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Dieppe, France

People, Pictures and News From the Past

Where is Dieppe, France? 

Dieppe, Seine-Maritime, France
Dieppe is a town and commune in the Seine-Maritime department and Haute-Normandie region of France. At the 1999 census the town had 34,653 inhabitants (Dieppois), while the population of the whole Dieppe urban area (aire urbaine) was 81,419.

A port on the English Channel, famous for its scallops, and with a regular ferry service from the Gare Maritime to Newhaven in England, Dieppe also has a popular pebbled beach, a 15th-century castle and the churches of Saint Jacques and Saint Rémi.wikipedia

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Dieppe, France - Château de Dieppe
The Château de Dieppe is a castle in the French town of Dieppe in the Seine-Maritime département. The castle was founded in 1188, and was destroyed in 1195. The site was restored in the 14th century. The castle was later in large part reconstructed in 1433 by Charles des Marets. The castle is composed of a quadrangular enclosure with round flanking towers and a lower court adjacent. The large west tower dates perhaps from the 14th century, and served as the keep. 

The town walls were built around 1360. The walls were extended between 1435 and 1442. Although the town was largely destroyed by an Anglo-Dutch naval bombardment in 1694, the castle survived. wikipedia
Dieppe, France

Château de Dieppe
The Château de Dieppe is a castle in the French town of Dieppe in the Seine-Maritime département. The castle was founded in 1188,... Read MORE...
Dieppe, France -
Dieppe, France

Dieppe, France -
Dieppe, France

History / News

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Two of France's best navigators, Michel le Vasseur and his brother Thomas le Vasseur, lived in Dieppe when they were recruited to join the expedition of René Goulaine de Laudonnière which departed Le Havre for Florida on April 20, 1564.
The expedition resulted in the construction of Fort Caroline, the first French colony in the New...Read MORE...

First recorded as a small fishing settlement in 1030, Dieppe was an important prize fought over...Read MORE...

Dieppe was the premier port of the kingdom in the 17th century.
On July 23, 1632, 300 colonists heading to New France departed from Dieppe.
At the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes in 1685, Dieppe lost 3,000 of its Huguenot citizens, who fled abroad.
Dieppe was an important target in wartime; the town was largely destroyed by an Anglo-Dutch naval bombardment in 1694.
Dieppe was rebuilt after 1696 in a typical French classical style by Ventabren, an architect, who gave it its unique feature for a sea port.
Dieppe was popularised as a seaside resort following the 1824 visit of the widowed Duchess of Berry, daughter-in-law of Charles X.
She encouraged the building of the recently renovated municipal theatre, the Petit-Théâtre (1825),...Read MORE...

During the later 19th century, Dieppe became popular with English artists as a beach resort.
Prominent literary figures such as Arthur Symons loved to keep up with the latest fads of...Read MORE...

Dieppe, France

Dieppe_France (
Dieppe was occupied by German naval and army forces after the fall of France in 1940.
1942 - The Dieppe Raid in the Second World War was a costly battle for the Allies.
On August 19, 1942, Allied soldiers, mainly drawn from the 2nd Canadian Infantry Division, landed...Read MORE...

Ancestors Who Were Born Here

We currently have information about 55 ancestors who were born in Dieppe, France.
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Ancestors Who Died Here

flag  Marguerite COINTEREL (abt. 1592, Dieppe, France - 9 January 1633, Dieppe, France)

flag  Judith DUCHESNE (abt. 1593, , France - 12 November 1658, Dieppe, France)

immigrant flag  Françoise LANGLOIS (1599, , France - 1632, Dieppe, France)

Lemoine (Lemoyne)
flag  Pierre LEMOINE (LEMOYNE) (abt. 1593, , France - 12 November 1658, Dieppe, France)

flag  Ell POST (, Dieppe, France - , Dieppe, France) gravestone

Ancestors Who Were Married Here

Pierre LEMOINE (LEMOYNE) (abt. 1593 - 12 November 1658) & Judith DUCHESNE (abt. 1593 - 12 November 1658)
married 1618

Jean CAUCHON (COCHON) dit LAMOTHE (abt. 1591 - 11 July 1673) & Marguerite COINTEREL (abt. 1592 - 9 January 1633)
married 1619

Jean CAUCHON (COCHON) dit LAMOTHE (abt. 1591 - 11 July 1673) & Jeanne ABRAHAM (abt. 1603 - 19 November 1674)
married 2 April 1633

Georges PELLETIER (1620 - aft. 12 November 1706) & Catherine VANIER (1624 - 8 March 1684)
married abt. 1645

Pierre DUFRESNE (abt. 1628 - 29 November 1687) & Anne PATIN (abt. 1636 - 29 November 1700)
married 6 February 1655

Nicolas ROY (25 May 1639 - bef. 24 October 1691) & Jeanne LELIEVRE (22 March 1634 - 11 January 1728)
married 1 February 1658

Jean HAMEL (abt. 24 July 1634 - 11 October 1674) & Marie AUVRAY (abt. 1638 - 12 May 1716)
married 23 July 1660

Michel DUBUC (1644 - 21 June 1722) & Marie BEAUDOIN (abt. 1645 - 23 April 1716)
married 1 July 1667

Cemeteries in Dieppe, France

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