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Freight Train Ran Into Open Switch on Boston and Maine Railroad.

WAYLAND, Mass., April 10. - A freight train over the Massachusetts Central Division of the Boston and Maine Railroad, which ran into an open switch here early to-day, jumped the track, and, striking a small freight house, pushed it from its position and two men were killed, one was injured, and eight cars were demolished.

The wreckage blocked both the outward and the inward tracks, and traffic had to be transferred around the blockade nearly all day. An investigation will be held to place the responsibility for the open switch.

The dead are:
Engineer Fred JUDKINS of Somerville, and
Brakeman William SOUTHERLAND, Somerville.

Fireman Charles McNEAR of Boston was badly injured. He was taken to a Boston hospital.

The train was a regular east-bound freight from Oakdale to Boston.
The switch from the main track to the siding and at the freight house was open, but the trainmen did not know it until the engine swerved and struck two freight cars standing on the side track. The collision which wrecked these cars, threw the train against the freight house platform. This was demolished, the building pushed from its posts, and the engine and six cars piled up in a heap which completely blocked both lines of track.

The crash of the wreck aroused the persons living near, and many quickly rushed to the assistance of the train hands. It was found that the engineer, Judkins, and Hand Brakeman Southerland had been killed outright. The loss is figured at about $20,000.

The New York Times
New York, New York
April 11, 1902

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Wayland, Massachusetts, USA

Wayland, Massachusetts, USA

Wayland, Massachusetts, USA

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