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American Revolutionary War Soldier flag  Zachariah  BEAL

  (b. 18 July 1741Newbury, Province of Massachusetts Bay   d. 8 November 1777Beacon, Crown Colony of New York )  
Summary: Zachariah BEAL was born 18 July 1741 in Newbury, Province of Massachusetts Bay . Zachariah BEAL was the child of Zachariah BEAL and Ruth STICKNEY and the grandchild of: (paternal)  Edward BEAL and Elizabeth LITTLEFIELD (maternal)  Andrew STICKNEY and Elizabeth CHUTE

He married  Abigail GOODWIN 2 June 1765 in Berwick, Maine, New England .  The couple had (at least) 1 child. Abigail GOODWIN  was born 20 June 1745 in Berwick, Maine, USA .  She died 1797 in Newmarket, Rockingham, New Hampshire, USA .  She was the daughter of Aaron GOODWIN and Sarah THOMPSON.

Zachariah BEAL died 8 November 1777 in Beacon, Crown Colony of New York .
Revolutionary War Captain.
BEAL, Zachariah, NH Portsmouth, Captain, Col. Scammel's 3rd NH regt., served during Burgoyne campaign, Jun - Oct 1777. Commissioned 8 Nov 1776. Died of his wounds, 6 Nov 1777.

During the American Revolution, New Hampshire raised three Continental Army Regiments for the war effort – aptly named, the first, second and third. The 3rd NH Regiment was formed on June 1, 1775 and saw action in many famous and important battles, including Bunker Hill, Saratoga and Yorktown. They also confronted the enemy at many lesser known locations including at Fort Mercer in New Jersey at the Battle of Red Bank.

In the fall of 1777, the commander of the American forces in New Jersey decided that an apple orchard near the homestead that was serving as his headquarters would be an ideal location for a defensive fort. His troops cut down the trees and Fort Mercer was built with 10 foot walls and a defensive barrier of sharpened tree trunks and branches. The fort was named for General and Brother Hugh Mercer (Fredericksburg Lodge No. 4, Virginia).

At about that same time, the British Army was having difficulty supplying their positions in Philadelphia because of extensive American defensive positions. To alleviate the problem and open up a supply route, the British planned an offensive against Fort Mercer. On October 22, a British Brigade of 1200 Hessian soldiers (Germans) moved into position, and at about 4:00 in the afternoon, they attacked the Fort. During the battle, the Americans ran short of ammunition, and soldiers were offered a gill of rum (4 oz.) to retrieve the 32-lb. British cannon balls that had fallen short of their target. The Americans fired the retrieved cannon balls right back at the Hessians. Incredibly, the good guys held the Fort, inflicting 600 casualties on the enemy, while suffering only 14 casualties and 23 wounded of their own. What makes this story particularly interesting is that the men of the 3rd NH Regiment were there helping defend the Fort.

The leadership positions in the 3rd NH Regiment around that time were filled with some familiar names to us in St. John's Lodge. Colonel Alexander Scammel was in command of the Regiment with Lt. Col. Henry Dearborn as a Staff Officer. Nicholas Gilman was Adjutant and there were eight Company Officers including Captain James Gray, Captain Michael McClary, and Captain Zachariah Beal. Yes, these leaders of men were all members of our Lodge. Oh yes, and Captain Zachariah Beal; well, he was made a Mason in our Lodge earlier that same year on March 27. Bro. Zach was badly wounded on that October afternoon at Fort Mercer, and he died of his wounds on November 6. He was one of the 14 American casualties of that little known but very important battle of the Revolution.

We remember him today as a Brother and as a brave patriot from New Hampshire who helped win our nation's freedom.

Historian's Article for March 2006
Zachariah Beal
by Alan M. Robinson, P.M., Historian
St. John's Masonic Lodge No.1, Portsmouth,
New Hampshire


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Did You Know?The name 'Massachusetts' originates with native Americans in the Massachusetts Bay area (from the language of the Algonquian nation). The name translates roughly as 'at or about the great hill.' (

1620 - 1627 - Plymouth Colony, New England
1628 - 1686 - Massachusetts Bay Colony
1686 - 1689 - Dominion of New England
1689 - 1692 - Massachusetts Bay Colony
1692 - 1775 - Province of Massachusetts Bay
1776 - 1788 - Crown Colony of Massachusetts Bay
February 6, 1788 - Massachusetts becomes 6th U.S. state

Did You Know? America - Did you know? 1898 - Spanish-American War: USS Maine is blown up in Havana harbor (Feb. 15), prompting U.S. to declare war on Spain (April 25).
Newbury, Massachusetts, USA  - Old Garrison, Built 1636
Newbury, Massachusetts, USA
Old Garrison, Built 1636
Newbury, Massachusetts, USA  - Newbury, Mass. Noyes House Built 1646.
Newbury, Massachusetts, USA
Newbury, Mass. Noyes House Built 1646.
Newbury, Massachusetts, USA  - Spencer Pierce House, Newbury, Mass. Built About 1670.
Newbury, Massachusetts, USA
Spencer Pierce House, Newbury, Mass. Built About...
Newbury, Massachusetts, USA  - Newbury, Mass, Country Club, Parker River.
Newbury, Massachusetts, USA
Newbury, Mass, Country Club, Parker River.
Beacon, New York, USA (Matteawan) (Fishkill Landing) - Methodist Church showing Mt. Beacon, Matteawan, N.Y.
Beacon, New York, USA (Matteawan) (Fishkill Landing)
Methodist Church showing Mt. Beacon, Matteawan,...
Beacon, New York, USA (Matteawan) (Fishkill Landing) - The Casino on Mt. Beacon
Fishkill-On-The-Hudson, N.Y.
Beacon, New York, USA (Matteawan) (Fishkill Landing)
The Casino on Mt. Beacon
Fishkill-On-The-Hudson, ...
Beacon, New York, USA (Matteawan) (Fishkill Landing) - Newburgh on Hudson, from Fishkill Landing, N.Y.
Beacon, New York, USA (Matteawan) (Fishkill Landing)
Newburgh on Hudson, from Fishkill Landing, N.Y.

