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flag  History of Frenchville, Maine, USA

Journey back in time to Frenchville, Maine, USA

(Chateaugay) (Ste-Emilie) (Ste-Luce)

Visit Frenchville, Maine, USA. Discover its history. Learn about the people who lived there through stories, old newspaper articles, pictures, postcards and ancestry.

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Frenchville, Maine, USA - Frenchville Railroad Depot

Frenchville, Aroostook, Maine, USA
Frenchville is a town in Aroostook County, incorporated on February 23, 1869 under the name Dickeyville. The name was change to Frenchville on January 26, 1871 in recognition of the French-Acadian population of the town...

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Frenchville Nostalgia: Vintage Photos, Ads, and Postcards

Frenchville Railroad Depot
Frenchville, Maine, USA

Frenchville Railroad Depot
Church - Upper Frenchville
Frenchville, Maine, USA

Church - Upper Frenchville
Frenchville, Maine, USA


Discover Frenchville: History, News, Travel, and Stories

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1785 Frenchville - What is today Frenchville (and Upper Frenchville) was originally part of what was called Chautauqua or Chateaugay, which included both north and south banks of the St.John where Frenchville and Baker Brook now stand.
It was at the upper reaches of the Madawaska Settlement, which was settled mostly by the descendants of Acadian refugees from about 1785 onward, then by French Canadians in the 1820s and 1830s. aroostook/ frenchville.htm
Frenchville - Prior to 1830 it this entire area was referred to as Ste-Emilie, after the chapel, built in 1826 and served by priests who travelled from Saint Basile. aroostook/ frenchville.htm
1830 Frenchville - From about 1830 to 1843 it was referred to as Ste-Luce, after the newly renamed chapel; the name change was apparently ordered by the Bishop of Québec. aroostook/ frenchville.htm
1843 Frenchville - Sometime after 1843 Frenchville came to be known informally as Dionne plantation
named for Father Henri Dionne, who built there the first Catholic church in 1843 - Ste-Luce - on the site of the old chapel. Father Dionne served the parish until 1860.

From 1843 to 1869 it was known as Frenchville Plantation (although at the time of the 1850 US Census it was included as part of Madawaska Plantation and in the 1860 US census it was under Township 18, Range 5). aroostook/ frenchville.htm
1869 Frenchville - It was incorporated Feb. 23, 1869, under the name of Dickeyville, in honor of Hon. William Dickey, of Fort Kent. aroostook/ frenchville.htm
1871 Frenchville - The name was changed Jan. 26, 1871, [to Frenchville] to indicate the nationality of the inhabitants. aroostook/ frenchville.htm
1886 - Frenchville
Frenchville lies on the southern bank of the St. John River, in the north-eastern part of Aroostook County, 110 miles north-east of Hoititon. It is on the stage-line from Van Buren to Fort Kent. Forinerly it was the plantation of Dionne, named for Father Dionne, who built there the first Catholic church—St. Luce. It was incorporated Feb. 23, 1869, under the name of Dickeyville, in honor of Hon. William Dickey, of Fort Kent. The name was changed Jan. 26, 1871, to indicate the nationality of the inhabitants.

The town is very irregular in form, lying on a south-eastern bend of the St. John. On the south-eastern side it rests on the northern end of Long Lake, the north-eastern of the Fish River Lakes. The principal streams are Dufour, Gagnon, Rosignol, Bourgoin, and Cyr brooks, all emptying into the St. John, and each having falls suitable for mills. Gagnon Brook has two-saw-mills and two grist-mills, and Cyr Brook a small saw-mill. There are other small saw-mills, a clothdressing mill ... Read MORE...

2023 - While it may be a quieter destination, there are several places to visit and activities to enjoy in and around Frenchville. Here's a list to help you make the most of your time in this charming town:
Pelletier Island: Enjoy the natural beauty of Pelletier Island, located on Long Lake. It's a great spot for picnics, birdwatching, and peaceful walks along the shore.

St. John River: Explore the scenic St. John River, which flows near Frenchville. Consider a leisurely drive along the riverbanks or find a peaceful spot to enjoy the views.

Historical Sites: Learn about the history of Frenchville by exploring local historical sites. Visit the Acadian Cross Monument and other landmarks that highlight the town's cultural heritage.

