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Diamond Match Company's Plant Near Chico, California. (1910)

"The Barber Neighborhood is a working class residential neighborhood in Chico, California, generally south of Little Chico Creek and west of Park avenue. The Barber Neighborhood Association represents the interests of the neighborhood to the community. This neighborhood was originally the settlement of Barber, California built to house the employees of the adjacent Diamond Match Factory. The neighborhood was named after Ohio Columbus Barber, president of the Diamond Match Company. The neighborhood lies at an elevation of 190 feet (58 m). Today, the area is entirely within the city limits of Chico, and the Diamond Match property is designated for a future development called Barber Yard." (wikipedia)



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Chico, California, USA

Cherry Tree, 60 years old, Chico Rancho, Chico, Cal. (1915)

Chico, California, USA

Willard Motel, Shasta Highway (U.S. 99E) 1 Mile No. of City LImits, Chico, Cal.
"A Motel for Commercial Men"