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"Came to Canada via La Rochelle before October 28 1649. On that date, he, his sons and four others received a land grant in the Seigneurie of Lauson from Governor Louis D'Ailleboust. On July 16 1665, Mr. de Prouville de Tracy granted a concession at Grande Anse (La Pocatière) and named it "the county of the Frigourg Swiss". "

"Swiss blood runs in your veins. In fact, Pierre Miville, your ancestor, was born in 1602 at Fribourg in Switzerland. Married there in 1629, he crossed over to Canada in the spring of 1649 with his wife and six children. He received a grant of land on the coast of Lauzon across from the Plaines of Abraham, today near Patton road in the parish of Saint-David- de-l'Auberivière.

In 1669, many settlers from Fribourg obtained land grants at Grande-Anse which is today Sainte-Anne- de-la-Pocatière. Your ancestor, Pierre Miville directed them in the clearing of their farms which were named "County of the Fribourg Swiss". This attempt at colonization did not last and the Swiss returned to their country, but not Pierre Miville. He stayed on the coast of Lauzon and soon became captain of the militia.

This settler, who carried the nickname "The Swiss" has left in this country numerous descendants. "

Source: ancestry/ histnotes.htm

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