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Franklin Centre, Québec, Canada (St-Antoine-Abbé) (Starnesborough)

People, Pictures and News From the Past

Where is Franklin Centre, Québec, Canada? 

Franklin is a municipality along the US-Canada border in Quebec. Its geological features include an east-west forested ridge Covey Hill, a foothill to the Adirondack Mountains of New York State to the south. Streams run from its northern flank to the Chateauguay Valley where tributaries feed the Chateauguay River that drains into the St. Lawrence River.

From Covey Hill the skyscrapers of Montreal are visible to the northeast. Apple orchards and maple sugar groves are the principal agriculture near the village of Franklin Centre, Quebec and on the hill while around the village of St. Antoine Abbe in the flat valley there are fertile croplands and dairy farms.

Leahy Orchards is a major employer and exporter of applesauce and Applesnax label products.

Recent news and controversies covered in The Gazette newspaper in Montreal include saving the small, country elementary school and citizens against industrial water bottling.

The road named "Chemin de Covey Hill" (Covey Hill road) is considered to be one of the premier cycling roads in southern Quebec. This is due to the impressive climb between Havelock and Franklin Centre, the breath-taking views of the St-laurence and Richelieu river valleys, as well as a surprisingly good quality road surface. This is the first road north of the US-Canada border. wikipedia

Cimetière de St-Antoine-Abbe
A Catholic cemetery located at the back of the St-Antoine-Abbe Parish Church. (45.050N/ 73.887W)

Franklin Centre
A town in the center of Franklin Township (Huntingdon County) at the junction of modern Rtes 209 and 202. (45.030N/ 73.923W) It was previously called Russelltown Settlement.
Franklin Centre Post Office
The Franklin Centre Post Office operated from 1868 until present time.
Franklin Cemetery
A protestant cemetery on the east side of Franklin Centre. It is located on Rte 202 at the junction with Montée Covey Hill, 0.2mi (0.3km) east of the Franklin Centre corner with Rte 209. (45.030N/ 73.919W) ~qcchatea/ placenames/

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Franklin Centre, Québec, Canada (St-Antoine-Abbé) (Starnesborough) - Interior of Saint-Antoine-Abbé Church, est. 1860
Franklin Centre, Québec, Canada (St-Antoine-Abbé) (Starnesborough)

Interior of Saint-Antoine-Abbé Church, est. 1860
Franklin Centre, Québec, Canada (St-Antoine-Abbé) (Starnesborough) - Methodist Church, built in 1870s
Now called Franklin United Church
Franklin Centre, Québec, Canada (St-Antoine-Abbé) (Starnesborough)

Methodist Church, built in 1870s
Now called Franklin United Church
Franklin Centre, Québec, Canada (St-Antoine-Abbé) (Starnesborough) -
Franklin Centre, Québec, Canada (St-Antoine-Abbé) (Starnesborough)

History / News

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1860 - Église de Saint-Antoine-Abbé established at Saint-Antoine-Abbé
1860 - Starnesborough (Starnesboro) - The name of the first Post Office in St-Antoine-d'Abbe. It operated from 1860 until 1919 when it changed its name to St-Antoine-Abbe Post Office. ~qcchatea/ placenames/ s.htm
STARNESBOROUGH, or ST. ANTOINE ABBE, a post village in Chateauguay co., Que., 15 mile; from...Read MORE...

News  1884 - Reverend Arrested
MONTREAL, December 6, - Rev. F. R. Pepin, of St. Antoine Abbe parish, who is charged with...Read MORE...

Saint Antoine l'Abbe, Quebec. See Starnesborough.

Starnesborough, a post-village of Huntingdon...

Franklin, or Franklin Center, also called Manningville, a post-village and outport of Huntingdon...Read MORE...

1925 - St. ANTOINE-ABBE, Que. - Madame Hubert Brisson, 82, is in the hospital seriously injured as the result of being thrown from her buggy when crashed into by an auto.

The Winnipeg Tribune
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
April 29, 1925
1934 - Quebec Parents Charged With Child Murder. Two Held Responsible For Death by Ill-Treatment, Starvation. VERDICT IS GIVEN BY CORONER'S JURY.
Girl's Body is Exhumed as Result of Rumors in District
(By Canadian Press.)

Ancestors Who Were Born Here

flag  Rudolph-Octave LEFEBVRE (abt. 1907, Franklin Centre, Québec, Canada (St-Antoine-Abbé) (Starnesborough) - , )

flag  Marie Agnes PROVOST (13 May 1882, Franklin Centre, Québec, Canada (St-Antoine-Abbé) (Starnesborough) - 1937, Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone

flag  Joseph-Guillaume-"William" PROVOST (8 April 1885, Franklin Centre, Québec, Canada (St-Antoine-Abbé) (Starnesborough) - , )

