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Long Beach, New York, USA
1923 - Electrical Storm Sweeps Brooklyn - Woman Killed as Building is Wrecked

New York. - An electrical storm which swept over the metropolitan district at Long Beach L. I., killed BERT SAVOY of the stage team of BRENNAN and SAVOY, and JACK GROSSMAN, also of the theatrical profession, who was with him, and caused the death of a woman in Brooklyn and an 18 year-old youth in Yonkers. Uprooting trees, felling telegraph poles and unroofing houses, the storm wreaked havoc throughout Brooklyn and sections of Long Island. Skipping Manhattan and other boroughs of Greater New York, the storm struck Brooklyn and, although it lasted but ten minutes, its toll was large.

New York. - One woman was killed and several persons injured when a violent wind, electrical and hail storm of only ten minutes duration, swept over the Bushwick and East New York section of Brooklyn. The woman, MISS BERTHA VAIL, was killed when the wind toppled a thirty-foot brick wall, inclosing[sic] the East New York repair shops of the B. M. T., demolishing and automobile in which she was seated with MRS. ROSE HERRING, and MRS. HERRING'S divorced husband, DAVID ROSENFELD, both of whom were injured.

Plateau Voice
July 6, 1923

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Long Beach, New York, USA

Long Beach, New York, USA

Long Beach, New York, USA