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Bethel, Connecticut, USA

People, Pictures and News From the Past

Where is Bethel, Connecticut, USA? 

Bethel, Fairfield, Connecticut, USA
Bethel was first settled around 1700. The first houses built in Bethel were in the 1730s or 1740s; they are located at 27 Grassy Plain Street and 63 Grassy Plain Street. 1759 – church members such as Ebenezer Hickok, Lemuel Beebe, Isaac Hoyt, Thomas Starr, and Phineas Judd found it both difficult to travel to church in Danbury and when there, to get a seat. They petitioned the General Assembly to form two distinct ecclesiastical societies, the First and Second Congregational Societies, creating a new second parish in the eastern portion of Danbury. The new area was called Bethel (which means house of God). 1760 – 71 people were members of the church. Bethel ran most of its affairs through the church.(Bethel's first Congregational minister was Noah Wetmore) 1760 – Captain Benjamin Hickock built the house at 245 Greenwood Avenue and used it as a tavern. 1777 (April) – the city's records were burned by the British in the British raid on Danbury. Late 1700s – P. T. Barnum’s grandfather built one of the town's earliest hotels, the Barnum Tavern.


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Bethel, Connecticut, USA - Greenwood Ave.
Bethel, Connecticut, USA

Greenwood Ave.
Bethel, Connecticut, USA - Fountain Place

The P.T. Barnum Fountain, topped by an 18-foot figure of a triton blowing a conch shell.
Bethel, Connecticut, USA

Fountain Place

The P.T. Barnum Fountain, topped by an 18-foot figure of a triton blowing a conch shell.
Bethel, Connecticut, USA - Public School
Bethel, Connecticut, USA

Public School

History / News

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1759 - (Bethel, CT) - Settled as part of Danbury in 1685, the parish of Bethel, which took its name in 1759 for the Hebrew term meaning “House of God” . towns-page/ bethel/
1855 - Bethel, CT incorporated as a town towns-page/ bethel/
News  1868 - Bethel, Conn., has eighty septuagenarians in a population of 2,000.

St Joseph Herald
Saint Joseph, Michigan
May 2, 1868
News  1868 - A ball was recently held in Bethel, Conn., and during the evening a 200 pound hog was thrust into the door by some of the jealous un-invited ones.

St Joseph Herald
Saint Joseph, Michigan
August 22, 1868
News  1869 - A Bethel, Conn., telegram of the 2d says fifteen lives were lost by the flood of the day previous.

St Joseph Herald
Saint Joseph, Michigan
February 13, 1869
Bethel, a post-borough of Fairfield co., Conn., in Bethel township (town), on the New York, New...Read MORE...

Ancestors Who Were Born Here

flag    Phineas Taylor (P.T.) BARNUM (5 July 1810, Bethel, Connecticut, USA - 7 April 1891, Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA) gravestone

flag   Joseph BEEBE (1753, Bethel, Connecticut, USA - 16 June 1844, Bethel, Connecticut, USA) gravestone

flag   Hannah HAWLEY (6 August 1768, Bethel, Connecticut, USA - 20 September 1834, Bethel, Connecticut, USA) gravestone

flag   Eliza JUDD (23 December 1804, Bethel, Connecticut, USA - 4 July 1868, Bethel, Connecticut, USA) gravestone

flag   Lyman George PORTER (03 July 1882, Bethel, Connecticut, USA - 15 October 1955, Bethel, Connecticut, USA)

flag   Nathan SEELYE (26 October 1766, Bethel, Connecticut, USA - 4 November 1849, Bethel, Connecticut, USA) gravestone

flag    Eli Taylor TROWBRIDGE (2 October 1803, Bethel, Connecticut, USA - 3 March 1871, Bethel, Connecticut, USA) gravestone
flag   Jerome B. TROWBRIDGE (12 May 1846, Bethel, Connecticut, USA - 6 April 1876, Bethel, Connecticut, USA) gravestone

Ancestors Who Died Here

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Ancestors Who Were Married Here

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