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flag  History of Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Journey back in time to Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Visit Jacksonville, Florida, USA. Discover its history. Learn about the people who lived there through stories, old newspaper articles, pictures, postcards and ancestry.

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Jacksonville, Florida, USA - 666 Malarial Preparation Made in Jacksonville, FL  Found at Old Drugstore, St Augustine, Florida

Jacksonville, Duval, Florida, USA

The longest river sailboat race in the world is the Annual Mug Race. The event runs 42 miles from Palatka to Jacksonville along the St. Johns River.

The Saint John's River is one of the few rivers that flows north instead of south.

There is MUCH more to discover about Jacksonville, Florida, USA. Read on!

Jacksonville Nostalgia: Vintage Photos, Ads, and Postcards

666 Malarial Preparation
Made in Jacksonville, FL

Found at Old Drugstore, St Augustine, Florida
Jacksonville, Florida, USA

666 Malarial Preparation
Made in Jacksonville, FL

Found at Old Drugstore, St Augustine, Florida
Laura Street Cor. Bay, Jacksonville, Fla.
Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Laura Street Cor. Bay, Jacksonville, Fla.
The St. James Hotel, Jacksonville, Florida

Boston Evening Transcript
Boston, Massachusetts
Jacksonville, Florida, USA

The St. James Hotel, Jacksonville, Florida

Boston Evening Transcript
Boston, Massachusetts
January 30, 1890
St. John's Episcopal Church
Jacksonville, Florida, USA

St. John's Episcopal Church
Life Guard Station, Jacksonville Beach, Fla.
Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Life Guard Station, Jacksonville Beach, Fla.

Discover Jacksonville: History, News, Travel, and Stories

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1565 - Storm destroys French fleet
The French lose their bid to control the Atlantic coast of North America when a storm smashes their fleet, allowing the Spanish to capture Fort Carolina, near present-day Jacksonville, Fla.

Hurricane timeline: 1495 to 1800
Sun Sentinel
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
1822 - Jacksonville, Florida founded
February 8, 1835 - A severe cold wave gripped the southeastern U.S. The mercury dipped to 8 above at Jacksonville FL. Orange trees were killed to the roots.
1854 - Jacksonville
Jacksonville, a post-village, capital of Duval county, Florida, on the left bank of St. John's river, 252 miles E. from Tallahassee. It contains a court house, church, several stores, and 1046 inhabitants.
A New and Complete Gazetteer of the United States: Giving a Full and Comprehensive Review of the Present Condition, Industry, and Resources of the American Confederacy ... Thomas Baldwin (of Philadelphia.) Joseph Thomas January 1, 1854 Philadelphia : Lippincott, Grambo & Company 1854.
1864 - Februray 7 - Federal troops occupy Jacksonville, Florida
1886 - July 19 - A hurricane from the Gulf of Mexico crossed Florida causing great damage from Cedar Keys to Jacksonville.
1888 - Yellow fever epidemic struck, 40% of Jacksonville population fled, over 400 died webimage/ countrys/ namerica/ usstates/ fltimeln.htm
Jacksonville, Fla., Jan. 6. - MRS. ISAAC PARNELL started to church last night, leaving her four children, the oldest 6 years old, locked up in the house. While going to bed they in some way ignited the clothing, and in a moment the house was one mass of flames. The eldest escaped through the window, fearfully burned and scorched, but the other three were burned to death. Their heartrending cries were heard at the church and the people rushed to the burning home, but they were too late. The mother became a raving maniac and had to be forcibly restrained from throwing herself into the flames.
Evening Gazette
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
January 6, 1888
1888 - A Cheerless Day. The Situation in Jacksonville Constantly Grows Worse. Confined to Jacksonville.
Boston, Mass., Sept. 8 - A private letter from a prominent physician in Winter Park, Fla. states that the yellow fever is practically confined to Jacksonville and its immediate vicinity. No fever has yet appeared in Orange County, nor is any anticipated. Most of the deaths have been among people who are intemperate, the chances of recovery being largely lessened by the fact that he is even a moderate drinker.
St. Louis Republic
St. Louis, Missouri
September 09, 1888
1895 - Jacksonville
Jacksonville, the most populous city of Florida, and the capital of Duval co., is situated on the left or W. bank of the St. John's River, about 20 miles from its mouth, at the east terminus of the Jacksonville, Pensacola & Mobile Railroad, 30 miles S.W. of Fernandina, 155 miles S. by W. of Savannah, and 165 miles by railroad E. of Tallahassee. Lat. 30° 19 38' N.; lon. 81° 30' W. It has increased rapidly in the last decade. The river is navigable by steamboats 200 miles above this place, Two daily and 3 weekly newspapers are published here. Jacksonville has 14 churches, 2 national banks, a high school, the Stanton Institute, and manufactures of lumber, marmalade, moss, soap, and machinery. Lumber is the chief article of ex rt. Steamboats ply daily between this city and Palatka. Pop. in 1860, 2118; in 1880, 7650; in 1890, 17,201.
Lippincott's Gazetteer of the World: A Complete Pronouncing Gazetteer Or Geographical Dictionary of the World Containing Notices of Over One Hundred and Twenty-five Thousand Places ... Joseph Thomas January 1, 1895 J.B. Lippincott
1901 - One hundred and forty-eight city blocks laid waste. LOSS $15,000,000. BILLOWS OF FLAME SWEEP JACKSONVILLE, LEAVING ASHES AND DEATH IN THEIR WAKE.
Jacksonville, Fla., May 3, 1901
Acres of Smoldering Ruins Mark the Site of Metropolis of Florida -

