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1942 - November 28 - Cocoanut Grove fire: A fire in the Cocoanut Grove night club in Boston, Massachusetts, kills 491.


Boston, Nov. 30 (AP) - A tiny match flame in the hands of a 16-year-old busboy touched off a lightning-like fire that snuffed out the lives of 477 Cocoanut Grove night club merrymakers and injured more than 200 - many seriously - in one of the nation's worst holocausts.

Deputy Police Supt. JAMES R. CLAFLIN quoted the youth, STANLEY F. TOMASZEWSKI, as saying that he accidentally ignited a paper palm tree that caused the terrific blaze which threw about 1000 persons into a fighting, clawing panic in efforts to reach safety.

The boy related, CLAFLIN said, that he was trying to replace an electric light bulb which had been unscrewed by a prankster in the recently opened Melody room of the club when the match flame brushed the flimsy palm and set off the devastating blaze.

The flames swept through the highly inflammable decorations as the orchestra leader raised his baton to signal for the National Anthem as a prelude to the Saturday night floor show. Within seconds the crowded night club was a bedlam as screaming women and horror stricken men dashed for exits, tumbling over each other on the jam-packed stairways.

District Fire Chief WILLIAM J. MAHONEY said that tangled and frightfully burned bodies were found four and five deep and that tables and chairs were scattered and tipped in a shambles among the dead.

As speedily as possible, physicians and specialists in the treatment of burns, mustered by the Boston committee on public safety, were mercifully ministering to the injured, using blood plasma rushed from the Red Cross in Washington and pain and poison-allaying sulfa drugs.

Meanwhile, long lines of relatives and friends stood two abreast outside the city's morgues throughout the cold night waiting for a chance to identify bodies, many of them charred beyond recognition.

A board of inquiry, including fire officials, U. S. navy representatives - there were servicemen among the dead - and two representatives of the federal bureau of investigation, which began its probe yesterday, reconvened today.

The death toll ranked only behind the steamship General Slocum fire of 1904 in New York's East river in which 1024 died, Chicago Iroquois theatre fire of 1903, which claimed 602 lives and the San Francisco earthquake and fire of 1906 in which 500 died.

Deputy Fire Chief JOHN F. McDONOUGH told investigating officials that he found a number of bodies some within 10 feet of a door equipped with a panic lock designed to open under pressure, but was out of order and had been secured by another lock.

The death of many of the victims was ascribed by Medical Examiner TIMOTHY LEARY to monoxide poisoning and smoke inhalation. He said that a number were "terribly burned" after death.

The stampede for the exits began, fire officials said, when a girl, detecting a thin wisp of smoke curling along the walls, shouted "fire", and within seconds the crowd broke for the doorways.

The wrecked stucco building resembled a huge brick oven after the flames had been extinguished, with hardly a scorched spot on the outside walls and roof, but with the interior a mass of debris.

Many of the widely known persons who either perished or were injured included EDWARD ANGIN, Brookline, president of the Interstate Theatre corporation and treasurer of a Boston Textile firm, dead; ROBERT BEVERLY CHARLES, 28, Winchester, son of MR. and MRS. W. R. CHARLES of Oak Park, Ill., and eastern manager of a Chicago candy company, dead; JOSEPH A. BORATYN, star fullback of the Holy Cross football team a year ago, dead; NORIINE HELEN WELCH, daughter of VINCENT S. WELCH of Port Washington, N. Y., vice president of the Equitable Life Insurance society, dead; MARY ELLEN McCORMACK, niece of U. S. Rep. JOHN W. McCORMACK, dead; GRACE McDERMOTT, 200 West 54th street, New York, entertainer at the club - known under the stage name of "VAUGHN", dead; KATHERINE WOODS, 22, daughter of CARL WOODS, Boston manufacturer, president of the Crosby Steam Gauge company, dead; DR. GORDON BENNETT, captain of 1937 Dartmouth eleven, dead.

Police Commissioner JOSEPH F. TIMILTY indicated, in an interview, that the youth who innocently started the fire should have been barred by law from working in the club.

"Isn't it against the law for a boy that age to work in a place where liquor is sold," newsmen asked the commissioner.

"Well," he said, "you know the rules. He isn't supposed to."

"There is no doubt that the boy started the fire." TIMILTY added, "and there is no doubt that it was accidental."

