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Saint-Charles-sur-Richelieu, Québec, Canada - 1832 - ST. CHARLES,

seigniory, in the co. of Richelieu, is bounded N.E. by St. Denis; S.W. by Rouville; in the rear by St. Hyacinthe; in front by the river Richelieu. It contains 2 square leagues and was granted, Mar. 1, 1695, to Sieur Hertel de la Fresniere; it is now the property of the Hon. P.D. Debartzch. - The land, generally, is not surpassed in fertility by any that surrounds it: the soil most prevalent is a fine strong loam; in some places there is a rich vegetable mould upon a stratum of clay, and in others a mixture of clay and sand: an inconsiderable proportion remains uncultivated. The mode of husbandry is very fair, and is generally rewarded with abundant harvests. The population of the settled parts is somewhat above the numerical ratio in proportion to their extent. - The lower part of the seigniory is watered by the Riviere des Hurons, and the north-east or upper angle is crossed by the little river Miot. - The houses are scattered about the concessions, but there is no village, although there are a few houses round the church, which is dedicated to St. Charles, which, the parsonage-house, stand on the bank of the Richelieu, about midway between the lateral boundaries; and near the same spot is a handsome manor-house, where the proprietor resides. At the western extremity of the front the Richelieu, by a sudden turn, spreads to a breadth of more than half a mile, in which expansion there are two small islands, called les Isles aux Cerfs, which form part of the seignorial property. All the lands are disposed of except 5 concessions, of which two extend 3 arpents by 40 each, two, 3 arpents by 30 each, and the 5th measures from 10 to 12 arpents in depth; each of these concessions has its road excepting the end of the 5th. The rent of the old-conceded lands is 1 sol per superficial arpent, and the rent of the more recent concessions is one quart of wheat per superficial arpent. The obstacles that retard the settlement of non-conceded lands in this S. are stated to be the expensive process necessary to make water-courses, the difficulty of conveying the necessary materials on account of the badness of the roads, and the want of money.

Population 1,621
Churches, R.C. 1
Cures 1
Presbyteries 1
Schools 1
Corn-mills 5
Hat. manufact. 1
Potasheries 1
Pearlasheries 1
Just. of peace 1
Medical men 1
Notaries 1
Shopkeepers 4
Taverns 2
Artisans 16

A Topographical Dictionary of The Province of Lower Canada by Joseph Bouchette, Esq., London, 1832

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Saint-Charles-sur-Richelieu, Québec, Canada

Saint-Charles-sur-Richelieu, Québec, Canada

Saint-Charles-sur-Richelieu, Québec, Canada

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