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1800s Cooking Tips and Recipes

Escaloped Eggs. Moisten bread-crumbs with milk or meat broth; place a layer of this in a well-buttered dish; slice some hard-boiled eggs, and dip each slice in a thick-drawn butter sauce to which a well-beaten egg has been added; put a layer of them upon the crumbs, then a slight layer of minced ham, veal or chicken, then bread, etc., finishing with dry, sifted bread-crumbs; bake until well heated; or, mix equal parts minced ham and fine bread-crumbs, season with salt, pepper and melted butter, adding milk to moisten till quite soft; half fill buttered gem-pans or small patty-pans with this mixture, and break an egg carefully upon the top of each, dust with salt and pepper, sprinkle finely powdered crackers over all, set in the oven and bake eight minutes; serve immediately.

Buckeye Cookery, 1890

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