CLAFLIN quoted the boy as saying:
"A patron came into the place and unscrewed a bulb in the ceiling. This made the room too dark. One of the waiters came to me and asked me to screw the bulb back in."

"I stood on a chair to do it. I lighted a match and helf it while I screwed the bulb in with the other hand. The match set fire to the palm tree. That is how the fire started."

A number of those who escaped leaped from the roof of the low building to the tops of automobiles and thence to the street. The clothes of some were in flames.

A night club singer, BILLY PAYNE, saved 10 patrons by leading them into a huge basement ice box.

"I was getting ready to start the show," PAYNE said, "when I suddenly heard screams. I thought there was a fight. Then I saw a flame racing along the wall ... Everyone started running. If only others had followed me they would be alive."

A revolving door trapped a number of persons when it became jammed by a pileup of bodies, and one body was even found in a telephone booth on the ground floor.

Virtually every medical examiner in the state was called to the scene and even express trucks were pressed into service to assist ambulances, beach wagons and private cars in transporting the injured to hospitals.

Spectators said that smoke and flames seemed to mushroom through the main room and the Melody lounge in one big puff.

The Boston committee on public safety, which organized under real disaster conditions for the first time, and mortuary officials said that most of the unidentified were women whose flimsy clothing was either burned from their bodies or contained no identification papers.

Catholic priests were on the scene shortly after the fire got under way, administering the last rites of the church to victims. One priest said he administered to at least 30 persons.

WILLIAM LADD of Boston one of the survivors, said that there was "instant panic" when the fire was discovered.

"Men and women began to scream together. It seemed everybody wanted to get out first. Men and women in their panic began tearing clothes from the bodies of each other."

"They all got to the small door on Piedmont street at about the same time and one of the women went down. Then the other men and women fell on top of her and the bodies just seemed to keep piling up."

"While these people were trapped and tangled with one another the flames reached the front door. It was impossible then for anyone to get out."

