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flag  History of Pierreville, Yamaska, Québec, Canada

Journey back in time to Pierreville, Yamaska, Québec, Canada


Visit Pierreville, Yamaska, Québec, Canada. Discover its history. Learn about the people who lived there through stories, old newspaper articles, pictures, postcards and ancestry.

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Pierreville, Yamaska, Québec, Canada - Église Saint-Thomas de Pierreville 19, rue Lt. Gv. Paul Comtois, Pierreville, QUÉBEC Established 1853 wikipedia

The municipality of Pierreville covers an area of approximately 125 square kilometers, being part of the administrative region of Centre-du-Québec and the Regional County Municipality of Nicolet-Yamaska. The current municipality of Pierreville was civilly constituted on June 13, 2001 following the consolidation of the municipalities of Pierreville, Notre-Dame-de-Pierreville and Saint-Thomas-de-Pierreville.

Pierreville is an ideal living environment for hunting and fishing enthusiasts, for families or for living a peaceful retirement in the countryside.

This modest former parish municipality is located 6 km north of the urban core of Pierreville, on the shores of Lake Saint-Pierre. Not far from the Amerindian settlement of Odonak, it is bathed by the Saint-François River in its western part.

This territory, whose northern part overlooks Lake Saint-Pierre, is located southeast of Notre-Dame-de-Pierreville, about twenty kilometers southwest of Nicolet. The Saint-François River forms the western boundary of the municipality. The history of Thomas goes back to the middle of the 19th century with the establishment of the parish of Saint-Thomas-de-Pierreville, detached from that of Saint-François-du-Lac.

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Pierreville Nostalgia: Vintage Photos, Ads, and Postcards

Église Saint-Thomas de Pierreville
19, rue Lt. Gv. Paul Comtois, Pierreville, QUÉBEC
Established 1
Pierreville, Yamaska, Québec, Canada

Église Saint-Thomas de Pierreville
19, rue Lt. Gv. Paul Comtois, Pierreville, QUÉBEC
Established 1853
Traverse du Bac a Pierreville, P.Q.
Pierreville, Yamaska, Québec, Canada

Traverse du Bac a Pierreville, P.Q.

Discover Pierreville: History, News, Travel, and Stories

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1683 - Seigniory (Pierreville) Granted, Aug. 3, 1683, to Sieur Laurent Phillippe

Read more about Laurent PHILIPPE dit LAFONTAINE
seigniory, in the co. of Yamaska, is in the rear of St. Francois and is bounded S. and S.W. by De Guir. - 1 1/ 2 league in front by one league in depth. Granted, Aug. 3, 1683, to Sieur Laurent Phillippe and is now the property of Mr. de Montenac. - A tolerably good soil is the general characteristic of the grant, which in some parts lies low, but there are no swamps. The best land is on each side of the St. Francis, where are the principal settlements and the best cultivation; the quantity under hand amounts to one-third of the whole or a little more. The river St. Francis runs through the S., dividing it nearly into two parts, and affords the advantages of easy and expeditious conveyance, as its current hereabouts and towards the St. Lawrence is very rapid. An inferior description of timber prevails; enough, however of the better sorts is found to supply the wants of the inhabitants. The river turns a corn and a aw mill, and forms two or three small islands covered with trees of no... Read MORE...

1853 - Église de Saint-Thomas established at Pierreville
Erected canonically in 1853 and civilly in 1854, it gave its name to the parish municipality created in 1855. Anselme Maurault (1819-1871), who wanted to pay homage to Monsignor Thomas Cooke (1792-1870), first bishop of Trois-Rivières from 1852 to 1869. The Pierreville element, also used to identify the post office opened in 1854, emphasizes the inclusion of the territory in part in the seigneury of Pierreville, granted to Laurent Philippe, dit Lafontaine in 1683.
1895 - Pierreville
PIERREVILLE, or ST. THOMAS, a thriving post village in Yamaska co., Que., on the River St. Francis, near its entrance into the St. Lawrence, 28½ miles north-east of Sorel. It contains 1 telegraph office, about a dozen stores and saw, grist and carding mills, and has a very extensive lumber trade. Buckskin gloves, mitts and shoes are made here in large quantities by a tribe of Abenakis Indians. Shipbuilding is also engaged in. Pop. 1297.
Crossby, Peter Alfred. Lovell's gazetteer of British North America. (John Lovell & Son)., 1895
Pierreville, a banking post-village of Yamaska co., Quebec, on the river St. Francis, 30 miles NE. of Sorel. It has various mills, cheese-factory, etc. Pop. in 1901, 1108.
Lippincott's New Gazetteer: A Complete Pronouncing Gazetteer Or Geographical Dictionary of the World, Containing the Most Recent and Authentic Information Respecting the Countries, Cities, Towns ... in Every Portion of the Globe Publisher J.B. Lippincott Company, 1906
2023 - Here's a list of things to do and places to visit in and around Pierreville:
Parc régional de la Yamaska (Yamaska Regional Park): Nature lovers will enjoy exploring this regional park, offering hiking trails, birdwatching, and beautiful lakeside views. It's a great spot for a picnic or a leisurely stroll.

