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Nicolet, Québec, Canada (Saint-Jean-Baptiste)

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Where is Nicolet, Québec, Canada? 

Nicolet, Quebec is the county seat of Nicolet-Yamaska Regional County Municipality, Quebec, Canada, lying at the intersection of Route 132 and Route 259, neighbouring the city of Bécancour. The town took its name from Jean Nicolet, a French explorer.

Nicolet is a town with a great deal of religious history, and is currently home to the rather striking Saint-Jean-Baptiste Cathedral, as well as the Musée des Religions, which focuses on the historical and ethnographic context of religion. It is the seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Nicolet.

The residents of the town pronounce the final "t" in Nicolet, however people outside of the region do not.

It also boasts an ecological park, L'Anse du Port, featuring an observatory offering an excellent view of the Lac Saint-Pierre. As well, Nicolet is home to Sogetel, a major independent telephone company.

One of the most infamous features of the town of Nicolet is its geology. The town was established upon the sandy, unstable soil at the mouth of the Nicolet River, which makes it prone to landslides. On November 12, 1955, eight months after a violent fire gutted its downtown area—destroying 35 commercial buildings and displacing 75 families—a landslide carried 7 acres of earth and six buildings crashing down into the river, killing three people, injuring six and causing $10 million in damages. The event was later the subject of a book by author Louis Caron entitled Le Bonhomme Sept-Heures.Wikipedia

Nicolet, Québec, Canada (Saint-Jean-Baptiste)

Nicolet, Québec, Canada (Saint-Jean-Baptiste)

Grotte N.D. de Lourdes, S.S. de l'Assomption de la Sainte Vierge, Nicolet, P.Q.

Nicolet, Québec, Canada (Saint-Jean-Baptiste)

Hôpital Christ-Roi

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1672 - Seigniory (Nicolet) - Granted Oct. 29th, 1672, to Sieur de Laubia

1716 - Parish of St. Jean Baptiste de Nicole is established

Guide to Quebec Catholic Parishes and Published Parish Marriage Records, Compiled Jeanne Sauve White
1831 - Cathédrale Saint-Jean-Baptiste established at Nicolet
1832 - NICOLET,
seigniory and augmentation, in the co. of Nicolet, is bounded N.E. by Roquetaillade; S.W. by Baie...Read MORE...

1855 - August 17, 1855 - First Sisters of the Assumption (Soeurs de l'Assomption) arrive at Nicolet; one year later, on this date, they found la Communauté des Soeurs de l'Assomption. Nicolet, Québec todayincanadianhistory/ index.php/ August_17
NICOLET, a central county of Quebec, comprises an area of 379,320 acres. The Becancour river...Read MORE...

1873 - Nicolet Quebec, has a hog ninety-eight years old. He is an Iroquois Indian, and his name is Jean Cochon.

District of Columbia
August 4, 1873
News  1883 - Diptheria is prevalent at Nicolet, near Quebec.

New York Herald
New York, New York
March 27, 1883
1894 - Four men of Nicolet, Quebec were drowned in the St. Lawrence yesterday.

The Washington Gazette
Washington, North Carolina
May 17, 1894
1895 - Nicolet
NICOLET, a central county of Quebec, comprises an area of 379,320 acres. The Becancour River...Read MORE...

Nicolet, a banking post-town of Nicolet co., Quebec, 71 miles NNE. of Montreal, on the...Read MORE...

1906 - Cathedral and Convent Burn
Ecclesiastical Buildings at Nicolet, Que., Destroyed - Loss About $600,000.

Special to The...

Nicolet, Qué, Town, pop 7827 (2006c), 7928 (2001c), inc 1872. Nicolet is situated some 3 km from...Read MORE...

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