Boston, Nov. 30 (UP) - Following is a list of the identified dead in the Cocoanut Grove disaster:
ALARIO, JOSEPH G., 54 Norton street, Dorchester.
ASHER, HARRY, Gardner Hotel, Boston.
ABERNATHY, JOHN H., lieutenant, junior grade, U. S. C. G.
ASHLAND, CHARLES, lieutenant, no address.
ASHE, LOUIS J., 143 Summer street, Quincy.
ANSIN, BEATRICE, 27 Channing road, Brookline.
AMBROSE, MARION, 42 Fine street, Winchester.
ANDERSON, SHIRLEY E., 10 Belknap street, Arlington.
ARNOLD, JR., HERBERT COLLINS, 1175 East Broadway, Hewlett, N. Y.
ALAMU, JOSEPH, 34 Norton street, Dorchester.
ABERNATHY, CATHERINE M., 410 Memorial drive, Cambridge.
ANTICO, MISS SOPHIA, 1 Benedict street, Somerville.
ARMSTRONG, FRANK, 60 Forest avenue, Framingham.
BORATYN, JOSEPH A., 47 Edgemere avenue, Whitinsville.
BERNSTEIN, JOSEPH M., 58 Kenwood street, Portland, Me.
BELZANINI, FRANK J., 50 Connecticut avenue, East Natick.
BAUER, KAROL RAYMOND, 298 Beacon street, Boston.
BIZZOZORO, ERNEST, 17 Squantum road, Quincy.
BELLOWS, HIRAM, 96 Morris street, Southbridge.
BAER, ARNOLD N., 10 Florence street, Dover, N. H.
BRENNAN, MARGARET, 45 Temple street, Boston.
BRODERICK, ARTHUR, 57 Neile street, Marlboro.
BROOKS, VIRGINIA, 817 Shawmut avenue, Boston.
BERNSTEIN, AMELIA, no address.
BIGGER, ROBERT, A., no address.
BRADY, ALICE R., 274 East street, East Walpole.
BREWSTER, JOSEPH M., 79 Falmouth street, Portland, Me.
BAGLEY, JOHN E., 4 Brooks street, Whitinsville.
BANER, KAROL R., 298 Beacon street, Boston.
BENNETT, DR. GORDON, no address.
CARRONE, JR., PAUL, 4 Chisholm road, Brighton.
CLANCY, 18 Narragansett road, Quincy.
COBB, JOHN C., 614 South Quincy street, Green Bay, Wisc.
CAPARELLA, FELIX J., 44 High street, Waltham.
CONNELLY, ARTHUR R., 11 Normandy road, Newton.
CHARLES, ROBERT B., 121 Elmwood avenue, Oak Park, Ill.
CUSHING, JOHN S., Landing road, Hampton, Va.
COHEN, EARL, 141 Homestead street, Roxbury.
COURTENAY, PATRICK, J., 21 Stearns street, Cambridge.
CARADONNA, VITO, 21 Merrymount street, Quincy.
CROWLEY, JOSEPH D., 65 Rockland street, West Roxbury.
CASAVANT, STEPHEN O., 28 Dresser street, Southbridge.
CARROLL, JOSEPH A., 69 Academy avenue, East Weymouth.
CATE, HENRY, ensign, no address.
CLARK, CLYDE C., 171 Cort street, Keene, N. H.
CLARK, MRS. CLYDE C., 171 Cort street, Keene, N. H.
COLLINS, ERNEST A., 1175 North Broadway, Newlett, N. Y.
CORNICK, HARRY J., 86 Bowdoin street, Dorchester.
COLEMAN, ROBERT J., 184 Greeley street, Clinton.
COLEMAN, MRS. ROBERT J., 184 Greeley street, Clinton.
COHEN, SLAURA, 82 Fowler street, Dorchester.
COUGHLIN, WILLIAM, 69 Bryant street, Quincy.
CONLEY, MARGARET, 722 Commonwealth avenue, Boston.
CAPONI, JR., CHARLES, 44 Wellsmere road, Roslindale.
CARBONI, RUTH M., 4 Cheswick street, Brighton.
CARMOHN, RUTH, Stearns road, Brookline.
CAFARELLO, MRS. HELEN L., 44 High street, Waltham.
COLLINS, JOHN J., 134 Walnut street, Chelsea.
CONNELL, FRANCIS, 158 Orange street, Roslindale.
CURTIN, NORMINE, 42 Play street, Cambridge.
CHALIBRAS, ANNA, 232 Vernon street, Worcester.
CAMPBELL, JAMES, no address.
COHEN, EVELYN, 141 Homestead street, Roxbury.
CAFARELLA, FELIX, 44 High street, Waltham.
CAMERON, EDNA M., 17 Washington street, Maiden.
CHIAMPA, JENNIE, 220 Hanover street, Boston.
