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Tiffin, Ohio, USA

People, Pictures and News From the Past

Where is Tiffin, Ohio, USA? 

Tiffin is the county seat of Seneca County, Ohio, United States.

It is the home of Heidelberg University and Tiffin University. At one time it was noted as a glass and porcelain manufacturing center.

The history of Tiffin dates back to 1812. The familiar bronze statue of "The Indian Maiden" on Frost Parkway, near Miami Street, marks the site of Fort Ball, a military depot of the war of 1812. Fighting an engagement of that war, Eratus Bowe first sighted the location upon which Tiffin now stands. In 1817, he returned to the site and built his Pan Yan Tavern, which later became a stagecoach stop, on the north Sandusky river.

Early homesteaders followed soon after Bowe, and the settlement of Oakley sprang up around the Pan Yan. The main traveled road of the area followed the path of the stagecoaches through Oakley, which was called Fort Ball after 1824.

In 1821, Josiah Hedges purchased a piece of land on the south bank of the river opposite Oakley and founded another settlement. He named this village "Tiffin" in honor of Edward Tiffin, first governor of Ohio and later member of the United States Senate, and a man who had fought to finally win statehood for the Ohio Territory in 1803. Tiffin was incorporated by an act of the Ohio Legislature on March 7, 1835. These two communities, split by the Sandusky River, were rivals; however, in 1850, seeing that later their interests lay together, the villages merged to form Tiffin, with Fort Ball becoming a part of Tiffin in March of that year.

In 1824, with the establishment of Seneca County by the Ohio Legislature, Tiffin became a county seat. The county took its name from the Seneca Indians, who originally were native to the territory. The discovery of natural gas in the vicinity in 1888 gave new momentum to the city's industries; new enterprises located in Tiffin, making it a prosperous industrial city:Wikipedia

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Tiffin, Ohio, USA - Williard Hall, Heidelberg College, Tiffin, Ohio
Tiffin, Ohio, USA

Williard Hall, Heidelberg College, Tiffin, Ohio
Tiffin, Ohio, USA - Shawhan Hotel, Tiffin, Ohio
Tiffin, Ohio, USA

Shawhan Hotel, Tiffin, Ohio
Tiffin, Ohio, USA - Trinity Episcopal and Reformed Church, Tiffin, Ohio
Tiffin, Ohio, USA

Trinity Episcopal and Reformed Church, Tiffin, Ohio

History / News

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News  1869 - In Tiffin, Ohio, the other day a little boy placed his mouth over a teakettle of boiling water, tipped it up and filled his mouth with the hot water, a portion of which he swallowed. His death resulted in a few days after the occurrence.

St Joseph Herald
Saint Joseph, Michigan
December 18, 1869
TIffin, Ohio, April 13th - A fire broke out in M. O'NEAL'S store, in the western part of the town...Read MORE...

1882 - The National Machinery Company moved from Cleveland to Tiffin in 1882.

TIFFIN, O., January 4. - The fast train on the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, at an early hours this...Read MORE...

News  1887 - Nothing Slow About This Girl.
Celia Forbing, of Kenton, O., was walking through the new court-house at Tiffin with some young...Read MORE...

News  1888 - In the Blanchard and Sandusky rivers at Findlay and Tiffin, O, high water had on the 27th driven many families from their homes.

St Joseph Herald
Saint Joseph, Michigan
March 31, 1888
News  1888 - On the 27th John Virts was driving along the river road at Tiffin O., with his sister, when the horse jumped over a thirty-foot embankment, instantly killing them all.

St Joseph Herald
Saint Joseph, Michigan
September 1, 1888
1889 - Tiffin Glass Works began in 1889.

1906 - Webster Industries, Inc. moved from Chicago to Tiffin in 1906.

Tiffin, a city, the capital of Seneca co., Ohio, is situated on the Sandusky River, 40 miles SE. of ...Read MORE...

1913 - In the spring of 1913, the Upper Mississippi and Ohio River Valleys were ravaged by one of the most devastating floods in the region's history.
Among those communities which suffered the consequences of that flood was Tiffin, located on the...Read MORE...


Ancestors Who Were Born Here

flag  Gilbert C GARDNER (abt. 1900, Tiffin, Ohio, USA - , )

flag  Cora HALL (1856, Tiffin, Ohio, USA - 10 June 1875, Tiffin, Ohio, USA)

flag  Alvaro LAWRENCE (1840, Tiffin, Ohio, USA - 22 September 1875, Tiffin, Ohio, USA)

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