flag  Adelaide-Hilda TREMBLAY (23 March 1901 , Franklin Centre, Québec, Canada (St-Antoine-Abbé) (Starnesborough) - 4 January 1972, Ormstown, Québec, Canada (Saint-Malachie-d'Ormstown))
flag  Adeline-Helene TREMBLAY (1876, Franklin Centre, Québec, Canada (St-Antoine-Abbé) (Starnesborough) - 3 March 1947, Franklin Centre, Québec, Canada (St-Antoine-Abbé) (Starnesborough))
 flag  Alice Rose TREMBLAY (13 December 1903, Franklin Centre, Québec, Canada (St-Antoine-Abbé) (Starnesborough) - 23 March 1983, Warren, Michigan, USA) gravestone
flag  Alphonsine TREMBLAY (15 February 1880, Franklin Centre, Québec, Canada (St-Antoine-Abbé) (Starnesborough) - 14 July 1962, , Michigan, USA)
flag  Anatole (Nat) TREMBLAY (12 December 1913, Franklin Centre, Québec, Canada (St-Antoine-Abbé) (Starnesborough) - 28 May 1980, Franklin Centre, Québec, Canada (St-Antoine-Abbé) (Starnesborough))
flag  Caroline Marie TREMBLAY (15 Setpmber 1866, Franklin Centre, Québec, Canada (St-Antoine-Abbé) (Starnesborough) - 29 December 1925, Standish, Michigan, USA)
flag  Edmund TREMBLAY (11 November 1902, Franklin Centre, Québec, Canada (St-Antoine-Abbé) (Starnesborough) - 29 July 1977, Standish, Michigan, USA)
flag  Elzear TREMBLAY (17 February 1899, Franklin Centre, Québec, Canada (St-Antoine-Abbé) (Starnesborough) - 20 April 1971, Detroit, Michigan, USA)
flag  Evariste TREMBLAY (26 October 1897, Franklin Centre, Québec, Canada (St-Antoine-Abbé) (Starnesborough) - 3 November 1978, Franklin Centre, Québec, Canada (St-Antoine-Abbé) (Starnesborough))
immigrant - Canada to US   Joseph Napoleon TREMBLAY (1 November 1884, Franklin Centre, Québec, Canada (St-Antoine-Abbé) (Starnesborough) - 19 February 1951, Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA)
flag  Joseph-Romeo TREMBLAY (30 June 1899, Franklin Centre, Québec, Canada (St-Antoine-Abbé) (Starnesborough) - , )
flag  Julius TREMBLAY (19 May 1868, Franklin Centre, Québec, Canada (St-Antoine-Abbé) (Starnesborough) - 20 September 1941, Franklin Centre, Québec, Canada (St-Antoine-Abbé) (Starnesborough)) gravestone
flag  Marie Evilida (May) TREMBLAY (18 May 1909, Franklin Centre, Québec, Canada (St-Antoine-Abbé) (Starnesborough) - 24 July 1985, Ville St-Pierre, Quebec, Canada)
flag  Marie Olivine TREMBLAY (29 June 1870, Franklin Centre, Québec, Canada (St-Antoine-Abbé) (Starnesborough) - 3 August 1936, Standish, Michigan, USA)
flag  Octave TREMBLAY (2 November 1883, Franklin Centre, Québec, Canada (St-Antoine-Abbé) (Starnesborough) - 22 January 1934, Franklin Centre, Québec, Canada (St-Antoine-Abbé) (Starnesborough))
flag  Raymond TREMBLAY (1894, Franklin Centre, Québec, Canada (St-Antoine-Abbé) (Starnesborough) - 13 May 1963, Franklin Centre, Québec, Canada (St-Antoine-Abbé) (Starnesborough))

flag  Emile "Leo" TREMBLAY (19 May 1889, Franklin Centre, Québec, Canada (St-Antoine-Abbé) (Starnesborough) - 1946, New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA)

immigrant - Canada to US   Bertha VAINCOURT (6 July 1893, Franklin Centre, Québec, Canada (St-Antoine-Abbé) (Starnesborough) - 17 April 1994, Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone
flag  Rebecca-Belle VAINCOURT (7 September 1906, Franklin Centre, Québec, Canada (St-Antoine-Abbé) (Starnesborough) - 19 November 1976, Ormstown, Québec, Canada (Saint-Malachie-d'Ormstown)) gravestone

Ancestors Who Died Here

We currently have information about 35 ancestors who died in Franklin Centre, Québec, Canada (St-Antoine-Abbé) (Starnesborough).
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Ancestors Who Were Married Here

Arthur DUNN ( - ) & Janet ALLCHIN ( - )
married 28 August 1873

Jean-Baptiste BULTEAU (BLUTEAU) ( - ) & Rosalie (Rosie) TREMBLAY (12 May 1832 - 3 November 1903)
married 10 May 1875

Augustin TREMBLAY (6 October 1828 - 16 December 1901) & Flavie Phoebee JOHNSON (abt. October 1865 - aft. 1940)
married 5 November 1888
Edmond LECLAIR (16 March 1864 - 8 December 1935) & Marie Olivine TREMBLAY (29 June 1870 - 3 August 1936)
married 9 January 1888

Joseph VAINCOURT (1868 - 1 July 1949) & Marie Rosalie TREMBLAY (8 August 1874 - 7 December 1941)
married 5 October 1892
Julius TREMBLAY (19 May 1868 - 20 September 1941) & Emma-Marie DUMAS (7 August 1874 - 9 March 1965)
married 23 May 1892

Julius (Julien) TREMBLAY (1 September 1869 - 4 August 1920) & Adeline-Helene TREMBLAY (1876 - 3 March 1947)
married 9 January 1897

Arthur Joseph LEFEBVRE (abt. 1875 - 15 July 1910) & Alphonsine TREMBLAY (15 February 1880 - 14 July 1962)
married 7 March 1898

Moise TREMBLAY (abt. 1878 - 1 December 1966) & Marie Anna CUSSON ( - )
married 1900

Robert Frederick GAMBLE ( - ) & Dorothy DUNN ( - )
married 3 January 1923

Cemeteries in Franklin Centre, Québec, Canada (St-Antoine-Abbé) (Starnesborough)

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