COLBURN, GEORGE P., 39 Atherton street, Roxbury.
COLEMAN, MAXINE, Hotel Bradford, Hollywood, Cal.
CURTIN, ELAINE W. D., Eastham.
DUCEY, JOHN T., 22, 17 Abbot street Medford.
DOWNER, GERALD, 17, Columbus street, Beverly.
DONOVAN, JOHN A., 25 Chesboro street, West Roxbury.
DINEEN, JOSEPH, 5 Watson place, Winchester.
DOYLE, JOHN F., 522 Green street, Cambridge.
DE MATTEO, JOHN A., 185 Cornell street, Roslindale.
DEVINE, THOMAS A., 29 Homer road, Quincy.
DUHAMEL, CHARLES, 19 High street, Millis.
DILLON, JOHN, no address.
DOENDOLET, Lt. ARTHUR, U. S. N., 81 Highland avenue, Cambridge.
DATIE, EARL, Myrtle street, Ashland.
DOREHMAL, CHARLES M., no address.
DERBYSHIRE, ROBERT, 20 Fanneull street, Waltham.
DER STANDIG, DONALD, 220 Chelsea street, East Boston.
DEIGNAN, ALICE G., no address.
DUGGAN, MARY, no address.
DEFILIEPPO, MARIA, 36 Cottage street, East Boston.
DALEY, HELEN J., 26 Clinton street, Roxbury.
DORSEY, JOHN T., 15 Pilgrim road, North Weymouth.
DUCEY, ALICE, 15 Pilgrim road, North Weymouth.
ECHERLE, LAWRENCE, 422 West 58th street, Kansas City.
ESTES, JEROME, U. S. C. G., address unknown.
ELLIOTT, JR., JESSE D., address unknown.
ELLIOTT, MARION M., 46 Dickman road, Fort Sam Houston, Tex.
EDWARDS, JOHN W., naval student, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
FITCH, H. R., 63 Institute road, Worcester.
FORD, JAMES H., Allston.
FOGEL, EDWARD J., Cambridge.
FARIOHOFF, SALVO, Dorchester, an army air cadet.
FITZGERALD, WILFRED H., Lake street, Wilmington.
FITZGERALD, JAMES A., Lake street, Wilmington.
FITZGERALD, JOHN, Lake street, Wilmington.
FITZGERALD, HENRY, Lake street, Wilmington.
FORTUNATI, JOSEPH, Hanson street, Somerville.
FORSI, WARREN E., Bluff street, Worcester.
FITZGERALD, MICHAEL J., 103 Grey street, Arlington.
FEENEY, TIMOTHY A., Oakland street, Medford.
FEINGOLD, HAROLD, 97 Miner street, Providence, R. I.
FALCONE, SAMUEL, 1 Verdi road, Worcester.
FORD, ALBERT R., 40 Cutler street, Winthrop.
FALCONE, SAMUEL, 112 East Central street, Worcester.
FANCI, JR., CHARLES M., 161 Cliff road, Wellesley.
FERRAOLI, SALVATORE, 159 Adams stret, Dorchester.
FORD, HAROLD J., Easton street, Allston.
FITZGERALD, MARGUERITE, 69 Bryant avenue, Quincy.
FRUTMAN, MRS. JEANNE, 59 Auburn street, Brookline.
FOX, MILDRED L., 6 Washington avenue, Cambridge.
FITZGERALD, MICHAEL J., 141 Shore drive, Quincy.
FLOOD, (FLOYD), ELIZABETH, 36 Webster street, Quincy.
FORD, JOSEPH A., 21 Williams street, Southbridge.
FORD, LAURENCE T., 55 Plymouth street, Quincy.
FINE, EDNA, 50 St. Paul street, Brookline.
FINNEGAN, PAULINE, Clearview avenue, Stoneham.
FISHER, THEODORE, 1666 Commonwealth avenue, Brighton.
FEENEY, MRS. MARGARET, Oakland avenue, Medford.
GOSS (or GOFF), EUGENE, Blairstown, Iowa.
GORDON, ISAAC, Dorchester.
GROAN, E. J., Brookline.
GUY, HOWARD ALBERT, 174 West 81st street, New York city.
GILLIGAN, BERNARD J., County street, Attleboro.
GOODWIN, JAMES, address unknown.
GORDON, MINNIE, 36 Charlotte street, Dorchester.
GILBRIDE, CAROLINE, Grant road, Swampscott.
GROSS, E. J., 1 Addington road, Brookline.
GOULD, LESTER, 8 Soredo street, Roxbury.
GILLIS, VICTOR, 20 Main street, Auburn.
GOTTFRIED, MILDRED, 26 Wilcock street, Dorchester.
GRIFFIN, HELEN CO., 330 Primrose street, Haverhill.
GRADY, MARY G., 44 Lisbon street, Providence, R. I.
