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Norfolk, Massachusetts, USA (North Wrentham)

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Where is Norfolk, Massachusetts, USA? 

Norfolk, Norfolk, Massachusetts, USA
Formerly known as North Wrentham, Norfolk broke away to become an independent town in 1870.

Norfolk, Massachusetts, USA (North Wrentham)

Residence of E. W. Mann, showing Post-Office and store, Norfolk, Mass.

Norfolk, Massachusetts, USA (North Wrentham)

Railroad Street, Norfolk, Mass.

Norfolk, Massachusetts, USA (North Wrentham)

Town Hall, Norfolk, Mass.

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1681 - The Nathaniel Miller house was built in 1681 at River End, Norfolk

1701 - Fifty householders resided in the general area of Norfolk. Law directed that this required that a school to be kept.
1745 - Norfolk Cemetery was established at the corner of Main and Seekonk Street . At the time Wrentham referred to it as Cemetery # 7 and at this same time one was set up in Pondville referred to as Cemetery # 8.
1778 - The first school house in North Wrentham (Norfolk) was built in 1778 on the Northwest corner of Town Hill.
1793 - Reverend David Avery was dismissed by the Wrentham Church and took up residence in North Wrentham (Norfolk) on the south side of Cleveland Street in the vicinity of what is now Village Green.
He conducted services in his home there for his followers.
1795 - North Parish Association formed and $ 1244 pledged by its parishioners to build a Meeting House in North Wrentham (Norfolk).
1797 - On July 10th, the Montgomery Lodge of Masons held their first meeting in the house of Dr. Nathaniel Miller.
Paul Revere, patriot, as Most Worshipful Grand Master, signed the charter of the Montgomery Lodge...Read MORE...

1798 - Reverend John Cleaveland was named as the first Pastor of the newly formed North Parish in North Wrentham.
1832 - The Cleaveland Religious Society in North Wrentham (Norfolk) was formed at a meeting at the hall over the store of Ebenezer Blake, Esq. and began planning to build a second Meeting House at the foot of the hill on the corner of Union and Main.
1849 - Norfolk County Railroad bond issued. RR would run through the center of Norfolk.
1859 - The Norfolk Farmer's Club was established.
1870 - Norfolk, previously known as North Wrentham, was incorporated.
1875 - In the spring the dam burst leading to an overflow of Whiting's Pond at City Mills (Norfolk).
Mr. Edwin Alonzo Morse was washed away 20-30 rods, in a mass of earth, railroad ties and rails,...Read MORE...

1879 - The parish meeting house was deeded to the town of Norfolk for use as a new Town House.
The building is remodeled at a cost of $ 3175 and Holbrook and Sons of East Medway recast the bell...Read MORE...

1881 - Norfolk town meeting discussed buying a place for an almshouse and discussed the binding out of children to suitable persons for a term of years.
1882 - Norfolk town meeting discussed buying or building a lock-up.
1883 - Norfolk town meeting
discussed buying shade trees to set in the public streets and squares; furnishing books and...Read MORE...

1884 - Norfolk town meeting discussed what to do about prosecuting illegal sellers of intoxicating liquors.
1886 - Norfolk town meeting discussed charging organizations for use of the Town House, $2 a night for the upper hall, $1 a night for the lower and giving the janitor of the Town House $100 a year.
1890 - Norfolk town meeting discussed hunting and fishing on Sunday and making a well for the Center School and the Town House.
1890 Norfolk Massachusetts
Norfolk is a farming town, with some manufactures, lying in the midst of the southwestern section...Read MORE...

1892 - Norfolk - Schools at Stony Brook and Pondville consolidated with the Center School.
News  1893 - Norfolk man killed while making arrangements for brother's funeral
On Feb. 13th, James A. Mann, age 20, residing in Norfolk, was struck by the outward bound train and ...Read MORE...

1896 - Norfolk
North School consolidated with the Center School.

Schools at Felting Mills consolidated with...

1897 - Norfolk town meeting discussed abolishing the office of highway commissioner; establishing electric light service and procuring a poor farm.
1898 - Norfolk town meeting discussed lighting the streets at Norfolk Centre and City Mills and wiring the Town Hall for electric lights.
1899 - Norfolk town meeting discussed accepting a Hook and Ladder Truck presented by the citizens of the town.
1902 - Norfolk town meeting concurred on change in boundary line between Norfolk and Medfield and Foxboro.
Norfolk, a post-village of Norfolk co., Mass., in Norfolk township (town), on the New York, New...Read MORE...

1907 - Norfolk town meeting discussed making a contract with the Edison Company for street lighting.
1909 - Norfolk town meeting discussed appropriating money to destroy the elm tree beetles and putting a sidewalk in front of the church and school house.
1913 - Norfolk town meeting discussed posting street signs.
1915 - Norfolk town meeting discussed building a high school.
1920 - Norfolk town meeting discussed fixing a license fee for slaughtering and discussed the transport of high school pupils by motor truck.
News  1922 - Norfolk Town Hall burns
On Dec 5th, the Norfolk Town Hall burned to the ground shortly after 3:00 am. The contents of the...Read MORE...

1923 - Norfolk town meeting discussed building a new Town Hall;
establishing a town forest: purchasing a motor-driven fire truck; sanitation in the Centre School...Read MORE...

1927 - Pondville Hospital opens (Norfolk).
1934 - Norfolk prison building finished.
1945 - Norfolk’s population approximately 1600.
1950 - Norfolk’s population approximately 2000.
Norfolk Central School, later known as the A. J. Freeman School opens.
News  1962 - (Norfolk) Federated Church fire
The Federated Church had a very serious fire - the building was saved from total loss by the prompt ...Read MORE...

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