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Biddeford, Maine, USA (Biddeford Pool)

People, Pictures and News From the Past

Where is Biddeford, Maine, USA? 

Biddeford, York, Maine, USA
Abenaki Indians, whose main village was upriver at Pequawket (now Fryeburg), once hunted and fished in the area. The first European to settle at Biddeford was physician Richard Vines in the winter of 1616-1617 at Winter Harbor, as he called Biddeford Pool. This 1616 landing by a European predates the Mayflower landing in Plymouth, Massachusetts, (located 100 miles to the south) by approximately four years, a fact that is overlooked in much of New England lore. In 1630, the Plymouth Company granted the land south of the River Swanckadocke to Dr. Vines and John Oldham. In 1653, the town included both sides of the river, and was incorporated by the Massachusetts General Court as Saco.

Roger Spencer was granted the right in 1653 to build the first sawmill. Lumber and fish became the community's chief exports. In 1659, Major William Phillips of Boston became a proprietor, and constructed a garrison and mill at the falls. During King Philip's War in 1675, the town was attacked by Indians. Settlers withdrew to Winter Harbor for safety, and their homes and mills upriver at the falls were burned. In 1693, a stone fort was built a short distance below the falls, but it was captured by the Indians in 1703, when 11 colonists were killed and 24 taken captive to Canada. In 1708, Fort Mary was built near the entrance to Biddeford Pool. The town was reorganized in 1718 as Biddeford, after Bideford, a town in Devon, England, from which some settlers had emigrated. After the Fall of Quebec in 1759, hostilities with the natives ceased. wiki/ Biddeford,_Maine

Biddeford, Maine City Web Site

Biddeford, Maine Historical Society biddeford_historical_society.htm

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Biddeford, Maine, USA (Biddeford Pool) - City Hall
Biddeford, Maine, USA (Biddeford Pool)

City Hall
Biddeford, Maine, USA (Biddeford Pool) - Biddeford, Me., French Parochial School
Biddeford, Maine, USA (Biddeford Pool)

Biddeford, Me., French Parochial School
Biddeford, Maine, USA (Biddeford Pool) - Main Street
Biddeford, Maine, USA (Biddeford Pool)

Main Street
Androscoggin's Secret Based on the 1900 murder of Jessie Cobb in Lewiston, Maine. ¡spɹɐʍʞɔɐq puɐ uʍop ǝpısdn ǝuıɐW 'uoʇsıʍǝ˥ pǝuɹnʇ ʎɹoʇs sıɥʇ '006Ɩ uI ISBN-10: 1469932067 ISBN-13: 978-1469932064

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History / News

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Physician Richard Vines established what is possibly the earliest settlement in Maine in 1616 at Biddeford Pool, then known as Winter Harbor.
Vines spent the winter of 1616-17 there, having been sent by Sir. Fernando Gorges. He and John...Read MORE...

News  1868 - Squaring the Circle
Mr. Joseph Sweetsir, of Biddeford, Me., claims to have discovered a method of squaring the circle,...Read MORE...

News  1870 - Bad Advertisment
The Biddeford (Me.) woman who advertised for and married a man last July, to have some one to...Read MORE...

1886 - Biddeford
Biddeford, in York County, includes the site of the earliest permanent settlement in Maine of which ...Read MORE...

News  1888 - Railroad Ticket Office Burglarized
BIDDEFORD, Me., Nov. 24. - Thursday night burglars broke into the Boston & Maine railroad ticket...Read MORE...

News  1906 - OPERATE DESPITE FIRE. Umbrellas Held Over Patient In a Maine Burning Hospital.
BIDDEFORD, Me., March 14 - Seventeen patients at the Trull Hospital in May Street, this city, were...Read MORE...

Biddeford, Me., Sept. 15. - A spectacular fire which caused a property loss of $300,000 destroyed...Read MORE...

Bid'deford, a city and summer-resort of York co., Me., on the right bank of the Saco River, which...Read MORE...

