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Saratoga County, New York, USA
1908 - INSULTED - Governor of New York - Saratoga County Fair Sports Refuse To Start Their Horses

So Long as Hughes Was on the Ground - Action is Condemned on All Sides.

Special Dispatch to the Enquirer.
Balston Spa, N.Y., August 26. - An incident unparalleled in the history of the state occurred at the Saratoga County Fair today, when Governor Hughes was humiliated in the eyes of thousands of people by the horsemen, who refused to start their horses while the Governor was on the grounds.

The incident, it is believed, will make votes for the Governor should he run again this fall, as the action was strongly condemned on all sides, and the fair officials were almost at the point of disqualifying the owners.

The Governor had made his visit to the fair, and at the conclusion of his address took a seat in the grand stand, surrounded by prominent Republicans of the county.

The horsemen at a meeting last night, it is said, decided to retaliate against the Governor for his action in racing matters by not starting the races to-day. Those who had horses entered to-day were G. R. Russell, Lake George; Belcher Squires, Hartford, Conn.; Charles C. Brown, Plainfield, N.J.; R. L. Schutte, Rhinebeck, N. Y.; M. F. Vaughn, Albany; Pappalau Bros., Albany; James Coffey, Schenectady; James H. Curry, Palmer; Woodlawn Stables, Albany; O. R. Painton, Troy, and D. Alexander, Albany.

The horsemen openly charged that the Governor, by favoring legislation antagonistic to their interests, had hurt their business, and they proposed to show him their feelings by refusing to trot a race in his presence.

The fair officials did their very best to get the horsemen to start, but they were obdurate. They were about ready to disqualify the horsemen when the Governor departed from the grounds.

As the Governor left he was cheered and for the horsemen there were jeers and cat-calls. The races proceeded at once, but it was nearly dark before they were complete.

The Cincinnati Enquirer
Cincinnati, Ohio
August 27, 1908

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Saratoga County, New York, USA

Saratoga County, New York, USA

Saratoga County, New York, USA