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Boxborough, Massachusetts, USA (Boxboro)
Boxborough Massachusetts, 1890

Boxborough is a small farming town, somewhat hilly and of a passably good soil, lying in the westerly part of Middlesex County, midway between the Concord and Nashua rivers. It is bounded on the north by Littleton, east by Acton, south by Stow, and west by Harvard.

It has calcareous gneiss for its formative rock, in which has been opened a good quarry of limestone ; and there are found the minerals scapolite, garnet, spinel and augite.

Guggins Brook rises near the centre of the town, and running easterly is joined by Half-moon-meadow Brook, from the northeast part, both soon entering the Assabet River ; while Beaver Brook, running northerly, and Assabet Brook southerly, drain the western section of the town, and afford a little motive power. Whittington Pond, of an elliptical form, and containing 37 acres, lies in the northwest section of the town. The Fitchburg Railroad crosses the northeastern corner, but the nearest station is West Acton, 27 miles from Boston. That village is also the post-office for Boxborough. The area of the town is 6,406 acres aside from highways and ponds. There were 1,617 acres of woodland, consisting of oak, maple and pine. The population, in 1885, was 348, with 76 dwelling-houses. The number of farms was 69 ; of neat cattle, 762; and of fruit trees, 13,715. The dairies yielded a product valued at $31,019 ; the wood, $5,632 ; fruits, berries and nuts, $6,468 ; hay, $24,651 ; vegetables, $6,695. The total farm product was $92,349. The limestone quarries, and some small wood and other manufactures, aggregated $4,600. The valuation, in 1888, was $249,563, — with a tax of $10.50 on $1,000.

The town has four school-houses, valued at $3,300. One Sunday school possesses a library of about 300 volumes. There is an Evangelical Congregational church, and a Universalist Congregational, the last founded in 1784.

The town furnished 28 men for the late war, of whom 3 were lost. Boxborough was formed of parts of Harvard, Littleton and Stow, and established as a district under its present name, February 25, 1783; and was made a town May 1, 1836.

A Gazetteer of the State of Massachusetts, with Numerous Illustrations Rev. Elias Nason, M.A.; revised and enlarged by George J. Varney. Boston: B.B. Russell. 1890, 724 pages

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Boxborough, Massachusetts, USA (Boxboro)