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flag  History of Utah, USA

Journey back in time to Utah, USA

Visit Utah, USA. Discover its history. Learn about the people who lived there through stories, old newspaper articles, pictures, postcards and ancestry.

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 Utah, USA - Mount Timpanogos, near Provo, Utah.

Completion of the world's first transcontinental railroad was celebrated at Promontory where the Central Pacific and Union Pacific Railroads met on May 10, 1869. It is now known as Golden Spike National Historic Site.

The Great Salt Lake covers 2,100 square miles, with an average depth of 13 feet. The deepest point is 34 feet.

"Derived from the name of the native tribe known as the Nuutsiu or Utes (which itself may come from the Apache yudah, yiuta or yuttahih, meaning “they who are higher up”), whom the Spanish first encountered in modern-day Utah in the late 1500s. In the tribe’s language, ute means “Land of the Sun.” (The tribe referred to themselves as the “Nuciu” or “Noochew,” which simply means “The People.”)"

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Utah Nostalgia: Vintage Photos, Ads, and Postcards

Mount Timpanogos, near Provo, Utah.
Utah, USA

Mount Timpanogos, near Provo, Utah.
Mormon Temple, Salt Lake City, Utah
Utah, USA

Mormon Temple, Salt Lake City, Utah
Union Depot, Ogden, Utah
Utah, USA

Union Depot, Ogden, Utah
Flag of Utah
Adopted in 1913, modified February 16, 2011

A bald eagle, the national bird of the
Utah, USA

Flag of Utah
Adopted in 1913, modified February 16, 2011

A bald eagle, the national bird of the United States, symbolizes protection in peace and war. The sego lily, the state flower of Utah, represents peace. The state motto "Industry" and the beehive represent progress and hard work. The U.S. flags show Utah's support and commitment to the United States. The state name "Utah" appears below the beehive. The date 1847 represents the year the Mormon pioneers entered the Salt Lake Valley, while 1896 represents the year that Utah was admitted as the 45th state to the Union. The six arrows represent the six Native American tribes that live in Utah (Shoshone, Goshute, Navajo, Paiute, Northern Utes, and White Mesa Utes).

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1824 - Jim Bridger discovered Salt Lake webimage/ countrys/ namerica/ usstates/ uttimeln.htm
1844 - Ogden settled

1847 - Brigham Young and Mormon pioneers arrived in Salt Lake Valley webimage/ countrys/ namerica/ usstates/ uttimeln.htm
1848 - Utah was acquired by the United States in 1848 in the treaty ending the Mexico War. resources/ state-facts/ utah.html
1850 - Utah became a U. S. territory

1857 - September 11 – Mountain Meadows massacre in Utah.
September 11, 1857
1869 - The Utah Legislature had adopted a memorial to Congress for admission as a State.

St Joseph Herald
Saint Joseph, Michigan
January 30, 1869
1869 - May 10 - The Union and Central Pacific Railroads joined their rails at Promontory Summit, Utah Territory and forged the destiny of a nation. (Golden Spike National Historic Site, Utah)
The Last Rail Land and the Last Spike Driven.
San Francisco and New York Linked to Each Other.
Celebration of the Event Throughout the United States.

Official Announcement of the Completion of the Road - The Point of Junction.
The last rail is laid - the last spike driven. The Pacific Railroad is completed.

The point of junction is 1,086 miles west of the Missouri river and 690 miles east of Sacramento City.

LELAND STANFORD, Central Pacific Railroad.
JOHN DAFF, Union Pacific Railroad.

Hour at Which the Last Spike Was Driven - Places Connected With.
PROMONTORY POINT, Utah, May 10, 1869.
The last spike in the Pacific Railroad was driven to-day at five minutes past three o'clock P.M., New York time. The following places were thus connected with Promontory Point: - San Francisco, Chicago, St. Louis, New Orleans, New York, Boston, and Plaister Cove.

The Celebration at...

1873 - Polygamy outlawed by Congress webimage/ countrys/ namerica/ usstates/ uttimeln.htm
February 13, 1885 - The "Friday the 13th" avalanche at Alva, UT, killed sixteen persons, and left thirteen others buried for twelve hours before being rescued.
February 13, 1885
1895 - Utah
Utah, yoo'tà, a territory of the United States, bounded N. by Idaho and Wyoming, E. by Wyoming and Colorado, S. by Arizona, and W. by Nevada. The northern line fol lows the parallels of 41° and 42° N. lat., the eastern the meridians of 110° and 109° W. lon., the southern the parallel of 37° N. lat., and the western the meridian of 114° W. Its original area (220,196 square miles) has been from time to time reduced, and in 1868 it received its present limits, leaving to the territory 84,970 square miles...

The Population in 1850 was 11,380; in 1860, 40,273; in 1870, 86,786, exclusive of the tribal Indians, who mostly belong to various Ute and Pi-Ute bands; in 1880, 143,963, of whom 74,509 were males and 69,454 were females. The population in 1890 was 207,905, exclusive of 1854 Indians. Of the Mormons, a large percentage are of foreign birth, England, Wales, and Denmark having furnished many immigrants to this land of promise.
Lippincott's Gazetteer of the World: A Complete Pronouncing Gazetteer Or Geographical Dictionary of the World Containing Notices of Over One Hundred and Twenty-five Thousand Places ... Joseph Thomas January 1, 1895 J.B. Lippincott
1896 - Utah became 45th state

1900 - May 1 – An explosion of blasting powder in a coal mine in Scofield, Utah kills 200.
May 1, 1900
1918 - One bolt of Lightning, 504 Sheep Dead!
A single bolt of lightning struck 504 sheep dead in their tracks at the Wasatch National Forest in Utah. Sheep often herd together in storms, and as a result the shock from the lightning bolt was passed from one animal to another.
July 22, 1918
1919 - Zion National Park dedicated

1942-45 - Japanese-American relocation camp operated near Delta webimage/ countrys/ namerica/ usstates/ uttimeln.htm
1964 - Flaming Gorge Dam completed; began to generate electricity webimage/ countrys/ namerica/ usstates/ uttimeln.htm
January 25, 1965 - Alta, UT, was in the midst of a storm that left the town buried under 105 inches of snow establishing a record for the state.
2023 - Here's a list of places to go and things to do in Utah:
1. Zion National Park:

Hike the famous Narrows or Angel's Landing trails.
Explore the scenic Zion Canyon and take the shuttle for breathtaking views.

2. Bryce Canyon National Park:

Marvel at the unique hoodoos and rock formations.
Hike the Queen's Garden Trail or Rim Trail for fantastic vistas.

3. Arches National Park:

Witness over 2,000 natural sandstone arches.
Don't miss the Delicate Arch and Landscape Arch.

4. Canyonlands National Park:

Enjoy epic vistas at Island in the Sky.
Explore the dramatic landscapes and go white-water rafting on the Colorado River.

5. Capitol Reef National Park:

Hike through the Waterpocket Fold.
Stargaze in one of the few certified International Dark Sky Parks.

6. Salt Lake City:

Visit the Utah State Capitol Building.
Explore the historic Temple Square and the impressive Salt Lake City Public Library.

7. Park City:

Ski or snowboard at world-renowned resorts like Park City Mountain and Deer Valley.

Enjoy the...

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