GOLDSTEIN, BEATRICE, 480 Norfolk street, Dorchester.
GARIBO, LILLIAN, 9 Dorset street, Dorchester.
GATTURNA, MRS. GRACE, 11 Zeller street, Roslindale.
GIBBON, JOSEPHINE F., 108 Chestnut avenue, Jamaica Plain.
HILDRETH, JAMES, 93 Plantation street, Worcester.
HILLMAN, DAVID, 125 Central Park West, New York city.
HIRTLE, CHARLES S., Belmont street, Belmont.
HAINES, HUBERT W., 89 Prescott street, Cambridge.
HEARNE, ALONZO, ensign, Medford.
HEALEY, MRS. EVA, 17 St. Luke's road, Allston.
HOPE, JOHN A., 1412 Beacon street, Waban.
HEALY, WILLIAM E., 15 St. Luke's road, Allston.
HYMAN, PAULINE, 75 Walnut street, Revere.
HOPE, CATHERINE, 1412 Beacon street, Wahan.
HAMILTON, CLAIRE, 430 Marlborough street, Boston.
HEY, St. JOHN A., Foley, Fla.
GERMAN, GEORGE, 14 Hatherly road, Brighton.
HEALY, HELEN, 10 Verdun street, Dorchester.
HOLLAND, KATHERINE M., 11 Topliff street, Dorchester.
IRELAND, Lt. CHARLES, U. S. N., address unknown.
JOHNSON, HOWARD, R., R. P. N., Somerville.
JONES, STEPHEN H., 743 Galston Drive, Baltimore, Md.
JOHNSON, ERIE A., Rollins road, Worcester.
JENKINIS, JAMES, son of Col. Walter Jenkins, Fort Bragg, N. C.
JUDKEIKIS, MRS. FRANCIS, 407 East 7th street, South Boston.
KING, WALTER M., Cambridge.
KELLEY, Sergt. JAMES, 25, U. S. M. C., 247 Bunker Hill street, Charlestown.
KLEIN, RUSSELL A., Bowdoin avenue, Dorchester.
KASNOW, GEORGE S., 1110 River street, Hyde Park.
KATZMAAN, MARTIN, U. S. N., address unknown.
KELLEY, MARY, 21 Myrtle street, Lowell.
KIRWIN, ELIZABETH, 54 Fairmont street, Maiden.
KEINEY, LAWRENCE F., 15 Colonial avenue, Dorchester.
KAHN, LOUIS J., no address.
KLUBE, ALLAN F., Richmond Hills, L. I.
KING, JOHN H., Cambridge.
KENNEY, MRS. MARIE T., 15 Colonial avenue, Dorchester.
KAPLINSKY, ANNE, 35 Martin street, Holyoke.
KARNOW, GEORGE, 203 Shurtleff street, Chelsea.
KESHEN, BARBARA, 18 Boulevard terrace, Brighton.
KNOX, RUTH, 413 East Eighth street, South Boston.
KWARTON, ESTELLE, 151 Kilsyth, terrace, Brighton.
LOW, GEORGE T., 22 Lynn street, Brockton.
LOLO, BORIS H., 14 Tinter street, Worcester.
LOWMAN, EDWARD, 81 Davis avenue, Brookline.
LINEHAN, EDWARD J., address unknown.
KUNDGREN, SIRKKA, 51 Riverdale street, Allston.
LEVY, MRS. JEAN, 100 Seaver street, Roxbury.
LEVINE, CLAIRE J., 88 Hazelton street, (no city).
LABELLA, SHIRLEY, 107 Parker avenue, Newton Highlands.
MacCARTHY, EILEEN, N., 25 Tarney Lane, Brockton.
McCARTHY, TIMOTHY, 36 Washington street, Boston.
MILLER, RAY W., 52 Macy street, Southbridge.
MacFARLAND, MARGARET, Mansfield street, Allston.
MARKS, MEYER, 36 Park street, Brookline.
MARTEL, RAYMOND B., 499 Hamilton street, Southbridge.
McLEAN (or McLAIN), WILLIAM R., 359 Court street, Plymouth.
McCANN, JOHN, 169 Walnut street, Leominster.
MURRAY, JOHN JOSEPH, 30, Woodford street, Dorchester.
McLAUGHLIN, ARTHUR G., 30 Fordham street, West Newton.
MURPHY, ROBERT S., no address.
MELVIN, FRED, 33 Magazine street, Cambridge.
MEADE, ARTHUR D., 219 Rich street, Glens Falls, N. Y.
MULLIN, H., U. S. N., no address.
MOBATA, ANTHONY, no address.
MARCHI, PAUL, 125 Webster street, Arlington.
MAHONEY, MARGARET, no address.
MURPHY, JOHN E., 38 Main street, Framingham.
MOOSA, JOHN, 339 Main street, Worcester.
MESEIVE, WILBUR S., 4 Culting street, Winchester.