1947 - Biddeford devastated by the Great Fires of 1947
After a wet spring, in which the months of April, May and June were inundated with rainy weather,...Read MORE...

Ancestors Who Were Born Here

immigrant - US to Canada    Jeffrey BOUCHER (02/11/1900, Biddeford, Maine, USA (Biddeford Pool) - 11/13/1975, Montréal, Québec, Canada ) gravestone

flag   Ruth BRADBURY (November 1759, Biddeford, Maine, USA (Biddeford Pool) - 19 May 1830, Buxton, Maine, USA)

flag   Hannah BROOKS (11 September 1724, Biddeford, Maine, USA (Biddeford Pool) - 1763, Biddeford, Maine, USA (Biddeford Pool))

flag   Elsie A CARVER (16 June 1850, Biddeford, Maine, USA (Biddeford Pool) - 06 December 1930, Saint Petersburg, Florida, USA)

flag   Rosanna COLE (1747, Biddeford, Maine, USA (Biddeford Pool) - , )
flag   Sarah COLE (1725, Biddeford, Maine, USA (Biddeford Pool) - 4 February 1781, Saco, Maine, USA) gravestone

flag   John King GILPATRICK (18 March 1796, Biddeford, Maine, USA (Biddeford Pool) - 28 September 1857, Biddeford, Maine, USA (Biddeford Pool)) gravestone

flag   Olive GRAY (6 February 1730, Biddeford, Maine, USA (Biddeford Pool) - 1774, Buxton, Maine, USA)

flag   Jeannine HALL (2/14/1946, Biddeford, Maine, USA (Biddeford Pool) - 11/25/2010, Biddeford, Maine, USA (Biddeford Pool))

flag   Daniel W HILL (1831, Biddeford, Maine, USA (Biddeford Pool) - 7 December 1903, Lewiston, Maine, USA) gravestone

flag   Rosalie JAMES (1700, Biddeford, Maine, USA (Biddeford Pool) - 1738, Saint-François-du-Lac, Québec, Canada) gravestone

flag   Ichabod JORDAN (2 February 1782, Biddeford, Maine, USA (Biddeford Pool) - 9 August 1874, Biddeford, Maine, USA (Biddeford Pool)) gravestone

flag   Bernadette LESSARD (05/30/1923, Biddeford, Maine, USA (Biddeford Pool) - 4/7/2016, Newburyport, Massachusetts, USA)

flag   Robert Brooks MARTIN (1755, Biddeford, Maine, USA (Biddeford Pool) - 1808, Hollis, Maine, USA)

flag   Jane MERRILL (12 July 1752, Biddeford, Maine, USA (Biddeford Pool) - 11 July 1843, , Maine, USA) gravestone

Stimpson (Stimson)
flag   Alice STIMPSON (STIMSON) (1725, Biddeford, Maine, USA (Biddeford Pool) - 1806, Buxton, Maine, USA)

flag   Henri TIBBETS (4 November 1859, Biddeford, Maine, USA (Biddeford Pool) - , )
flag   Rose Edna TIBBETS (27 May 1888, Biddeford, Maine, USA (Biddeford Pool) - 1961, Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA)

flag   Ebenezer WENTWORTH (16 June 1784, Biddeford, Maine, USA (Biddeford Pool) - 14 February 1853, Manhattan, New York, USA (New York City) (New Amsterdam)) gravestone

Ancestors Who Died Here

We currently have information about 71 ancestors who died in Biddeford, Maine, USA (Biddeford Pool).
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Ancestors Who Were Married Here

Thomas ROGERS (1633 - 13 October 1675) & Esther FOXWELL (1638 - 1732)
married July 1657

Mathias RIDLON (REDLON) (19 September 1728 - 1810) & Rachel EDGECOMB (23 May 1730 - 1820)
married 28 December 1748

Robert Brooks MARTIN (1755 - 1808) & Rosanna COLE (1747 - )
married 17 August 1783

Cemeteries in Biddeford, Maine, USA (Biddeford Pool)

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