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Akron, Ohio, May 12. - Saturday was a bad day for this city. A terrible cyclone moved down upon us, causing great damage. Professor Egbert, of Buchtel College, who was out in the storm, calculated that it was traveling at the rate of four miles a minute, so that its track of about a mile and a half through this city was traversed in little more than twenty seconds. It moved in almost a straight line through a well-settled part of the city, and scarcely a foot of the mile and a half traversed, but is strewn with splintered timbers, broken
furniture, uprooted trees, and leveled barns and outhouses. In a trip over the storm's path nineteen dwellings were counted that were either ripped into kindling wood or so badly wrecked that they can not be occupied. About seventy-persons in all, are out of house and home and are being sheltered by friends.

Eighteen persons were injured but it is thought all will recover. Seventy-five buildings, including residences, barns and outhouses, were damaged by the wind and not one escaped that was in a direct line of the tornado. Uprooted trees are counted by the score. Many that were blown down or cut off are from one to two feet in diameter.
Buildings that resisted the winds are in a dangerous condition and many will have to be torn down. Outhouses in some cases were transplanted from fifty to 100 feet and set down in neighboring yards. Thousands of people visited the scene of destruction Sunday, and a force of special police stood guard over remnants of residences and house furnishings.

Later - All the injured by the tornado on Saturday night are reported to be more comfortable and the physicians express the belief that all will recover. Conservative estimates place the loss on buildings alone at $60,000, and other losses will make the total more than $100,000. A relief movement was started and a fund will be raised to assist the homeless in rebuilding.

Decatur Morning Review
Decatur, Illinois
May 13, 1890

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Akron, Ohio, USA

Akron, Ohio, USA

Akron, Ohio, USA

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