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Rupert, Vermont, USA
2023 - Here's a list of places to go and things to do in Rupert, Vermont:

Merck Forest and Farmland Center:
This non-profit organization manages a 3,162-acre working landscape that includes a farm, a forest, and miles of trails. You can explore the beautiful natural surroundings, attend educational programs, and even partake in seasonal activities like maple sugaring.

Weston Playhouse:
Just a short drive away in Weston, you can catch a live performance at the Weston Playhouse. It's one of Vermont's oldest professional theater companies and offers a diverse array of shows, from dramas to musicals.

Equinox Valley Nursery:
For those with a green thumb or a love for plants, this nursery in Manchester is a great place to visit. They have a wide selection of plants and gardening supplies.

Dorset Quarry:
About 15 miles away from Rupert, the Dorset Quarry is a popular swimming spot, especially in the summer. It's an abandoned marble quarry with crystal-clear water and tall cliffs for jumping.

Hiking and Biking:
Rupert is surrounded by stunning natural beauty. You can explore the nearby trails for hiking and biking. Some popular options include the Merck Forest trails and the Green Mountain National Forest trails.

Manchester Center:
Just a short drive away, you'll find the town of Manchester. It's known for its boutique shops, art galleries, and wonderful dining options. Check out the Manchester Designer Outlets for some great deals on designer fashion.

Hildene, The Lincoln Family Home:
Hildene is the former summer home of Robert Todd Lincoln, the son of Abraham Lincoln. You can tour the historic mansion and explore the beautiful gardens and walking trails.

Slate Valley Museum:
Located in nearby Granville, New York, this museum is dedicated to the history of slate quarrying in the region. Learn about the industry that played a significant role in the local economy.

Skiing and Snowboarding:
In the winter, you can hit the slopes at nearby ski resorts. Bromley Mountain, Stratton Mountain, and Magic Mountain are all within a reasonable driving distance.

Cultural Events:
Check for local events and cultural festivals that may be happening in Rupert or neighboring towns. These can range from art exhibits to music concerts and are great for experiencing the local culture.

Fall Foliage:
Vermont is famous for its breathtaking fall foliage. Take a scenic drive during the autumn months and witness the vibrant colors of the leaves changing.

Fishing and Hunting:
If you're into outdoor sports, Rupert is a great place for fishing and hunting. Make sure to follow local regulations and obtain the necessary permits.

Local Farm Visits:
Vermont is known for its dairy farms and artisanal cheese. Consider visiting a local dairy farm and tasting some of the freshest cheeses you'll ever find.

Due to its rural location, Rupert offers excellent opportunities for stargazing. On a clear night, find a quiet spot and marvel at the night sky.

Antique Shopping:
Explore the many antique shops in the area to discover unique, one-of-a-kind treasures.

Kayaking and Canoeing:
There are several rivers and lakes nearby where you can enjoy kayaking and canoeing. Lake St. Catherine and the Battenkill River are popular choices.

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Rupert, Vermont, USA

Rupert, Vermont, USA

Rupert, Vermont, USA

Rupert, Vermont, USA

Rupert, Vermont, USA

Rupert, Vermont, USA

Rupert, Vermont, USA