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"L'espirit de retour (the spirit of return) proved strong for the majority of French migrants, and fewer than one in ten remained in l'Acadie. But those who stayed became the founding generation of the Acadians: ... Jean Theriot and Perrine Rau, she pregnant with their first child..."

Source: A Great and Noble Scheme by John Mack Faragher, page 45

Source: (author unknown)
THE NAME(S) THERIAULT...At the time, it was common practice to modify ones family name. And so,records indicate today's "Theriault" name came from "Terriot"-"Theriot"-"Theriau"-"Therriault" and finally to "Theriault".


It would appear that JEHAN THERRIOT, the grand daddy of all "Theriault's" in North America, was recruited as a labourer in New France, by Charles de Menou, Sieur D'Aulnay and Charnisay and Gouvernor of Acadia from 1604-1650.
While JEHAN THERRIOT'S birth certificate is not available, the first Acadia Census of 1671 indicates that he lived in Port Royal and was, at the time, 70 years old. It is therefore safe to assume, that JEHAN was born "ABT 1601". The 1671 Port Royal Acadian Census, indicates that JEHAN and his family owned six cattles and one sheep, at the time the census was taken. Historians have not been able to locate records of JEHAN, Perrine and Claude (their oldest son)'s "boarding pass" registering their Sea voyage from France to Acadia, New France however it is estimated they arrived in the late 1630's or early 1640's. Historical documents confirm that JEHAN was in fact a recruit of Charles de Menou in 1635. We also know that Charles de Menou of D'Aulnay, conducted two significant "recruitment voyages", one in 1642 and another in 1644. On both occasions, he transported a number of families from his home parish (La Chaussee) in France, to Acadia, New France. During this period of time, JEHAN worked as a labourer, residing in the village of Martaize, located just a few kilometers from La Chaussee. Given these two facts (working for Charles de Menou and residing in his close proximity), is it possible that JEHAN accepted a 36 month work contract and travelled from Port de la Rochelle (France) to Port Royal (Acadia), and that he and his family (wife Perrine and oldest son, Claude) were one of the twenty french families, on the 1644 voyage? While historians are unable to confirm JEHAN'S actual date of death, the Acadia Census of 1681 records "Perrine Brault is the WIDOW of JEHAN TERRIOT" By 1681, many of the "Therriot Family" had moved to Beaubassin, Grand-Pre, Riviere-aux Canards and Cobequid. Historical records indicate, that by the early 1730's, some of the "Terriot Families" had travelled up the St. John River and re-located in areas known today as the Province of New Brunswick. In 1730, some of the Theriault families travelled up the St. John River and located in what is today known as the Province of New Brunswick.


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Source: Pioneers of Acadia by Stephen A. White

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