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The Engineer Responsible For the N. Y. N. H. and H. Road Accident - A Broken Axle Causes the Wreck on the Pennsylvania Road.

Hyde Park, Mass., Oct. 25 - A rear end collision occurred here on the New York, New Haven and Hartford railroad, in which one man - G. M. AUSTIN, a brakeman -- was killed, a woman fatally injured, and 12 other passengers, including Congressman ELIJAH A MORSE, were more of less seriously hurt. The list of injured is as follows:

MRS. WILLIAM ROSS of Cambridge, fatally injured internally.

Congressman ELIJAH A. MORSE of Canton, both hands and arms badly cut.

A. W. BRAGG, 58 Clifford street, Roxbury, injured about the head and face.

MISS ELLA DONOVAN, 178 Harrison avenue, Boston, injured about the chest and nose.

J. F. MAGUIRE of Roxbury, injured about the head and face.

MRS. J. F. MAGUIRE, injured about the head and face.

MRS. MARY BARNES of Malden, injured internally.

MRS. J. BURNS of Hyde Park, injured about the head and face.

MRS. GANNON of Cambridge, internal injuries.

THOMAS J. BURKE of Norfolk Station, injured about the head and face.

WILLIAM ESLER of Charlestown, injured about the head and face.

WILLIAM B. HOYT of Roxbury, internal injuries.

ROSCOE RINES of Roxbury, internally injured.

The regular Mansfield accommodation train, due in Boston at 5:47, was just leaving the Hyde Park station, ten minutes late, when the New London and Providence express, due in Boston at 6:10 came running down from Canton Junction on a perfectly straight track and crashed into the rear of the Mansfield train.

The engine of the Providence train plowed into the rear car for a distance of five or six feet and caused this car to telescope the one ahead. Between these cars was Brakeman AUSTIN, who wad caught and remained jammed in the wreck for nearly an hour.

Physicians and Surgeons Promptly on Hand.
As soon as the dazed people about the station realized what had occurred a rush was made for the train, and the work of taking out the wounded began. The main office of the road was notified, and a wrecking train, with General Superintendent ALLEN on board, was at the scene within half an hour. All the physicians in Hyde Park, Dedham and Milton were summoned by telephone and the police department of Boston notified.

Ambulances were sent out from there, and others were dispatched to the Park Square station, Boston, to remove those of the wounded who were sent to that city by special train. All the seriously injured, including MRS. ROSS, were sent to the Massachusetts General hospital in Boston.

It was nearly half past 6 before the unfortunate brakeman could be extricated from the mass of the debris between the telescoped cars, and he died shortly afterward in the station waiting room. Both his legs were broken, and he was jammed frightfully about the body.

In speaking of the wreck, General Superintendent ALLEN said: "Engineer BURNHAM must have deliberately ran by two electric block signals showing red lights, one of which is just north of the Readville station and the other south of the Hyde Park station. Besides this, the rear lights on the Mansfield train were burning, so that there can be no excuse for BURNHAM'S negligence."

The track was cleared within an hour after the accident, and the loss to the road is estimated at not over $2,000.

Hon. ELIJAH A. MORSE was not seriously injured and returned home after his hands and arms were dressed.

Ticonderoga Sentinel
New York
October 25, 1895

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