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1898 - September 2 - NOTCH GANG of Counterfeiters in the Mountains of Maine.

[Lewiston (Maine) Journal.]

"I see by the papers that the famous Notch Gang of New Vineyard is again rampant," said a Farmington man who came out of the dining hall of the Victoria Hotel in Lewiston to-day, and lit a cigar in the office. "Now, I know something of that gang. It is, or has been in the past, one of the biggest counterfeiting gangs in the country. I know where there was a ten quart pan of counterfeit money under the counter of a grocery store for three weeks in that region, and every stranger that came in carried away a piece of it. They were operating 20 years ago at the Notch, but had a camp up in the sides of the Basin, in a secluded spot. One day a New Vineyard man found a woman wrapped in an overcoat, and laid on his front door step when he got up in the morning. She was in a high fever, and out of her mind. When the man had got her into the house, and his wife had stowed her away in a feather bed, he sent for a doctor in Farmington, Dr. Richards, and he brought her out of her fever, but she wouldn't tell him what her name was, or where she was from. No one in New Vineyard knew her. One day when she was strong and well she suddenly disappeared and a bag containing $50 was found in the house. When the Notch Gang came to be better known it was supposed that she was a member of it.

"I know a little green glade on the farther side of New Vineyard Mountain, close to a babbling brook, where there are three graves. No one knows who is buried there. At first there was but one. Then as years passed there was another and another. Probably there are not 10 people in Franklin County who know of these. I don't know whether they are any part of the Notch Gang, but it is queer. A gang of outlaws living among these mountains, probably in some hidden cave, making bad money, moonshining, and having women, and graves, reads like 'Lorna Doone.' The other morning the gang drove 23 sheep out of a man's yard while he was eating breakfast. He followed them to the road in the woods and lost sight of their tracks. If I was a detective the story would make me wild to go to that place and hunt out the Notch Gang."

The Cincinnati Enquirer
Cincinnati, Ohio
September 2, 1898

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New Vineyard, Maine, USA

New Vineyard, Maine, USA

New Vineyard, Maine, USA

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