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Roger Alling

Roger Alling was born before Dec 6, 1612, at Kempston Bedford, the son of James Alling and Margaret Coppin. He signed the plantation compact at New Haven in 1639. He married Mary Nash in 1642 at New Haven. She was the daughter of Thomas Nash and Margery Baker. She was born in 1621 and died Aug 16, 1683 at New Haven, CT. He died there Sept 27,1674. Source: cgi-bin/ igm.cgi?op=GET&db=andrewsgd&id=I18408

"Roger Alling came to New Haven with Capt. Lamberton, acting as steward during the last half of the voyage, the former steward having died... He as at this time unmarried, and of small estate. At an early date he became member of the church and of the court. In 1661 he was chosen treasurer of the jurisdiction, and afterward a deacon of the church."

History of the Colony of New Haven to Its Absorption Into Connecticut
By Edward Elias Atwater, Lucy M. Hewitt, Bessie E. Beach, Robert Atwater Smith
Published by Journal Publishing Company, 1902
Item notes: pp. 84-470
Original from the University of Virginia
Digitized Aug 21, 2007
767 pages
Page 133

New Haven, Connecticut - First Church of Christ Title Historical catalogue of the members of the


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