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Zachariah BEAL married flag Abigail GOODWIN-- Date: 2 June 1765 Place: Berwick, Maine, New England
Abigail GOODWIN was the daughter of Aaron GOODWIN and Sarah THOMPSON

flag Zachariah BEAL (b.abt. 1770, , Maine, New England  d. 22 February 1818, , New Hampshire, USA)

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18 July 1741
Newbury, Massachusetts, USA

World History 1754 - Beginning of the French and Indian War between Great Britain and France for control of the North American colonies. It is part of the Seven Years War.

World History (1756 - 1763) Seven Years War - France, Great Britain clashed in Europe and North America; France, Russia, Austria, Saxony, Sweden and Spain sided against Britain, Prussia and Hanover webimage/ countrys/ asia/ russia/ rutimeln.htm -

USA 1764 - British Government issues the Sugar Act
The Sugar Act raised revenues higher than ever before by a new series of taxes on the colonists.
World History, Part Two, Arco Publishing, Inc., New York, 1980 -

1765 Marriage / Partner
Zachariah BEAL and Abigail GOODWIN 2 June 1765, Berwick, Maine, USA
USA 1765 - November - The British government issues the Stamp Act.
First direct British tax on American colonists. Instituted in November, 1765. Every newspaper,...Read MORE...

USA 1770 - March 5 - Boston Massacre
Tensions between the American colonists and the British were already running high in the early spring of 1770. Late in the afternoon, on March 5, a crowd of jeering Bostonians slinging snowballs...Read MORE...

USA 1773 - December 16 - Boston Tea Party
Angry and frustrated at a new tax on tea, American colonists calling themselves the Sons of Liberty and disguised as Mohawk Native Americans boarded three British ships (the Dartmouth, the Eleanor,...Read MORE...

USA 1774 - March - The Coercive Acts (called Intolerable Acts by Americans)
The Intolerable Acts was the American Patriots' name for a series of punitive laws passed by the...Read MORE...

USA 1774 - June 1 - Boston Port Bill: British government orders Port of Boston closed - June 1, 1774

USA 1774 - September 5 - First Continental Congress formed in Philadelphia
The First Continental Congress was a meeting of delegates from twelve of the thirteen colonies that ...Read MORE...

USA 1775 - April 18 - Paul Revere's famous ride
In 1774 and the Spring of 1775 Paul Revere was employed by the Boston Committee of Correspondence and the Massachusetts Committee of Safety as an express rider to carry news, messages, and copies of...Read MORE...

USA 1775 - April 19 - First shots of Revolutionary War fired in Lexington and Concord.
The Battles of Lexington and Concord, fought on April 19, 1775, kicked off the American Revolutionary War (1775-83). Tensions had been building for many years between residents of the 13 American...Read MORE...

USA 1775 - April 20 - British begin siege of Boston - April 20, 1775

USA 1775 - May 10 - American Revolution began; Ethan Allen and his Green Mountain Boys, along with Benedict Arnold took Fort Ticonderoga.
In the darkness of the night of May 9, 1775, Ethan Allen, along with Benedict Arnold, led a portion ...Read MORE...

USA May 1775 - Second Continental Congress - Philadelphia - plans to form an army.
When the Second Continental Congress came together on May 10, 1775 it was, in effect, a reconvening ...Read MORE...

USA 1775 - June 17 - Battle of Bunker Hill
On June 17, 1775, early in the Revolutionary War (1775-83), the British defeated the Americans at...Read MORE...

USA 1775 - December 31 - The Battle of Québec was fought on December 31 between the American Continental Army and British defenders of Québec City. It was the first major defeat for the Americans in the Revolutionary War.

December 31, 1775

USA 1776 - July 4 - American Declaration of Independence
TRENTON, July 8.

The declaration of Independence was this day proclaimed here, together with the new constitution of late, established, and the resolve of the Provincial Congress for continuing...Read MORE...

USA 1776 - September 9 - Congress renames the nation “United States of America”
On this day in 1776, the Continental Congress formally declares the name of the new nation to be...Read MORE...

USA 1776 - December 26 - Washington crosses the Delaware
Famous American victory that began with "Washington Crossing the Delaware." Actually, the whole...Read MORE...

8 November 1777
Beacon, New York, USA (Matteawan) (Fishkill Landing)

Zachariah is buried at: North Cemetery Portsmouth Rockingham County New Hampshire, USA
Added: 6/24/2016 3:32:23 PM

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