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Marie-Emma RENAUD - 1900 Southbridge, Worcester, Massachusetts

Edward (spelled Reno) living in Brick Row in Southbridge, Massachusetts. He is living near the Baker family. He is listed as born in 1852 in Canada. His parents were born in Canada. His year of immigration is 1853. He is 48 years old and a Print Worker. He is married to Emily, age 50, born in 1849 in Canada. Her parents were also born in Canada. The year of her immigration was 1870. Living with them are: daughter Emilia (27), daughter Vildia (21), daughter Matilda (17), daughter Emma (15), daughter Elizabeth (12) and daughter Clara (10). Emily has had 9 children. 8 are living. NOTE: There is a Joseph Martin and family living nearby. Joseph was born in Canada in Nov. 1835. Is he Emily's brother?

1900 U.S. Census

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