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Sturtevant Blower Works, Hyde Park, Mass.

"The birth of the American fan industry had its origin in the mind of a Maine shoemaker, Benjamin Franklin Sturtevant, an inventor and mechanical genius, who was born into a small farming family in Norridgewock, Maine on January 18, 1833...

[In 1860] he founded the B.F.Sturtevant Co..., opening a small shop at 72 Sudbury St..., employing 7 or 8 men making shoe peggers and pegs...

By 1866, the business had grown to the point where Sturtevant was employing nearly 50 men - all making fans...

The death of the founder in 1890 ushered in a new era for the company..."


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Hyde Park, Massachusetts, USA*

Hyde Park, Massachusetts, USA*