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Périgueux, France (Perigueux)

People, Pictures and News From the Past

Where is Périgueux, France? 

Perigueux is a city and commune in the Dordogne department and Aquitaine region of France. Périgueux is the chief town (préfecture) of the department and the capital of the region. It is also the seat of a Roman Catholic diocese.Wikipedia

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Périgueux,  France (Perigueux) -
Périgueux, France (Perigueux)

Périgueux,  France (Perigueux) -
Périgueux, France (Perigueux)

Périgueux,  France (Perigueux) -
Périgueux, France (Perigueux)

History / News

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During the religious wars the town of Périgueux is occupied by the Huguenots for 6 years between 1575 and1581. perigueux-short-history
Eglise Saint Etienne de la Cite (originally the cathedral of Perigueux) - In 1577 Protestants destroyed two of its cupolas and its bell tower.
Given amnesty by Louis XIV in 1654 for its part in the Fronde (a series of civil disturbances, 1648–53), Périgueux experienced an era of peace. EBchecked/ topic/ 451782/ Perigueux
1669 - Basilique-Cathédrale Saint-Front built in Périgueux
At the time of the French Revolution (1787–99), Périgueux continued as the capital of a département covering the same area as the medieval province of Périgord Blanc. EBchecked/ topic/ 451782/ Perigueux
From the July Monarchy (1830) onward many improvements were made, and the town of Périgueux received new impetus under the Second Empire (1852–70) and the Third Republic (1870–1940). EBchecked/ topic/ 451782/ Perigueux
1856 - The rail went through Périgueux in 1856 and the city rapidly expanded. perigueux/
Perigueux, France

Perigueux_France (
Perigueux, a town of France, capital of the department of Dor dogne, on the right bank of the Isle, ...Read MORE...

During the year 1940, many Jews from Alsace and Alsatians were evacuated to Périgueux.

Ancestors Who Were Born Here

Bellet dit Gazaille (Blet) (Belet)
immigrant Carignan-Salières Soldier flag  Jean BELLET dit GAZAILLE (BLET) (BELET) (13 September 1643, Périgueux, France (Perigueux) - 17 August 1722, Contrecœur, Québec, Canada (Sainte-Trinité-de-Contrecoeur))

immigrant flag  Jean COUSINEAU (abt. 1665, Périgueux, France (Perigueux) - 22 December 1731, Saint-Laurent, Montréal, Québec, Canada)

flag  Jean GAZAILLE (1618, Périgueux, France (Perigueux) - , )

Gazaille dit St-Germain
immigrant Carignan-Salières Soldier flag  Jean GAZAILLE dit ST-GERMAIN (12 December 1639, Périgueux, France (Perigueux) - bef. 15 September 1694, Saint-Ours, Québec, Canada (Immaculée-Conception))

immigrant flag  Jean-Baptiste GOURDON (abt. 1644, Périgueux, France (Perigueux) - 26 June 1691, Lachine, Montréal, Québec, Canada (Saints-Anges-de-Lachine))

immigrant flag  Jacques JOYAL (abt. 1642, Périgueux, France (Perigueux) - 26 March 1716, Saint-François-du-Lac, Québec, Canada)

immigrant flag  Jean LACOMBE (1648, Périgueux, France (Perigueux) - 17 September 1732, Rivière-des-Prairies, Montréal, Québec, Canada (Saint-Joseph-de-la-Rivière-des-Prairies))

flag  Aubine REGNE (abt. 1618, Périgueux, France (Perigueux) - , )

Ancestors Who Died Here

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