McDERMOTT, (Stage name GRACE VAUGHN), 200 West 54th street, New York city.
MARCANA, MARLO, 118 Richmond street, Boston.
McDONOUGH, MARTHA, U. S. Naval Training Station, Rhode Island.
MURPHY, CATHERINE, no address.
MURPHY, CATHERINE, Willett street, Quincy.
McMILLAN, MRS. DONALD, 40 Rutbain street, Quincy.
MULERK, MARY A., South avenue, Attleboro.
MORRIS, LOUISE, 51 Jackson street, Cambridge.
MORRISON, ROBERT, 63 Jackson street, Providence, R. I.
MURRAY, MRS. ALICE, 30 Woodford street, Dorchester.
MOROTTA, ALICE, 79 Tremont street, Lynn.
MYERS, LOUIS J., 25 Plant court, Jamaica Plain.
McDEVITT, VERNA G., 39 Pleasant street, Hudson.
MacDONALD, NORMA, 39 Worley street, West Roxbury.
MASON, MARIE, 39 Chestnut street, Boston.
McCANN, JOHN R., 169 Walnut street, Leominster.
McCANN, KATHERINE, 115 Fairway drive, West Newton.
McCARTHY, ELEANOR, 18 Hodgdon terrace, West Roxbury.
McCULLOUGH, NATALIE, 151 Main street, Saugus.
McGREEVY, RUTH, 200 Bellevue street, West Roxbury.
NASH, HELEN, no address.
NASH, JOHN L., 47 Cushing street, Quincy.
NOYES, Lieut. JOHN, no address, Chicago.
NELSON, CARL E., 32 Coolidge avenue, Braintree.
NOYES, ROBERT R., 455 Spring street, West Bridgewater.
NOYES, MRS. JOHN, Lake Forest, Ill.
NORTON, ROBERT, no address.
O'NEIL, THOMAS H., 460 Chancery street, New Bedford.
O'BRIEN, FRANCIS A., 25 Stockton street, Dorchester.
OBER, DOUGLAS, 40 Woodbine terrace, Auburndale.
O'SULLIVAN, MARY, Berkshire avenue, Holyoke.
O'NEILL, KATHLEEN, 87 Mason terrace, Brookline.
O'BRIEN, HELEN, 12 Fletcher terrace, Watertown.
O'NEIL, ANNA, 28 Decatur court, Boston.
O'DEA, HANNAH, G., 1395 Washington street, Norwood.
O'DEA, WINIFRED, 1395 Washington street, Norwood.
O'NEIL, MRS. CLAUDIA, 101 Montgomery street, Cambridge.
O'NEIL, ISABELLE E., Highland avenue, Fall River.
PRESSE, RICHARD, Dorchester.
PREZIOSO, VINCENT H., 35, Somerville.
PRENDERGAST, RODERIC, 265 Mason terrace, Brookline.
PLENTY, SHADRACK E., 200 Norfolk street, Cambridge.
PENARDI, DOMINIC, no address.
PARE, NORMAN J., 88 George street, Medford.
PIKOS, JOHN P., no address.
PREBLE, RUTH IRENE, 35 Warren street, Medford.
PIERCE, RICHARD F., 107 Ocean street, Dorchester.
PLACE, FULO M., 244 Nevada street, Newtonville.
PROLE, HAZEL M., 19 Worth street, Worcester.
POWELL, JOHN, Cambridge.
PLAGER, RICHARD, Walnut street, Chelsea.
PLAYDON, MARILEN, 32 Elm street, Rockville, Conn.
POWERS, DOROTHY, 415 West Fourth street, South Boston.
QUINLAN, JOHN L., U. S. A., no address.
RAYNER, OSBORN S., U. S. army engineers.
ROSS, EDWARD J., Roxbury.
ROLAND, W. J., U. S. C. G., Gladstone, Mich.
RIVOIRE, HENRY, Bethlehem Steel Co., Quincy.
RAPP, WALTER R., no address.
ROSENBAMB, ALBERT D., 49 Cutler street, Winthrop.
RILEY, CARLTON B., 15 Prescott street, Boston.
ROBINSON, BROADDUS, 76 Mt. Auburn Street, Cambridge.
ROGERS, MILDRED A., 50 Varnum street, Lowell.
ROUMELIOTIS, CHRISTINE, 479 Essex street, Lynn.
RUSSELL, ROBERTA, 32 Clark street, Everett.
ROSENBAUM, DORIS, 63 Shirley avenue, Revere.
RIBKIN, PAULINE, 62 Clements road, Newton.
ROBERTO, MARY, 4 Emerald street, Wakefield.
RUBIN, MYRNA, 35 Chester avenue, Chelsea.
RYAN, LAURA W., 75 Cleveland street, Arlington.
RESNICK, ALICE, 19 Browning avenue, Dorchester.
SILBERBERG, ARTHUR, 180 East 79th street, New York city.
