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Andre (Rene) BERNARD

The Acadian genealogist Bona Arsenault asserts that the progenitor of this family in Acadia was André Bernard, a mason from Beauvoir-sur-Mer, Poitou, France, who came to the colony in 1641, age 21, to work for Governor Charles La Tour at La Tour's fort on Rivière St.-Jean. Arsenault does not record the name of André's wife but says that he fathered two daughters, Jeanne and Marie, and two sons, Nicolas and René. Nicolas married an Indian and remained on Rivière St.-Jean. René moved to Chignecto, where he established a family of his own and from which the Acadian Bernards are descended.

Acadian genealogist Stephen A. White tells a different story: André Bernard did indeed come to Acadia in 1641 to work for Charles La Tour, and André was one of the lucky survivors of the sieur d'Aulnay's assault on La Tour's fort in 1645. White even suggests that Bernard may have been forced to serve as executioner for La Tour's men whom d'Aulnay ordered to be hanged after the fort was taken. White maintains, however, that it was most unlikely, given what happened at Fort St.-Jean, that André Bernard would have remained in the colony to start a family; André probably returned to France. White asserts that René Bernard was not the brother of Jeanne or Marie, and that none of them were fathered by André Bernard.

This researcher follows White:

___, possibly André, Bernard married first to an Indian whose name has been lost (so says Bunnell, not White), and then to Andrée Guyon probably at Port-Royal in c1644. They had two daughters, both born at Port-Royal, who married into the Landry and Chiasson dit La Vallée families. __ died by c1651, when his wife Andrée remarried to fellow colonist Antoine Belliveau.

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