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Great Barrington, Massachusetts, USA (Housatonic)

A runaway occurred yesterday morning which would have resulted seriously if it had not been for the bravery of the driver, Frank McGraw, who clung to the reins until the wagon was smashed into pieces. The horses were a spirited pair owned by W. W. Norton. They were coming down Castle hill, nearly a mile long, when the pole strap broke, letting part of the neck yoke down, and the wagon on to the heels of the horses. They soon became unmanageable and dashed down the steep hill over the rough ground. Mrs. Frederick Darlington and her child were in the rear seat, which was loose, and soon fell to the ground. Mrs. Darlington and her child crawled under the front seat and wrapped the few robes around them. The team continued through the village and toward the bridge which crosses the river. Just before they reached the bridge they gave a sudden turn into the ditch and against the fence. The occupants were thrown with terrible force to the ground. Mrs. Darlington and her son escaped serious injury. McGraw was quite badly injured about his head and body, there being several scalp wounds inflicted. The team continued a short distance before they were stopped. The animals were badly cut about the legs and the wagon was smashed to pieces.

Springfield Republican
Springfield, Massachusetts
January 23, 1900

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Great Barrington, Massachusetts, USA (Housatonic)

Great Barrington, Massachusetts, USA (Housatonic)

Great Barrington, Massachusetts, USA (Housatonic)