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Eldridge Reeves JOHNSON
1906 - August 22 – The first Victor Victrola, a phonographic record player, is manufactured.

Splendid Talking Machine.
The Victor Victrola, a splendid new talking machine, is being exhibited by Wharton Brothers. This is the costliest and by far the most nearly perfect ever seen here. It has been on the market for only about one month. It has no horn, as is usually the case, but it has the appearance of a mahogany cabinet.

Daily Industrial News
Greensboro, North Carolina
November 10, 1906

Why- That's CARUSO

Although he has passed forever from our midst his glorious, golden voice is immortalized by "His Master's Voice" - Victor Records

Do we realized the service "His Master's Voice" is rendering to civilization by preserving the interpretations of the world's greatest artists?

When Emile Berliner invented the Gramophone in 1887, music was truly immortalized.

The steady, consistent development of "His Master's Voice" - Victor recordings to their present state of perfection is one of the most romantic stories of our times. Starting as pioneers with the first disc record and recording apparatus, they have brought forth practically every outstanding improvement; every innovation, that has widened the field of the gramophone and carried the music of the world's greatest artists and orchestras to the farthest corners of the earth.

When Eldridge R. Johnson, head of the Victor Talking Machine Company, replaced the etching method of recording with the wax engraving process; introduced the first spring motor gramophone; and finally in 1906 placed the first Victrola or hornless gramophone on the market, he created the instrument by which all others are judged today.

Victor was the first to record the voices of the great artiste; first to record the operatic arias; the great violinists and pianists. And to-day the greatest of these artists record exclusively for Victor.

From the earliest pioneer days of the industry "His Master's Voice" has assumed the leadership in practically every advancement and improvement in recording and reproducing and to-day "His Master's Voice" - Victor Records and Victrolas are acknowledged supreme in every part of the world.

Every secret learned in 35 years' experience has developed a method of recording so perfect that it catches every delicate sound wave of violin and cello; of piano and harp tones and the beautiful overtones of tenor and soprano, as well as the resonant richness of contralto and bass.

The same experience has discovered the best record composition to do full justice to these master recordings.

And you will find that dealers in "His Master's Voice" - Victor products enjoy the best standing in your community, completing the chain of quality from the maker to the buyer. For people who appreciate and buy "His Master's Voice" - Victor products are truly lovers of all that is best in music.

Remember these things when you buy your Victrola.

The Border Cities Star
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
November 18, 1922

1919 Ad for Victor Victrola
Advertisement / Article

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