DELPE (DALPE) 30 August 1682 in Sorel, Québec, Canada (Saint-Pierre)

flag female ancestor Marguerite COUC dite LAFLEUR (b.1 June 1664, Trois-Rivières, Canada, New France   d. , Detroit, Michigan?)
m. Jean FAFARD February 1688 in Sorel, Québec, Canada (Saint-Pierre)
m. Michel MASSÉ abt. 1705 in Detroit, Michigan, USA

flag female ancestor Elisabeth-Isabelle COUC dite LAFLEUR dite MONTOUR (b.abt. 1667, Trois-Rivières, Canada, New France   d. , )
m. Joachim GERMANEAU 30 April 1684 in Sorel, Québec, Canada (Saint-Pierre)

flag male ancestor Pierre COUC dit LAFLEUR (b.6 August 1667, Trois-Rivières, Canada, New France   d. ,  )

flag female ancestor Marie Madeleine COUC dite LAFLEUR (b.abt. 1669, Trois-Rivières, Canada, New France   d. abt. 1763, Mackinac Island, French Settlement (now Michigan) )
m. Maurice MENARD dit LAFONTAINE 1692

flag male ancestor Jean-Baptiste COUC dit LAFLEUR (b.abt. 1673, Trois-Rivières, Canada, New France   d. , )
m. Anne ABENAQUIS abt. 1705 in Lachine, Montréal, Québec, Canada (Saints-Anges-de-Lachine)

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Exploring the Ancestry of Marie MITEOUAMIGOUKOUÉ (MITE8AMEG8K8E): Events, Pictures, and Documents


BIOGRAPHY: Marie Miteouamigoukoue (Mite8ameg8k8e) was born around 1631-1632, baptized on 6 Nov 1650 in Montréal, and died 8 Jan 1699 in Trois-Rivères - Certificate 38603. (7). She was an Algonquin Native American. On the Baptismal Certificate, there are four other people listed in addition to Marie: Assababich, an Indian, Maire and her spouse Lepine, and Father Claude Pijart. Assababich was Marie's first husband.

According to the 1667 Census, she is listed as being 35 years old.

According to the 1681 Census, her age is listed as 50 years old.

The Burial Certificate No. 89562 does not contain her name. It lists Marie as 'sauvagesse' (a female savage). It also says at the bottom 'Madame Lafleur, veuve sauvagesse de Monsieur Lafleur...'

According to Simone Vincens, Marie Mite8amig8k8e was an orphan. In Jetté's genealogy database, her parents are listed as: Father: Bathelemi Miteouamigoukoue (Mite8ameg8k8e) or Mitcominqui was born around 1600 in...Read MORE...

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Kings and Queens1643 - May 14 - Louis XIV becomes King of France
Marie MITEOUAMIGOUKOUÉ (MITE8AMEG8K8E) - 6 Nov 1650 Baptism, Montreal -- English Translation: In the year of Our Lord 1650, I, the same [Claude Pijart of the Society of Jesus], have baptized
6 Nov 1650 Baptism, Montreal -- English Translation: "In the year of Our Lord 1650, I, the same [Claude Pijart of the Society of Jesus], have baptized Marie Mite8ameg8k8e, now named Kakesik8k8e, the wife of Asababich. The godmother was Marie, wife of Lepine. [Executed] the 6 of November."
1650 Birth of Child
Pierre ASSABABICH was born 6 May 1650, Trois-Rivières, Québec, Canada (Three Rivers)
marriage1657 Marriage / Partner
Marie MITEOUAMIGOUKOUÉ (MITE8AMEG8K8E) and Pierre COUC dit LAFLEUR 16 April 1657, Trois-Rivières, Québec, Canada (Three Rivers)
Marie MITEOUAMIGOUKOUÉ (MITE8AMEG8K8E) - 16 Apr 1657 Marriage - Immaculee-Conception des Trois-Rivieres, Quebec -- English Translation: In the year of Our Lord 1657, 16 April, I, Paul Raguen
16 Apr 1657 Marriage - Immaculee-Conception des Trois-Rivieres, Quebec -- English Translation: "In the year of Our Lord 1657, 16 April, I, Paul Ragueneau, priest of the Society of Jesus, after having published the marriage bans during the celebration of Masses in the chapel of the Blessed Virgin in Trois-Rivières, I interrogated them and, after their spoken mutual consent in person, I joined in matrimony Pierre Couc dit Lafleur, son of Nicolas Couc and Élizabeth Templaire of the Parish of Cognac (France) and of Marie Mite8ameg8k8e, of Algonquin birth.
Witnesses two Algonquins Charles Pachirini and Bartholemy Anara8i, and the French Péré [merchant] and Mister Ameau dit St-Séverin"
In the left margin, "Marriage of Couc dit Lafleur and Marie Native Woman"
1657 Birth of Child
Jeanne COUC dite LAFLEUR was born 14 July 1657, Trois-Rivières, Québec, Canada (Three Rivers)
1659 Birth of Child
Louis COUC dit LAFLEUR dit MONTOUR was born 27 November 1659, Trois-Rivières, Québec, Canada (Three Rivers)
1664 Birth of Child
Marguerite COUC dite LAFLEUR was born 1 June 1664, Trois-Rivières, Québec, Canada (Three Rivers)
1667 Birth of Child
Pierre COUC dit LAFLEUR was born 6 August 1667, Trois-Rivières, Québec, Canada (Three Rivers)
1679 Death of Child
Jeanne COUC dite LAFLEUR died 23 October 1679, Saint-François-du-Lac, Québec, Canada
1681 St-Francois-du-Lac
Pierre Couque, habitant, 57
Marie, sauvagesse, 50
Louis Couque, son, 20
Marie Couque, daughter, 18
Marguerite Couque, daughter, 16
Elisabeth Couque, daughter, 15
Madeleine Couque, daughter, 12
Jean Couque, son, 8

1681 Census - New France
The French In North America: 1500-1783
marriage1682 Marriage of Child
Marie-Angélique COUC married 30 August 1682, Sorel, Québec, Canada (Saint-Pierre) to François DELPE (DALPE)

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marriage1684 Marriage of Child
Elisabeth-Isabelle COUC dite LAFLEUR dite MONTOUR married 30 April 1684, Sorel, Québec, Canada (Saint-Pierre) to Joachim GERMANEAU
marriage1688 Marriage of Child
Louis COUC dit LAFLEUR dit MONTOUR married 7 January 1688, Saint-François-du-Lac, Québec, Canada to Jeanne QUIQUETIGOUKOUE
marriage1688 Marriage of Child
Marguerite COUC dite LAFLEUR married February 1688, Sorel, Québec, Canada (Saint-Pierre) to Jean FAFARD
1690 Death of Spouse/Partner
Pierre COUC dit LAFLEUR died 18 May 1690, Saint-François-du-Lac, Québec, Canada
Marie MITEOUAMIGOUKOUÉ (MITE8AMEG8K8E) - 8 Jan 1699 Death, Trois-Rivieres, Quebec -- English Translation: The year 1699, the 8th of January, was buried in the cemetery of the Parish of Notre
8 Jan 1699 Death, Trois-Rivieres, Quebec -- English Translation: "The year 1699, the 8th of January, was buried in the cemetery of the Parish of Notre-Dame des Trois-Rivières, Madame Lafleur after having received all the sacraments in the sentiments of a true christian by me Priest Recollet carrying out the pastoral duties. Fr. Elisée Crecy, Recollect".

Trois-Rivières, Québec, Canada (Three Rivers)
death1699 Death
8 January 1699
Trois-Rivières, Québec, Canada (Three Rivers)
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