Outdoor Recreation: Take advantage of the outdoor recreational opportunities in the area. Whether it's hiking, fishing, or simply enjoying nature, Frenchville offers a serene setting for outdoor enthusiasts.

Le Club Acadien: Check out local community events and activities at Le Club Acadien. This cultural center often hosts gatherings, celebrations, and performances that showcase the town's Acadian roots.

Frenchville Heritage Park: Visit the...

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Ancestors Who Were Born or Died in Frenchville, Maine, USA

We currently have information about ancestors who were born or died in Frenchville.

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male ancestorBenjamin MICHAUD (10 May 1761, Kamouraska, Québec, Canada (Saint-Louis) (Saint-Alexandre) - 3 May 1845, Frenchville, Maine, USA (Chateaugay) (Ste-Emilie) (Ste-Luce))
female ancestorMarie-Anne BOURGOIN (1768, , Québec Province, Canada (Quebec) - 16 March 1854, Frenchville, Maine, USA (Chateaugay) (Ste-Emilie) (Ste-Luce))
female ancestorMarie-Anne ALBERT (5 May 1776, Kamouraska, Québec, Canada (Saint-Louis) (Saint-Alexandre) - 9 April 1858, Frenchville, Maine, USA (Chateaugay) (Ste-Emilie) (Ste-Luce))
female ancestorMarie Ursule MORIN (5 October 1776, Kamouraska, Québec, Canada (Saint-Louis) (Saint-Alexandre) - 30 June 1846, Frenchville, Maine, USA (Chateaugay) (Ste-Emilie) (Ste-Luce))
male ancestorPierre LANDRY (October 19, 1776, Kamouraska, Québec, Canada (Saint-Louis) (Saint-Alexandre) - May 25, 1856, Frenchville, Maine, USA (Chateaugay) (Ste-Emilie) (Ste-Luce))
female ancestorMarie Ursule MROIN (October 5, 1776, Kamouraska, Québec, Canada (Saint-Louis) (Saint-Alexandre) - January 30, 1846, Frenchville, Maine, USA (Chateaugay) (Ste-Emilie) (Ste-Luce))
male ancestorJoseph Marie MORIN dit VALCOURT (6 September 1777, Kamouraska, Québec, Canada (Saint-Louis) (Saint-Alexandre) - 17 August 1843, Frenchville, Maine, USA (Chateaugay) (Ste-Emilie) (Ste-Luce))
male ancestorBenjamin MARQUIS (11 September 1784, Kamouraska, Québec, Canada (Saint-Louis) (Saint-Alexandre) - 1 October 1864, Frenchville, Maine, USA (Chateaugay) (Ste-Emilie) (Ste-Luce))
male ancestorBenoni OUELLET (7 August 1786, Kamouraska, Québec, Canada (Saint-Louis) (Saint-Alexandre) - 12 November 1857, Frenchville, Maine, USA (Chateaugay) (Ste-Emilie) (Ste-Luce))

Ancestors Who Were Married in Frenchville, Maine, USA

We currently have information about ancestors who were married in Frenchville.

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male ancestorTheophile BOUCHARD (18 December 1823 - 5 May 1892) and female ancestorLucie VALCOURT dite MORIN (1827 - 6 November 1866) married 20 April 1847
male ancestorClement-Alexandre BELANGER (1825 - ) and female ancestorMarguerite BOUCHARD (March 26, 1826 - November 30, 1901) married November 3, 1847
male ancestorJean Baptiste OUELLET (24 September 1825 - 12 April 1899) and female ancestorOzithe Marie CYR (25 October 1828 - 1 December 1869) married 7 February 1848
male ancestorBruno-Simon LANDRY (August 26, 1826 - 1871) and female ancestorElisabeth Louise OAKES (January 23, 1837 - August 26, 1927) married October 24, 1852
male ancestorJean-Baptiste SINCLAIR (17 July 1827 - 3 July 1900) and female ancestorMarie Josette AYOTTE (5 October 1837 - 22 August 1887) married 25 April 1854
photo of Honore Henry DUMOND Honore Henry DUMOND (12 December 1862 - 10 July 1953) and photo of Nathalie Estelle PELLETIER Nathalie Estelle PELLETIER (6 July 1862 - 18 March 1951) married 1887
male ancestorIsaie MARTIN (4 December 1876 - 11 January 1968) and female ancestorLaura COLLIN (8 September 1880 - 16 August 1940) married 19 June 1899

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