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Great Barrington, Massachusetts, USA (Housatonic)
1893 - MOST PECULIAR CASE. Stray Bullet Thought to Have Ended Life of Seigfred Alder.

GREAT BARRINGTON, Mass., Sept. 5 - The most peculiar case of violent death which has occurred in Great Barrington in years was discovered yesterday when Charles Kellogg found lying at the rear entrance to T. R. Prindle's residence on Mahwaie street, the body of Seigfred Alder, 45, with a rifle bullet wound in his right breast. Kellogg at once informed Medical Examiner Small, who viewed the body and had it taken to Culvert's morgue where an autopsy was performed this morning. Where the shot came from that ended Alder's life is a mystery.

His story is peculiar. Alder was a Swiss weaver and his first appearance in town was about two years ago. He was a tramp and found lodgings in the roundhouse, where he paid his way by helping clean the engines. his food he found where any person would give it to him, and his time between light and darkness was put in doing odd jobs for any who would employ him. He was a steady, hard and good worker, and found plenty to do. Yesterday he had been mowing the grass and cleaning up the premises of T. R. Prindle. The last seen of him alive was when he was trimming the hedge between Mr. Prindle's and Representative John N. Eastland's yard.

When Dr. Small saw the body life had not been extinct more than three-quarters of an hour. On the man's body were found $13, some knick-knacks, his declaration of intention of citizenship, filed in New York city in 1876, and a letter worn and dirty that had apparently been dear to the unfortunate.

Worcester Daily Spy
Worcester, Massachusetts
September 6, 1893

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Great Barrington, Massachusetts, USA (Housatonic)

Great Barrington, Massachusetts, USA (Housatonic)

Great Barrington, Massachusetts, USA (Housatonic)