Visite du Vieux-Port de Pierreville (Old Port of Pierreville): Take a walk through the historic Old Port area to appreciate the town's heritage architecture and waterfront. You can find local shops and cafes along the way.

Musée des Abénakis (Abenaki Museum): Learn about the indigenous Abenaki people and their history in the region through exhibits and artifacts. It's an educational and cultural experience that provides insight into the area's heritage.

Église Sainte-Croix (Sainte-Croix Church): Visit this charming church, which is not only a place of worship but also an architectural gem. The church often hosts events and concerts, so check the schedule for any ongoing activities.

Les Brasseurs de Montérégie (Montérégie Brewers): If you...

Discover Your Roots: Pierreville Ancestry

Ancestors Who Were Born or Died in Pierreville, Yamaska, Québec, Canada

We currently have information about ancestors who were born or died in Pierreville.

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male ancestorJoseph-Louis GAUTHIER (20 February 1763, Baie-du-Fèbvre, Québec, Canada (Saint-Antoine-de-la-Baie-du-Febvre) - 1 May 1854, Pierreville, Yamaska, Québec, Canada (Saint-Thomas))
male ancestorLouis-Vincent PLOURDE (16 March 1765, Rivière-Ouelle, Québec, Canada (Notre-Dame-de-Liesse) - 11 November 1854, Pierreville, Yamaska, Québec, Canada (Saint-Thomas))
female ancestorVictoire BOIS (10 September 1768, La Pocatière, Québec, Canada (Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pocatiere) - 18 March 1864, Pierreville, Yamaska, Québec, Canada (Saint-Thomas))
female ancestorMarie-Agathe FOREST (12 October 1772, Pierreville, Yamaska, Québec, Canada (Saint-Thomas) - , )
female ancestorCatherine LAFOND (9 October 1774, Baie-du-Fèbvre, Québec, Canada (Saint-Antoine-de-la-Baie-du-Febvre) - 9 August 1857, Pierreville, Yamaska, Québec, Canada (Saint-Thomas))
female ancestorGeneviève MORVAN (1777, , Québec Province, Canada (Quebec) - 15 October 1859, Pierreville, Yamaska, Québec, Canada (Saint-Thomas))
female ancestorMarie LEFEBVRE (5 August 1777, Sainte-Marie, Québec, Canada (Sainte-Marie-de-Beauce) - 21 November 1858, Pierreville, Yamaska, Québec, Canada (Saint-Thomas))
male ancestorFrançois CAYA (19 February 1780, Baie-du-Fèbvre, Québec, Canada (Saint-Antoine-de-la-Baie-du-Febvre) - 7 December 1865, Pierreville, Yamaska, Québec, Canada (Saint-Thomas))
female ancestorAngelique LEFEBVRE dite DESCOTEAUX (1781, , Québec Province, Canada (Quebec) - 29 October 1857, Pierreville, Yamaska, Québec, Canada (Saint-Thomas))

Ancestors Who Were Married in Pierreville, Yamaska, Québec, Canada

We currently have information about ancestors who were married in Pierreville.

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male ancestorTheophile PROULX (1827 - ) and female ancestorMarie-Anne CAYA (1827 - ) married 5 November 1855
male ancestorJoachim BLANCHETTE (5 November 1834 - 14 June 1901) and female ancestorSophie BOISVERT (16 March 1832 - 13 May 1906) married 27 July 1858
male ancestorNoel MILLET dit BEAUCHEMIN (2 January 1841 - 1877) and female ancestorMarie Delima JOYAL (24 June 1843 - 20 November 1920) married 22 October 1861
male ancestorAlbert GAUTHIER (25 December 1832 - 4 October 1911) and female ancestorMarie-Anne JANELLE (HAMEL) (26 July 1838 - 7 December 1916) married 15 August 1865
male ancestorJoseph-Israel CAYA (4 June 1838 - 27 August 1908) and female ancestorAglae BIBEAU (1855 - ) married 9 February 1875
male ancestorFrançois MEUNIER dit BELLEROSE (23 April 1856 - 26 November 1936) and female ancestorAimee LEFEBVRE dite DESCOTEAUX (11 June 1858 - 22 December 1934) married 18 April 1882
male ancestorJoseph-Octave COURCHESNE (24 March 1871 - 1943) and female ancestorAmanda BELISLE (9 May 1875 - 3 December 1940) married 23 February 1903
male ancestorJoseph Louis Hermangilde "Herman" COURCHESNE (10 November 1875 - 22 January 1965) and female ancestorMarie-Coronna MEUNIER dite BELLEROSE (12 February 1883 - 12 July 1965) married 19 May 1903
male ancestorLudger CAYA (20 December 1842 - 9 February 1929) and female ancestorAlma GILL (7 August 1855 - 3 July 1935) married 11 May 1922
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