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1903 - The first engine-powered airplane is invented (Wilbur & Orville Wright, United States)

Two Americans Solve Great Problem of Aerial Navigation With a Flying Machine Which They Invent and Build.
NORFOLK, Va. - The problem of aerial flight without the use of a balloon has been solved by Wilbur and Orville Wright of Dayton, O.

At Kitty Hawk, on the coast of North Carolina, they successfully navigated a flying machine of their own invention for three miles in the teeth of a twenty-one-mile gale and, picking their point of descent, easily landed their machine there. During the trial, Wilbur Wright occupied the operator's seat and steered the apparatus.

For three years the Wrights have experimented at Kitty Hawk with their invention. They chose that point because of its isolation and the absence of publicity.

Evening Sentinel
Santa Cruz, California
December 19, 1903

Wright Flyer, 1903

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