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Chico, California, USA
2023 - Here's a list of places to go and things to do in Chico:

Bidwell Park:

This is a must-visit. It's one of the largest municipal parks in the nation and offers hiking, biking, and horse trails.

Lower Bidwell Park has One-Mile Recreation Area with picnic spots, swimming areas, and the charming Sycamore Pool.

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.:

If you're a beer enthusiast, Sierra Nevada is a pilgrimage. Take a brewery tour and enjoy their vast selection of craft beers.

The taproom and restaurant are excellent, offering delicious food to complement your brew.

Chico State University Farm:

Take a tour of the University Farm, where you can learn about sustainable agriculture and get up close with farm animals.

They often host events, so check their schedule for anything interesting happening during your visit.

Chico Certified Farmers' Market:

Held every Saturday morning, it's a great place to explore local produce, crafts, and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere.

National Yo-Yo Museum:

Chico is home to the National Yo-Yo Museum. Even if you're not a yo-yo pro, it's a quirky and interesting stop.

Downtown Chico:

Explore the downtown area with its charming boutiques, galleries, and restaurants.
Don't miss the historic Senator Theatre, a beautiful venue that hosts various events.

Chico Museum:

Learn about the history of Chico at the Chico Museum. It's a small but fascinating glimpse into the town's past.

Butte Creek Ecological Preserve:

Ideal for nature lovers, this preserve offers serene walking trails and birdwatching opportunities.

Upper Bidwell Park:

If you're up for a bit more adventure, head to Upper Bidwell Park for more rugged trails and breathtaking views.

Japanese Gardens in Bidwell Park:

A hidden gem within Bidwell Park, these gardens offer a peaceful retreat with beautiful landscaping.

Chico Community Observatory:

If you're into stargazing, check out the Community Observatory. They often have public viewing nights.

Tres Hombres Long Bar and Grill:

A local favorite for Mexican cuisine and a lively atmosphere. Try their margaritas!

Parkside Tap House:

Great spot for craft beer and pub-style food. The outdoor seating area is fantastic.

Bear Hole:

A popular swimming spot in Upper Bidwell Park. It's a local favorite during the warmer months.

Chico Creek Nature Center:

Ideal for families, it offers educational exhibits and nature programs for kids.

Live Music at The Tackle Box:

Check out The Tackle Box for live music. It's a laid-back venue with a great vibe.

Chico Escape Rooms:

If you're into puzzles and challenges, try one of the escape rooms for a fun and interactive experience.

B Street Public House:

Another fantastic spot for craft beer and delicious food. The outdoor patio is perfect for a relaxing evening.

Chico Air Museum:

Aviation enthusiasts will enjoy exploring the vintage aircraft and exhibits at the Chico Air Museum.

Chico Public Art:

Take a self-guided tour of Chico's public art, including murals and sculptures scattered throughout the town.

Visit Chico, California, USA
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Chico, California, USA

Chico, California, USA

Chico, California, USA