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Colrain, Massachusetts, USA (Colerain) (Boston Township)
2023 - Here's a list of places to see and things to do in and around Colrain:

Catamount State Forest:

Explore the Catamount State Forest, known for its hiking trails and scenic beauty. It's a great place for nature lovers and those seeking a peaceful retreat.

Shelburne Falls Trolley Museum:

Head to nearby Shelburne Falls to visit the Trolley Museum. Learn about the region's transportation history and take a ride on an antique trolley.

Bissell Covered Bridge:

Discover the Bissell Covered Bridge, an iconic and historic structure in Colrain. It's a perfect spot for photography and a peaceful stroll.

Colrain Historical Society Museum:

Immerse yourself in the local history by visiting the Colrain Historical Society Museum. Gain insights into the town's past through exhibits and artifacts.

High Ledges Wildlife Sanctuary:

Hike the trails at High Ledges Wildlife Sanctuary for stunning views of the surrounding landscape. This sanctuary is maintained by the Massachusetts Audubon Society.

Bear Swamp:

If you enjoy birdwatching and wildlife observation, Bear Swamp is a must-visit. It's a haven for diverse plant and animal species.

Mohawk Trail State Forest:

Take a scenic drive or go camping at Mohawk Trail State Forest. Enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, and picnicking in this beautiful forested area.

Colrain Central School Park:

Visit Colrain Central School Park for a relaxing afternoon. The park offers a playground, green spaces, and a welcoming environment for families.

Rafting on the Deerfield River:

Thrill-seekers can explore nearby Charlemont for white-water rafting adventures on the Deerfield River. Several outfitters in the area offer guided trips for various skill levels.

Craft Breweries and Wineries:

Check out local craft breweries or wineries in the region. Enjoy tastings and perhaps bring home a bottle of locally crafted beverage as a memento.

Farm Stands and Farmers' Markets:

Colrain and the surrounding areas often have farmers' markets and roadside stands where you can purchase fresh, locally grown produce and artisanal products.

Seasonal Festivals:

Keep an eye out for any local festivals or events happening during your visit. These can range from fall fairs to summer celebrations and are a great way to experience the local culture.

Scenic Drives:

Take a leisurely drive through the scenic backroads of Colrain. Enjoy the changing foliage in the fall or the lush greenery in the warmer months.

Photography Opportunities:

Whether it's capturing the covered bridges, rolling hills, or the quaint town center, Colrain provides ample opportunities for photography enthusiasts.

Stump Sprouts Guest Lodge and Nordic Center:

If you're visiting in the winter, consider trying cross-country skiing or snowshoeing at Stump Sprouts. The lodge offers a cozy retreat after a day in the snow.

Visit Colrain, Massachusetts, USA (Colerain) (Boston Township)
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Colrain, Massachusetts, USA (Colerain) (Boston Township)

Colrain, Massachusetts, USA (Colerain) (Boston Township)

Colrain, Massachusetts, USA (Colerain) (Boston Township)