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Michel TREMBLAY - Biography

Translated from French:

Michel by marrying the girl of Claude Bouchard, the first colonist of theSaint-François-Xavier Coast, raised a family of fourteen children. Happier even as Pierre, it counted among them nine boys. All this household lived at theSaint-François-Xavier Coast where, since 1677, Michel had obtained by his father, of Mgr of Laval, a ground located not far from the Cape Maillard. The wire of Michel were even established for the majority with theSaint-Paul Bay, but some however were attracted with far, constituting the first swarm of Tremblay established in the area of the Large Lakes. Two among the youngest boys, Augustin and Ambroise, left after their marriage for Détroit, where they lived until their death (3). As for the other children of Michel, they were combined to the Pilot, of Québec, and in Simard, of the Saint-Paul Bay. The company of the masts interested Michel Tremblay largely. Wishes France to draw from Canada wood necessary to its building sites of marine, supported the rise of this industry. In 1687, Colbert made become to Canada carpenters who visited the country, in order to find there wood clean with the mast and the construction of the vessels. Thus one discovered on the grounds of Malbaie, of the red pines suitable to make masts with the strongest vessels which were in France. However, these trees, located at one mile of the river, were difficult to draw and required the work from fifty to sixty men. On the other hand, in the Bay-Saint-Paul, one found in three places of the so good masts, easier to exploit, particularly close to the mine, in the North-East of Bay and above the mill with saw "Without seeking elsewhere, one would find in these places all the masts nécéssaires, being much better than those of the Pyrenees which are very breakable and whose expenditure is very considerable". So that one can judge their quality, five average masts of red pine, borderings and the boards, were charged on board the vessel "the envieux one", which travelled towards Rochefort. The experiment was considered to be satisfactory, because in 1693, the sior Christmas, principal writer of the Navy, left Québec with twenty men, in order to go to winter in Bay-Saint-Paul. They remained with five miles in the grounds and prepared for spring following around fifty from masts and seven to eight thousand espars. Cest like in 1700, Michel and Louis Tremblay, his brother, passed a market of work of masts to be made for the King (4). The agreed price was of 60 books for each mast, returned in the basin of the Bay-Saint-Paul. The Intendant provided the boats, jacks, hoists, capstans and ropes nécéssaires. The Tremblay brothers engaged with going to seek the masts with six miles in the depth of the grounds, to draw them to the river and from there, to bring them to the river. Thereafter, Michel joined has Pierre Tremblay, his brother, to exploit the saw mill to build on the grounds of this last. In 1719, the production of the Bay-Saint-Paul and Malbaie made it possible to dispatch a strong cargo, including/ understanding an about sixty masts, six-mille-quatre-cents boards and deux-mille-sept-cents beams. The production slows down and worm 1724, Michel requested the permission to establish a goudronnery for the King with Bay-Saint-Paul, since the Remy river and the river of the Ponds, located at one mile and half of the edge of the river. It had envisaged, like his brother Pierre Tremblay, to use in this extent "a great red number of pines, cut down by the wind for twenty-five years". It is assisted by its boy Michel, Joseph and Antoine. This last will be made concede all the ground which skirts the river of Rémy (5). This company of the tar of Rémy mainteint of long years, even if the father died in 1728 (6). Another son of Michel Tremblay, of the name of Louis, requested the authorization to take the remains of a furnace with tar located at the course Martin, in the north of the river of the Pit, in order to raise some another (7). The intendant could write well: "We have reasons to hope that this factory will increase because there are every year some inhabitants who are informed and which implements the manner of doing it". There rest, one has the explanation of the name remained attached to this part of the Bay-Saint-Paul: "Goudronnerie". But, Tremblay of Rémy are not satisfied to exploit the tar on their ground of theSaint-Lazare Coast. Here qu intend to be devoted to the sawing of wood has new. For this purpose, Antoine Tremblay began the construction of a saw mill on the river. Unfortunately it had to set it up on funds which does not belong to him, but which always concerns the Seminar. This last orders, August 18, 1750, the seizure of the saw mill and wood already cut. The discussions around this business will last of many years. In fact, Tremblay will obtain only in 1789 the concession into good and of the form of the site on which remains the saw mill.


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