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Belfast, Me., Aug. 25.
MISS REDEMPORT, aged eighty, perished in the Frothingham House destroyed in the conflagration

yesterday. The Bangor boat this morning brought a large supply of provisions sent by the citizens of that place for sufferers by the fire. The total loss and the insurance is not yet ascertained.
Among the heaviest losers by the fire are the following:
N. Harden, storehouses, losses $25,000, insurance $15,000.
R. Sibley, buildings, molasses and sugar, loss $50,000, insurance $1,600.
J. W. Frederick, loss $10,000, insured.
W. R. Shone & Co., loss $20,000, insured for $14,000.
Matthews & Co., loss $45,000, insurance $7,200.
Belfast Foundry, loss $35,000, not insured.
M. R. Cooper, lumber yard, loss $8,000, insured for $3,300.
Carter & Co., ship yard, loss $15,000, insured for $10,000.
Dwyer & Son, loss $15,000, uninsured.

The losses thus far ascertained are about $400,000, on which there is an insurance of $125,000, divided among eastern and foreign companies. Large quantities of coal, lumber, corn, sugar and molasses were destroyed. The origin of the fire is unknown. It commenced in a building where there had been no fire known to exist for several days. In answer to inquiries whether aid is needed, the Mayor has telegraphed as follows:

"Belfast will accept with gratitude whatever pecuniary aid may be offered. She needs it. For the second time in eight years a terrible conflagration has smitten her. She asked no assistance then, now she is compelled to do so. The amount of insurance is only $125,000, and but a small part of this will go to the poor and destitute sufferers.
[signed] Wm. O. Marshall, Mayor.

A citizens Relief Committee has been organized to distribute such supplies as may be furnished. Generous offers of assistance from the Mayors of Portland and Bangor reached the Mayor this noon.

The streets are nearly cleared of goods and furniture, and comparative quiet now prevails.

Sandusky Daily Register
Sandusky, Ohio
August 26, 1873

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Belfast, Maine, USA

Belfast, Maine, USA

Belfast, Maine, USA

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