Mayor Bowden Estimates That at Least That Many Have Been Made Homeless


Property Loss Estimated at $15,000,000 - Hotels, Schools, Residences, Churches and Business Houses Were Swept Away. Jacksonville, Fla. May 4--1 a.m.-- The most disastrous fire in the history of this city began yesterday shortly after noon in a small factory, from a defective wire, according to the best belief, and burned for nearly ten hours. In that time a property damage estimated from $10,000,000 to $15,000,000 was effected.

According to the city map 130 blocks were burned many of them in the heart of the business and residence section... The mayor at a late hour stated that he estimated the loss at $15,000,000, and that 10,000 to 15,000 people were homeless.

At 1 am the situation is one...

1912 - February 8 - 1st eastbound US transcontinental flight lands in Jacksonville, Fla
Jacksonville, a city, port of entry, and the capital of Duval co., Fla., is situated on the left or W. bank of the St. John's River, about 14 miles from its mouth and 155 miles S. by W. of Savannah, on the Seaboard Air Line, the Atlantic Coast Line, the Southern and other railroads. Lat. 30° 19' N. The river is navigable for steamboats 200 miles above this place. Jacksonville is the largest city and commercial centre of the state. It is a busy shipping point for cotton, phosphates, naval stores, lumber, fruit, vegetables, etc. It has ship-yards, engineering-works, iron-foundries, cigar-, ice-, palmetto-fiber- and other factories, lumber-mills, etc. It is the seat of a national marine hospital and of a Confederate Soldiers' Home. Its mild winter climate (average temperature, 55°) has made it a much frequented resort. The city was founded in 1822. Pop. in 1860, 2118; in 1890, 17,201 ; in 1900, 28,429.
Lippincotts New Gazetteer: A Complete Pronouncing Gazetteer Or Geographical Dictionary of the World, Containing the Most Recent and Authentic Information Respecting the Countries, Cities, Towns, Resorts, Islands, Rivers, Mountains, Seas, Lakes, Etc., in Every Portion of the Globe, Part 1 Angelo Heilprin Louis Heilprin - January 1, 1916 J.B. Lippincott - Publisher
(By The Associated Press)
Jacksonville, Fla., April 30. - WILLIAM D. WILLS, 24, Dallas, Tex. and BESSIE COLEMAN, said to be the only negro aviatrix in the world were killed when the airplane in which they were making a practice flight overturned at 2,000 feet over a field here today. WILLS' body was cremated after the plane fell to the earth when a spectator struck the wreckage igniting gas line fumes.

WILLS was handling publicity for the exhibition the negro woman was to give here tomorrow.

Spectators said the plane took a nose dive at an altitude of 3,500 feet, and overturned after it had dropped 1,500 feet. The negro woman fell out of the plane when it overturned and it dropped to the earth with WILLS.

The COLEMAN woman came here Tuesday to prepare for the exhibition. She lives in Chicago.

The negro woman was not strapped in the plane when it took off, authorities said.
The Ada Evening News
April 30, 1926
1949 - September 15 - WJXT TV channel 4 in Jacksonville, FL (CBS) begins broadcasting
Jacksonville, Fla. (AP) - Fire at sea followed the crash of a Navy jet plane aboard the aircraft carrier Essex on Thursday.
The pilot of the plane was killed, and an airman on the carrier deck burned to death.