STROGOFF, HYMAN, 40 Hafferly road, Brighton.
SULLIVAN, Pvt. ALBERT C., 219 Pleasant street, Montgomery, Ala.
SCHORLING, CONRAD, 24 Fairmount street, Springfield.
SMATCH, LAWRENCE, Summer street, Quincy.
STEENSON, JOHN, 562 Center street, Jamaica Plain.
SHARBY, SR., FRED P., Keene, N. H.
SHARBY, JR., FRED P., Keene, N. H.
SULLIVAN, RAYMOND F., 681 Main street, Ausonia, Conn.
SWAN, JOSEPH F., West Rosbury street, Roxbury.
STONE, LAWRENCE, 9 Crawford street, Roxbury.
STUART, BARTLETT, 15 E. street, Melrose.
SUPOWITZ, BERNARD, 64 Garland street, Chelsea.
SINGER, D. L., U. S. N. No address.
SULLIVAN, Sergt. JOHN H., Key Field, Meriden, Miss.
SEIDMAN, JOSEPH, 24 Leonard avenue, Cambridge.
SPIES, ROYAL LEE, 4452 North avenue, San Diego, Calif.
SULLIVAN, JOSEPH, 4 Bevins place, Charlestown.
SELETSKY, PHILIP, 37 Ferncroft road, Waban.
SHACKMAN, JR., No address.
SMALLWOOD, HOWARD, 52 Main street, Plymouth.
SWAN, SCOVEL, ensign, No address.
SALMON, J. J., U. S. N. No address.
SCHWARTZ, JACOB, 54 Shirley avenue, Revere.
SLATTERY, JAMES W., Richards avenue, Cambridge.
STEWART, MRS. MARGARET, 587 Winthrop street, West Medford.
SALMON, CATHERINE, 218 Oak street, Clinton.
SHERIDAN, MRS. MARTIN, 1132 Commonwealth avenue, Allston.
STEENSON, MARION B., 562 Center street, Jamaica Plain.
SULLIVAN, MARY D., No address.
SHACKMAN, MOLLIE, 31 Nelson road, Peabody.
SHANKER, MONTY W., 19 Browning avenue, Dorchester.
SHEEHAN, CHARLES, 299 Elliot street, Milton.
STEARN, CHARLES M., 1766 Commonwealth avenue, Brighton.
SULLIVAN, MARGARET V., 15 Forest avenue, Ansonia, Conn.
SULLIVAN, NOREEN C., 55 Walk Hill street, Jamaica Plain.
SUMMER, ROSE, 41 Bellivista road, Brighton.
SUMMER, SALLY, 41 Bellivista road, Brighton.
SUSSMAN, BERNICE F., 5609 Springfield avenue, Philadelphia.
THORNE, CARL H., 49 Edgemere road, Quincy.
TAYLOR, LAURENCE ISREAL, 38 Intervale street, Dorchester.
TRAYNOR, WILLIAM, no address.
TABE, NORMAN J., 88 George street, Medford.
TAPIE, EARL, F., R. F. D., Myrtle street, Ashland.
TATRE, AURICE, Myrtle street, Ashland.
TAFT, CAROLYN, 895 Central avenue, Pawtucket, R. I.
VER STANDIG, DONALD V., 320 Chelsea street, East Boston.
VEGDOR, JACK, 137 Englewood avenue, Brighton.
VIATOR, Stanley, U. S. N., no address.
VUCASSOVICH, EDITH, Herrick street, Beverly.
WINSTON, Gilbert, Sumner avenue, Springfield.
WESSLING, JOHN A., 14 Sunnybrook road, West Roxbury.
WYNAR, SICA, Somerville.
WASSERMAN, THEODORE, 341 Deering avenue, Portland, Me.
WIDDOP, JR., ROBERT, 229 Farrington street, Quincy.
WINSLOW, GILBERT, W., 83 Sumner avenue, Springfield.
WATSON, CHARLES H., U. S. navy, no address.
WELCH, NORINE HELEN, 28 Lehanon, Winchester, Mass., Radcliffe student and daughter of the president of the Equitable Life Insurance Co., Port Washington, N. Y.
WHITMARSH, WILLIAM, 23 Raven street, Dorchester.
WINSLOW, KAY, 445 Adams street, Dorchester.
WARREN, WILLIAM H., 74 Fenway, Boston.
WRIGHT, SUSANE, 800 Beacon street, Boston.
WEFFLING, CHRISTINE, 1414 Sunnybank road, West Roxbury.
WILDING, IRMA, 251 Washington street, Quincy.
ZIETSOFF, NORMAN, 769 St. Mark's avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y.
ZALL, MRS. GENET, 105 Court street, Plymouth.

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