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Andre (Rene) BERNARD

"Marie Bernard was born ca.1645 probably in Beauvoir-Sur-Mer, France. There is some question also as to who her parents were. There is considerable proof that her mother was "Marie" Andree Guyon (Guidon). Professor White in his "Dictionaire genealogique des families acadiennes, partie I (1636-1714) " states ....."Marie Bernard d/ o (?? Bernard) & Andree Guion , born 1645". However, Bona Arcenault's "Histoire et genealogie des Acadians", Vol 2, p428-429, states that Marie Bernard's father was Andre Bernard:

ANDRE BERNARD, born 1620, Macon, originating in Beauvoir-sur-Mer, arrived in Acadia in 1641, "pour aller servir en l'habitation" for Charles de Latour, a Jemseg, on the river Saint-Jean in New Brunswick. He is the father of Jeanne, born 1643; Marie, born 1645; Nicholas, born 1662; and Rene, born 1663. "Apres la prise du fort de Jemseg par D'Aulnay", in 1645, he returned to France to return to Acadia "apres la rehabitation de Charles de LaTour, par la cour de France." According to footnotes on page 428, Andre Bernard "Lors de la prise du fort de Jemseg, par Charles d' Aulnay, gouverneur d'Acadia, le 17 avril 1645, plusieurs compagnons de Charles de LaTour, faits prisonnies, ont ete pendus sur place, apres deliberation du Conseil, pour servir d'exemple et de memoire a la poste-rite, d'une si obstinee rebellion. Andre Bernard est epargne et il en signe l'attestation, le 15 mai 1645. (Couillard, Charles de Saint-Etienne de La Tour, p.489).

Disputing the fact that Andre Bernard was Marie Bernard's father is the following from Bona Arcenaults publication quoting "Father Godbout indicates that the mother of the child Marie Bernard is Andree Guion. Her father is not Andre Bernard......."

Despite all the confusion to this point, it is agreed upon that Rene Landry le Jeunne and Marie Bernard were married and in Acadia in 1659. Together, they had fifteen (15) children, all born at Port Royal. They were Antoine, born 1660; Claude, 1663; Cecile, 1664; Jean, 1666; Rene, 1668; Marie, 1670; Marguerite, 1672; Germain, 1674; Jeanne, 1676; Abraham, 1678; Pierre, 1680; Catherine, 1682; Anne, 1684; Charles, 1688; and Isabelle, 1691.

Rene Landry died ca. 1692. In the 1714 census, it is indicated that Rene Landry died sometime before this census and his widow, Marie Bernard, was living in Port Royal with one of her sons. Marie Bernard died on January 11, 1719 as document by Winston DeVille's "Acadian Church Records" vol 4 p.124-125. He also makes reference in his writings that "On April1, 1718, Marie Bernard, widow of Rene Landry, baptised a baby because of the danger in transporting the infant in cold weather." "

Source: Landrys of Acadia.htm

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