Three men were critically injured and 18 hospitalized with minor burns or injuries.

It took nearly an hour to put out the flames that spread when the plane cartwheeled across the deck.

Six planes were destroyed or damaged. The carrier had considerable damage to its rear elevator, upper deck compartments and electrical wiring and equipment.

LT. JAMES C. STEELE, pilot of the jet, was waved off after a low approach but his right wing dipped, caught a parked aircraft and his plane then cartwheeled across the deck, followed by explosions and fire, the Navy reported.

STEELE and his plane went into the water and were lost. His widow is the former Wilma Moore of Harrodsburg, Ky., and his mother is Vera C. Steele of East Longmeadow, Mass.

CHARLES E. PORTER, the airman...

2023 - Duval County, Florida Bans Books
These are some of the books that have been banned in Duval County:

At the Mountain’s Base, by Traci Sorell and Weshoyot Alvitre
Before She Was Harriet, by Lesa Cline-Ransome and James E. Ransome
Chik Chak Shabbat, by Mara Rockliff and Kyrsten Brooker
Cow on the Town: Practicing the Ow Sound, by Isabella Garcia
Dreamers, by Yuyi Morales
Dumpling Soup, by Jama Kim Rattigan, and Lillian Hsu-Flanders
Fry Bread: A Native American Family Story, by Kevin Noble Maillard and Juana Martinez-Neal
The Gift of Ramadan, by Rabiah York Lumbard and Laura K. Horton
Grandfather Tang’s Story, by Ann Tompert and Robert Andrew Parker
Hush! A Thai Lullaby, by Minfong Ho and Holly Meade
Islandborn, by Junot Díaz and Leo Espinosa
Little Night/ Nochecita, by Yuyi Morales
Looking for Bongo, by Eric Velásquez
Lost and Found Cat : The True Story of Kunkush’s Incredible Journey by Doug Kuntz, Amy Shrodes and Sue ... Read MORE...

2023 - Here's a list of places to go and things to do in Jacksonville, Florida:
1. Jacksonville Beach: Start your visit with some sun, sand, and surf at Jacksonville Beach. It's a classic Florida beach experience with a lively atmosphere, great for sunbathing, beach volleyball, or a refreshing swim.

2. St. Johns Town Center: For shopping enthusiasts, this upscale open-air mall is a must. With a wide range of shops, boutiques, and restaurants, it's the perfect place to indulge in some retail therapy or grab a delicious meal.

3. Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens: If you appreciate art and nature, the Cummer Museum is a beautiful spot. It features an impressive art collection and stunning gardens along the St. Johns River.

4. Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens: Take a walk on the wild side at the Jacksonville Zoo. It's home to over 2,000 animals and beautifully landscaped gardens. Perfect for a family day out.

5. Riverside Arts Market: If you're in town on a Saturday, check out the Riverside Arts Market under the Fuller Warren Bridge. It's an eclectic mix of... Read MORE...

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Ancestors Who Were Born or Died in Jacksonville, Florida, USA

We currently have information about ancestors who were born or died in Jacksonville.

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male ancestorLindley Murray FERRIS (15 May 1810, Throggs Neck, Bronx County, New York, USA - 1 March 1872, Jacksonville, Florida, USA)
photo of John Thomas WILDERJohn Thomas WILDER (31 January 1830, Hunter, Greene, New York, USA - 20 October 1917, Jacksonville, Florida, USA)
male ancestorCharles H. SMITH (1832, , New York, USA - 19 March 1877, Jacksonville, Florida, USA)
male ancestorJohn M. UTTER (17 November 1837, , New York, USA - 7 February 1867, Jacksonville, Florida, USA)
female ancestorSusan Pamelia HUNTINGTON (18 August 1841, Rochester, New York, USA - 10 December 1928, Jacksonville, Florida, USA)
photo of Eliza Fain AMISEliza Fain AMIS (9 April 1854, Rogersville, Hawkins, Tennessee, USA - 24 July 1950, Jacksonville, Florida, USA)
male ancestorFrancis PERRY (1855, , Devon County, England (Devonshire) - 1923, Jacksonville, Florida, USA)
male ancestorWalter A BRIGGS (26 June 1870, North Adams, Massachusetts, USA - 6 August 1926, Jacksonville, Florida, USA)
male ancestorJohn A.Y. SPEIRS (12 May 1878, , Ontario, Canada - 22 November 1922, Jacksonville, Florida, USA)

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