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, Québec Province, Canada (Quebec) - In 1663, New France had 68 seigneuries, mostly grouped around Quebec, Trois-Rivieres, and Montreal.

Until the conquest of 1760, seigneuries were the favored mode of land concession by Ancien Regime France.

Seen from above, most seigneuries resembled long rectangles stretching from the shores of the river. The seigneur had a large area of land but was required to grant censives to newly arrived settlers. After 1711, this duty became a formal obligation.

These lands were provided free of charge on condition that the habitants farm the land and fulfill duties to the seigneur (annual rent and chores, a portion of harvests, and so on). The seigneur also had responsibilities to his censitaires, in particular, he had to ensure their protection and put a mill at their disposal.

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