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Waupaca, Wisconsin, USA (Waupacca)

A large gasoline launch used on Waupaca lakes was destroyed by fire at Indian crossing on the lakes Sunday afternoon. Owing to a leak in the gasoline tank or pipes a fire resulted and although the boat was headed at once for shore several of the dozen or more persons, who were on board at the time, were very painfully burned. As the boat neared shore the occupants jumped out into the water. The most severely injured were removed to the Veterans Home hospital. The boat was burned to the water's edge. The tank is said to have contained upwards of 10 gallons of gasoline, making a fierce flame. The boat was valued at $900, and $100 in cash, the day's receipts, which had been placed in a locker on board, were also destroyed. The fire was witnessed by a large crowd of campers and Sunday picnickers and created quite a sensation.

Mr. Colman, the owner of the boat was quite severely burned in an effort to save his roll of money. The names of the two ladies who were seriously burned were Miss Bessie Peterson of New Hope and Mrs. John Wilds of Amherst.

The Stevens Point Journal
Stevens Point, Wisconsin
August 8, 1908

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Waupaca, Wisconsin, USA (Waupacca)

Waupaca, Wisconsin, USA (Waupacca)

Waupaca, Wisconsin, USA (Waupacca)