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Meriwether LEWIS
1805 - Lewis and Clark reach Pacific (November 15)

Nov. 7, 1805 - Camped opposite Pillar Rock, between Brookfield and Dahlia, Washington, west of Jim Crow Point. "Great joy in camp we are in view of the Ocian this great Pacific Ocean which we been so long anxious to See. and the roreing or noise made by the waves braking on the rockey shores (as I Suppose) may be heard distinctly." Although they were really only seeing the Columbia Estuary, the men of the Corps were certainly happy to be near their goal.

Nov. 15, 1805 - Lewis reached the Pacific Ocean near modern Seaview, Washington. Clark noted that it rained until 3 p.m.; there were 11 straight days of rain; he moved camp once more to Haley's Bay, where they stayed until November 24. jeff/ historyculture/ lewis-and-clark-timeline-1805.htm

November 15, 1805

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