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Gottlieb Wilhelm DAIMLER (DÄUMLER)
1889 - The automobile is invented (Gottlieb Daimler, Germany)

The Various Vehicles That Can Be Seen Moved by It at Stuttgart - Daimler's Gas or Petroleum Motor - Combustible Air the Chief Ingredient - Its Portability - The Thorough Test That Has Been Made.

While in our age of steam and electricity nature's mysterious forces are made more and more subservient to the use of the general public; while railways have shortened distances wonderfully, as compared with the older methods of travel and transportation; it has still been the apparently unattainable desire of many to have the effect of these natural forces placed at the disposal of the individual in a manner than anyone might be independent of railroad or steamship transportation "en mass," using his own vehicle after his own liking, whether it be boat, carriage, wagon, bicycle or tricycle. The apparent impossibility of making so small a motor of sufficiently lasting power of effect, combined with minimum weight and cheap, safe manner of management, seemed to stand in the way of this general demand; for wherever the construction of machines of this kind had been attempted their practibility invariably split upon the rock of such imperfections as were common with diminutive motors.

A stranger will certainly be surprised to find automatically moving vehicles of the greatest variety as he traverses the beautiful capital of Wurtemberg (Stuttgart) and its neighboring watering-place, Cannstatt. The realization of a motive power for small and large automatic vehicles is the successful result of long-continued, quiet, patient study. The inventor of this new motor, Engineer Daimler of Cannstatt, has employed what Schmitt-Weissenfells calls and "aerial spirit, " which in the most effective manner fulfills the dreams and desires of a driving and riding public, saving in many cases the expensive care of horses, making the automatic motion of small, even the smallest, vehicles a matter of thorough possibility. Our sketches show some of these automatic vehicles...

This fully demonstrates the portability of the motor and its perfect application to all kinds of purposes.

This practical invention will no doubt have a very significant future, all the more as it has been quietly tested for at least three years, furnishing brilliant testimony for its eminently useful merits.


St Louis Post-Dispatch
St Louis, Missouri
September 1, 1889

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