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1914 - An interesting way to send a message

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1914 - Carrier Pigeon is Bridal Messenger

"NEW YORK, Nov. 3 - Ever since a Belgian rabbit escaped from one of the rooms on the fifth floor of the Prince George hotel, A. M. Gutterson, the assistant manager, has been especially on alert to see that no persons take animals to their rooms. Yesterday Mr. Gutterson observed a man carrying a small basket. He had looked at the register and observed that the man was E. Alburn of Milford, N. H."

"Mr. Alburn seemd to be very careful about the little basket, which he had refused to give to one of the hallboys. Finally Mr. Gutterson thought that Mr. Alburn was hiding a small dog, and he asked him what he had in the basket."

"'I live on a small farm outside Milford.' said Mr. Alburn, smiling, 'and unfortunately I have no telephone. The telegraph station is closed on Sunday. I have just been married and have been called to this city on important business. It was impossible to bring Mrs. Alburn with me and she was anxious to receive word when I arrived in this city, so I brought a couple of carrier pigeons.'"

"Soon afterward Mr. Alburn went to the roof and sent off word of his arrival in New York city."

Carrier Pigeon is Bridal Messenger
Date: November 04, 1914
Duluth News-Tribune